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Norfolk: Riddlesworth

Census: 1841

The National Archives (was PRO) ref is HO/107/775/11

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page number (1, 2 or 3) in Folios 4 and 5 [the census is contained entirely in two Folios] which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Note that this enumerators spelling is very variable and much is written as it would have sounded to them - see also Notes section.

Baldry (p3)
Blake (p2)
Blomfield (p2)
Bray (p2)
Buckingham (p1)
Bulling (p1)
Chenery (p3)
Cooper (p1)
Culham (p3)
Darby (p1)
Draper (p2)
Haggar (p2)
Holmes (p2)
Kerry (p1)
Lane (p1)
Lawrence (p2)
Linge (p1)
Lovack (p3)
May (p1)
Mitchel (p1)
Pull (p1,p3)
Riches (p2)
Rogers (p1)
Rozier (p1)
Sare (p3)
Stevens (p1)
Tyler (p2)
West (p3)

The Census

F(olio) 4 - Page 1

PLACE Un In Names Age/
S, I
or F
Hall1Jenefer May44HousekeeperN
Elizabeth Mitchel60F. S.N
Ann Bulling29F. S.N
Mary Pull20F. S.Y
Jemima Cooper40IndeptN
Henry May15M. S.N
William Kerry17M. S.N
Garden House1John Rogers40GardenerN
Mary Rogers40N
William Rogers14N
Thomas do13N
Ann do11N
Martha do  9N
Elizabeth do  6N
Rectory1William Darby45ClergymanY
Elizabeth Buckingham25F. S.Y
Elizabeth Rozier15F. S.N
Lodge1Mary Lane32N
William Lane  8Y
Mary do  6Y
Jane do  3Y
Sarah do  1Y
George do  7 WeekY
Sophia Stevens48NurseN
Emma Linge13F. S.N
TOTAL in }
  Page 1     }
  4  817
F(olio) 4   Page 2
Lodge1John Haggar60GamekeeperN
Susanna do62N
Charles Bray20M. S.N
Studd House1William Tyler60Studd GroomY
Charlotte Tyler55N
Robert Blake20Ag LabrN
  do1Eserlier? [Zachariah] Blomfield30Ag LabrN
Margaret do30N
Selina do  9Y
Charlotte do  7Y
Cottage1John Draper48Ag LabrY
Mary do48N
George do10Y
  do1Robert Lawrence45ShepherdY
Jane do45Y
Mary Lawrence80[Widow]Y
  do1John Holmes65Ag LabY
Ann do65Y
Robert Holmes28Ag LabY
Harriet do25Y
Robert Holmes  2Y
  do1Robert Riches60Ag LabY
Elizabeth Riches56Y
Robert do26Ag LabY
Lyda do12Y
TOTAL in }
  Page 2     }
F(olio) 5   Page 3
Cottage1John Pull50CarpenterY
Sarah do40N
William do14Y
James do12Y
John do10Y
Charles do  8Y
David do  5Y
Mary do  3Y
  do1Robert Lovack55Ag LabY
Charles do25doY
Susan do25Y
Rudd do  4Y
Thomas do  3Y
William do  1Y
Farm House1William Sare60Farm BailiffY
Elizabeth Sare60Y
Sophia Chenery35F. S.Y
Ann Baldry16F. S.N
Robert Culham10M. S.Y
Martha West50IndtY
TOTAL in }
  Page 3     }
  313  7
Page No Inhabited
Building Males Females
Total on Page 1    4  8  17
Total on Page 2    7  13  12
Total on Page 3    3  13    7

Totals  14  34  36

Total of Persons 70

William Sare - Enumerator

[End of Census Document]


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