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Norfolk: Foxley - Rectors and Parish Clerks 1700-1944

These lists come from Norfolk Record Office document [Ref PD 233/58 and microform MF/RO 681/2] and are at the beginning of the Parish Register Baptisms for 1813-2006.

Rectors of Foxley

1700-10 Richd Lake
1710 J(ames) Hunt
1710 Robert Stanforth
1740 John Stadewick
1753 J. _aster___?
1755 E. Bu_s?
1763 Edwd Atthill
1784 W. Collett
Oct 25 1790 William Jordan [see Dawson Turner extract]
Apr 19 1792 James Stoughton
May 27 1840 Louis Augustus Norgate R. C. of Bylaugh
18(th) --- 1906 - above died -
1907 G. R. B. Hall - Rector of Foxley
+ Vicar of Bylaugh - Resigned 24 July 1943
1944 - Folland

According to Blomfield the Rectors of Foxley were:-

1305, John de Hunstede instituted rector, presented by Sir Hugh de Vere
1326, Gilbert of Castle-Martin, by Mary de St. Paul
1349, John Greyland, by Ditto.
1360, William de Islep. Ditto
1375, Robert Darby. Ditto.
1379, Mr. William Sydey, by the King, guardian to the heir of John Hastings, late Earl of Pembroke.
1381, John Cade. Ditto.
1398, John Bells, by Gerard Braybroke, senior. John William, rector.
1403, William Atte-Hill, by the Bishop of london, &c. feoffees of Reginald Grey Lord Ruthyn
1403, John Dreyn. Ditto
1404, Richard Wartre. Ditto.
1408, John Marye, by Reginald Lord Grey of Ruthyn.
1416, Thomas Edward. Ditto.
1425, Robert Coupere. Ditto.
1431, John Hort. Ditto.
1436, Richard Fysher. Ditto.
1447, Edward Mustarder, by Edward Grey Lord Hastings
1466, John Haghton. Ditto.
1494, Richard Burton, by George Grey Earl of Kent.
1504, Mr. Thomas Barker, by Richard Grey Earl of Kent.
1515, Edmund Worsley, by Charles Somerset Earl of Worcester.
1551, Humphrey Younger, by the assigns of Sir George Somerset Knight.
1576, Richard Yewmans, by Jane Allington, widow.
1579, Gregory Graunge. Ditto
1614, Robert Willan, by Sir Edward Coke.
1614, William Fuller. Ditto
1616, John Grange, by Ann Savage.
1660, Thomas Brown, by Richard Winwood, Esq.
1688, John Tayler, by Alexander Pitfield Esq.
1708, William King, by Arthur Branthwaite, and William Lomb, merchant of London.
1711, Robert Whitefoot, by the Queen.
1712, James Hunt, by Edward Lombe, Esq.
1743, John Lombe, by John Hase.
1747, Joseph Hogan, by John Hase and Mary hs wife.
1763, Mr. ______ Athill, by Mrs. Hase.

Parish Clerks of Foxley

        - Hales
1755 - John Lewell
1773 - Nicholas Scales
1824 - Charles Woodhouse
1837 - Charles Woodhouse resigned 24 May 1874
1874 - Robert Browne - appointed by me 2 Aug
resigned ------
1891/2 William Scott appointed by me (Norgate) - died 1905 Nov
1905-1943 Noah Peachment

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The following is extracted from the "List of Norfolk Benefices" by "Dawson Turner" published in 1847.

Benefice = FOXLEY, R(ectory) [in Sparham Deanery]

Incumbents Date Patrons
Edward Athill1763Mary Hase, Widow
William GordonOct 25, 1790Sir John Lombe, Bart.
James StoughtonApril 19, 1792Ditto
Louis Aug. NorgateMay 27, 1840Edward Lombe, Esq. & another

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