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Norfolk: Thornage and Brinton

Consolidation of Churches 1759

This has been found by the Norfolk transcribers for FreeREG, in the Brinton parish register of baptisms 1727-1812, marriages 1728-1754 and burials 1728-1812. It is at the end of the register. It is also in the Thornage parish register of baptisms 1743-1812, marriages 1744-1753 and burials 1744-1812, where the name of the patron is given as Sir Edward Astley.

The separate paragraphs shown below do not exist in either of the originals.

* See the Original in the Rector's Possession.

Afterwards delivered to the Patron Sir E. Astley Bt by desire of William Baker Esqr Registrary

A Copy of the Consolidation of Thornage & Brinton in the Year 1759.

Thomas by divine Permission Bishop of Norwich to all & singular the faithful in Christ to whom these Presents shall come or whom the same shall or may hereafter in any wise concern Greeting.

Whereas it hath been represented unto us by a Petition under the Hands of Sir Jacob Astley Baronet Patron in full Right of the Rectorys & Parish Churches of Brinton & Thornage in the County of Norfolk within our Diocese & Jurisdiction & John Astley Clerk Rector of the said Rectorys That the said Parishes are contiguous & the Churches not more than a Mile distant the one from the other That the said Rectory of Brinton is of the clear Yearly Value of between Fifty & Sixty Pounds & that the Rectory of Thornage is of the clear Yearly Value of One Hundred Pounds That the said Rectorys have in general been held by one & the same Incumbent & that if at any time hereafter they should be separated Disputes may arise concerning the respective Rights of the said Rectorys

Wherefore in order to prevent effectually any Disputes of that Kind & to make a more comfortable Provision for the future Incumbents of the said Rectories they the said Petitioners humbly pray that we would be pleased by Virtue of our Office ordinary & Episcopal to Consolidate & for ever Unite the said Rectorys the one to the other that they may from henceforth be held & on all future Vacancys be presented to taken & held as one Benefice by the Name of the Rectory & Parish Church of Thornage with the Rectory & Parish Church of Brinton annexed.

And whereas we have been certified of the Truth of the Facts set forth in the said Petition under the Hands of certain Commissioners by us appointed to Examine & Enquire into the Truth of the same We therefore the said Thomas Bishop of Norwich have thought fit to unite Annex & Incorporate, & by these Presents do (so far as by Law & the Canons & Constitutions of this Realm of England we may or can) Unite Annex & Incorporate the said Rectory & Parish Church of Brinton & all & singular the Tyths Fruits Profits Revenues Oblations Rights & Ecclesiastical Emoluments whatsoever to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to & with the Rectory & Parish Church of Thornage aforesaid

And do consolidate the said Rectorys & Parish Churches the one to the other so that they may & shall from henceforth for ever be held & on all future Vacancys thereof be presented to taken & held as one Benefice only by the Name of the Rectory & Parish Church of Thornage with the Rectory & Parish Church of Brinton annexed

And we do ordain that by Virtue of this our Union & Consolidation it shall & may be lawful to & for the said Sir Jacob Astley Baronet his Heirs & Assigns as Patrons of the said Consolidated Benefice upon the next & all & every other Vacancy thereof to present one fit & well qualified Clerk who by Virtue of his Institution & Induction to the Rectory & Parish Church of Thornage with Brinton shall have, take, hold and receive all & singular the Fruits Tyths Profits Oblations Revenues Rights & Ecclesiastical Emoluments of and belonging to both the said Benefices, & hitherto accustomed to be paid to the respective Incumbents thereof

Provided nevertheless that notwithstanding this our Union & Consolidation, Divine Service, Administration of the Sacraments & all other Spiritual Duties whatsoever shall in no wise hereafter be neglected, but that the same shall be performed & administred in the respective Parish Churches of Thornage & Brinton in the usual & accustomed Manner & also that all the Buildings now belonging to each of the said Benefices be in all future times kept up & sufficiently repair'd

And provided also that these Presents shall not in any wise extend to the Detriment of the King's Majesty or of us as Bishop of Norwich or the Arch Deacon of the Archdeaconry of Norwich or their and our respective Successors or Officers, but that to them & us & their & our respective Successors & Officers all & all Manner of First Fruits, Tenths, Pensions, Procurations, Synodals, Fees of Institution, Induction, Visitation & all other Fees whatsoever be in all future times paid in as full & ample a Manner as the several Incumbents ChurchWardens & Parishioners have hitherto been accustomed to pay to the King's Majesty to the Bishop of Norwich to the Archdeacon of Norwich & their respective Officers for the respective Rectorys & Parish Churches of Thornage & Brinton aforesaid any thing herein contained to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

In Witness whereof we have caused our Episcopal Seal to be hereunto affixed dated July 31st 1759 & in this 10th Year of our Consecration

Tho: Norwich

Entred Sep:r 19th 1759 by Jn.o Astley Rect.r 1759.

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