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Poll for Tunstead Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Tunstead Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Barton Turf
Beeston St. Lawrence
Hoveton St. John
Hoveton St. Peter
North Walsham
Sco Ruston

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 161]
Cubitt Benj.Barton Turf   Himself
Dawson ThomasTunstead   Himself
Finch Henry, M.D.Ashmenhaugh   Himself
Grout JohnAshmenhaugh   Himself
Popey Tho.Ashmenhaugh   H. Finchen

[Totals] 213
Atkinson H. clk.Witton   Himself
Baldwin Tho.Worstead   Smith

Colk John (*)Bacton   Himself

Clarke Wm.Bacton   Himself
Cubit JosephSouthrepps   John Lubbock
Denham Robt.Bacton   Himself
Maris Tho. (*)Bacton   Himself
Shepherd JohnBacton   Himself
Wall Robt.Bacton   Himself
[Totals] 227
Barton Turf.
Bacon JoshuaBarton Turf   Himself

Edrich HenryIrstead   Himself
King AugustusBarton Turf   Himself
Morse J. S. esq.Yarmouth John Seaman

Nockels Wm.Barton Turf   Himself
Watts IsaacBarton Turf   Himself
[Totals] 026
Beeston St. Lawrence.
Beales RichardGuestwick   Himself
[Totals] 001
Collins JohnKnapton   Himself
Long DavidBradfield   Himself
Pull EdmundErpingham   T. White
[Totals] 003
Shepherd MartinCrostwick (Crostwight)   Himself
[Totals] 001
Brooks Christ.Dilham   Clements
Hannant RichardDilham   Himself
Joy JohnDilham   Himself
Loyal Wm. jun.Dilham   Himself
Mileham John (*)Dilham   Himself
Rump Tho.Dilham   Himself
[Page 162]
Taylor ShepherdDilham   Himself

Taylor James (*)Dilham   Himself
[Totals] 018
Adams Rich. clerkEdingthorpe   Himself
Bircham John (*)Edingthorpe   Himself

Turner Chas.Edingthorpe   Himself
[Totals] 112
Barber JamesFelmingham   Himself
Cook JohnFelmingham   M. Tooley
Cook Edm.Felmingham   Himself

Curl Wm.North Walsham   W. Hart

Hilton JohnStrumpshaw   E. Hilton
High JohnFelmingham   Himself
King DoodsFelmingham   Himself

Mayes Tho.Skeyton   T. Stramp
Moore Wm.Aldborough   W. Hewit
Sewell Wm.Skeyton   T. Bugden
Wright Sam.Wymondham   J. Brevator
Wells RobertFelmingham   J. Hicks
[Totals] 348
Bulman JohnHoning   Himself
Bourne JohnHoning   Himself
Cole JohnHoning   Himself
Cubitt Thos. esq.Honing   Himself
Gaze Benj.East Ruston   John Bean
Harris GeorgeHoning   Himself
Howard JohnHoning   Himself
Wild PeterHappisburgh   S. Haylett
[Totals] 008
Bacon JoshuaMundesley   John Loyall

Grymes CharlesLudham   B. Pert

Junifer HenryHorning   Himself
Lee JosephHorning   Himself

[Totals] 034
Hoveton St. John. & St. Peter.
Aufrere Anthony, esqHoveton St. Peter   Himself
Blofield John, esq.Hoveton St. John   Himself
Cadge MichaelHoveton St. John   Himself
Godfrey JohnHingham   M. Godfrey
Hall JohnHoveton St. John   Himself
Ladell RichardSouthrepps   W. Storey

Negus Henry, esq.Hoveton   Himself

Piggin Robt.Hoveton St. John   J. Brome
[Page 163]
Skipper Wm.Honing   H. Brown
Utting Chas.Carlton   C. Hasell
Wells JohnBlofield   Jas. Browne
[Totals] 0211
Bloom JohnIrstead   Himself
Bloom Wm.Irstead   Himself
Gunn Wm.Irstead   Himself
Horner LeonardIrstead   Himself
Roberts PeterIrstead   Himself
Wright Wm.Irstead   Himself
[Totals] 006
Amis JamesPulham   C. Mayes
Cubit Wm.Neatishead   Himself

Harcourt JohnSouth Walsham   W. Jary
Richer G. R.Neatishead   Himself

Smith Tho.Neatishead   John England

[Totals] 431
Cremer FrancisPaston   Himself
Doughty W.Ridlington   A. Amis
Gaze Tho.N. Walsham   G. Lane

Turner JohnPaston   J. Gee
[Totals] 113
Atkins Wm.Ridlington   Himself
Banyard JamesRidlington   Hammond
Howes Robt.Brunstead (Brumstead)   Himself
Harris Nath.Ridlington   Himself
Tompson JosephRidlington   Himself
Teasell JohnBacton   Hotpott
[Totals] 006
Ames Robt.Sloley   Himself
August SimonSutton   Abigail
Bates JohnSloley   R. Rump

Colman Edw.Sloley   Jos. Ames
Mack Tho.Tunstead   Himself
Steward Sam.Sloley   Himself
Smith Thos.Sloley   Himself
[Totals] 107
Dix RichardSmallburgh   Himself
Gaze Sam.Smallburgh   J. Hart
Low Wm.Smallburgh   Himself
Marston Tho.Smallburgh   Himself
[Page 164]
Neave Wm.Smallburgh   Himself
Postle JohnSmallburgh   Himself
Read JohnSmallburgh   Himself
Saul JohnSmallburgh   Himself

[Totals] 018
Stoneham JohnSwafield   Himself
Suffolk Tho.Swafield   Himself
[Totals] 002
Amies JohnDilham   J. Lovewell
Annison RichardCatfield   J. Greensmith
Bembridge Robt.Sloley   A. Bembridge
Cubitt Benj. clerkSloley   Mack
Gales HenrySloley   R. Ames
Hacon DennisLingwood   W. Hingle
Mack Tho.Tunstead   Himself
Perkins RichardTunstead   Himself
Smith Wm.Tunstead   Himself
Scottow Tho.Tunstead   Himself
Tooke WhitbyTunstead   Himself
[Totals] 0011
Walsham North.
Angel Wm.North Walsham   Himself
Amis LukeNorth Walsham   Bensley

Balls JamesNorth Walsham   Himself
Beesouth Chas.North Walsham   Himself
Bond JohnThurgarton   John Warner
Bunton JohnSouthrepps   John Neave
Chapman Jas.North Walsham   Himself
Colls Rich.North Walsham   Himself

Cooper T. H. jun. esq.North Walsham   Himself

Culley Rich.North Walsham   Himself
Cooper Thos. esq.Loddon   E. Bunfrey

Dickens Robt.North Walsham   Himself
Durrant JohnNorth Walsham   Himself
Dobbs DanielNorth Walsham   J. Miller
Debenne J. S. sen.North Walsham   Himself
Debenne JohnTrunch   Himself
Hay Thos. clerkNorth Walsham   Himself
Hunter HenryDilham   Himself
Horsley Isaac, clk.North Walsham   Himself
Hepworth John, clk.Worstead   J. Tuck
Juler JohnSwafield   John Coleby
King ClementHappisburgh   A. Doughty

Leegood Jas.Trunch   J. Reynolds
Lloyd Thos. clk.Happisburgh   Himself
[Page 165]
Lacy JohnNorth Walsham   Himself
Love Wm.North Walsham   Himself
Lane GroomNorth Walsham   Himself
Le Neve Chas.Moulton   S. Snelling
Margetson JohnNorth Walsham   Himself
Newstead Nath.Wells   Harper

Payne JohnNorth Walsham   Himself
Pilch JohnNorth Walsham   Himself
Powell Wm.North Walsham   Himself
Plumbley JohnSyderstrand (Sidestrand)   Himself
Rye Thos.North Walsham   Himself
Reynolds JohnEdingthorpe   J. Waters
Shepherd Wm.North Walsham   Rising
Saul Rich.North Walsham   Himself
Wormly MartinTunstead   Annison
[Totals] 5833
Shepherd Thos.Bradfield   Neave
[Totals] 001
Bullimore JosephWitton   Himself
[Totals] 001
Barnard HenryWorstead   Himself
Beane Rich.Worstead   Himself
Brograve Sir G. B. bt.Worstead   Himself
Bird Wm.Cawston   Geo. Gotts
Colls Robt.Worstead   Himself
Denham Jas.Worstead   Himself
Hill Rich.Worstead   Himself
Lincoln JohnWorstead   Mary Thorn
Postle Wm.Smallburgh   Read

Shalders JohnWorstead   Himself
Stewart Chas. esq.Worstead   Himself
Springall IsaacMoulton   J. Frost
Tuck JohnWorstead   Himself
Tuck Robt.Worstead   Himself
Tinkler Jas.Worstead   J. Shalders
Wiseman MilesWorstead   Himself
Warner Wm.Worstead   Himself
Whall JohnBarningham   J. Platten
[Totals] 0118



Tunstead Hundred is followed in the Poll book by South Walsham Hundred.

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