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Poll for Launditch Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Launditch Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Beeston [cum Bittering]
  (Little Bittering)
  [see also Beeston]
  [Hamlet of East Dereham
    -{Mitford Hundred}]
East Bilney
  (Bilney East)
East Lexham
  (Lexham East)
Gateley (Gately)
Great Dunham
  (Dunham Great)
Great Fransham
  (Fransham Great)
  [see also Tittleshall]
Little Dunham
  (Dunham Little)
Little Fransham
  (Fransham Little)
North Elmham
  (Elmham North)
Oxwick [with Pattesley]
Swanton Morley
  [see also Godwick]
Weasenham All Saints
Weasenham St. Peter
West Lexham
  (Lexham West)

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 132]
Allison JohnWhissonsett   J. Gunton

Bear Jona.Beeston   Himself
Barnwell Wm. clk.Beeston   Himself
Clarke Benj.Beeston   Himself

Case RichardBeeston   Himself

Cooper Robt.Necton   John Boyden
Deirns Robt.Beeston   Himself
Davy JohnBeeston   Himself

Farrow JohnBeeston   Himself
Payne Wm.Beeston   John Wisker

Rudd Edw.Beeston   W. Coker

Tann Robt.Gately   Himself
Vales Wm.Beeston   Himself

Wright Thos.Tittleshall   J. Franklin

[Totals] 697
Bream Thos.Beetly (Beetley)   Himself

Duffield Robt.Whissonsett   W. Yaxley

Mallet Robt.Yaxham   T. Mack

Reeve DanielBeetley   Himself

Rayner Edw.Beetley   Himself

Tuck JohnGressenhall   John Smith
[Totals] 164
Bilney East
Allison Wm.East Bilney   Himself

[Totals] 110
Bensly Wm.Brisley   Himself

Johnson JohnBeeston   John Claxton

Mason HenryBrisley   Himself

Mott Chas.Brisley   Himself

Mitchell Jas.Brisley   Himself

Ward Jas.East Bilney   W. Bollin

Winter AmbroseBrisley   Himself

[Totals] 770
Brown Thos.Hindringham   W. Crask

Drewell Edw.Great Ryburgh   Himself
Goggs Robt.Horningtoft   Howes L.

Martin Thos. clerkColkirk   Himself
Sinclair SamuelHempton   John Dodman

Utber Thos.Colkirk   Himself

[Totals] 352
[Page 133]
Daniel JohnDillington   Himself

Daniel Wm.Wicklewood   Mr Harper

Riches HenryEast Dereham   Himself

[Totals] 132
Dunham Great
Brock Wm.Great Dunham   Himself
Bacon JohnGreat Dunham   Himself
Chandler Sam.Great Dunham

Chamberlain DaltonGreat Dunham   Himself

Dunger John, jun.Great Dunham   Himself

Eldridge Jas.Great Dunham   J. Banham
Flood henryGreat Dunham   Himself
Horning JohnGreat Dunham   John Rush
Pommant Jas.Great Dunham   Himself
Pond JohnReymerstone   J. Reynolds

Rix JohnGreat Dunham   Thos. Rix

Trundle Robt.Great Dunham   Himself
Watson Robt.Gressenhall   B. Twigg
[Totals] 3510
Dunham Little
Clifton JohnLittle Dunham   Himself
Hey Wm.Little Dunham   Himself
Hey Wm.Little Dunham   Himself
Jowett Hen. clerkLittle Dunham   Himself

[Totals] 014
Elmham North
Bradfield Chas.North Elmham   Himself
Bliss JohnNorth Elmham   Himself
Debenham JohnWorthing   W. Neale

Fisher Rich.Stanfield   J. Sooley

Hawes JohnNorth Elmham   Himself

Herring Thos. clerkNorth Elmham   R. Fisher

Howell BarnardNorth Elmham   Himself
Long Wm. jun.Lynn   Parker
Long Wm.North Elmham   Himself
Lacy Rich.North Elmham   R. Fryer
Mason Sam.Gately   W. Annis
Smith Feverall Thos.North Elmham   Himself
Twigg Thos.North Elmham   Bray

Thorne Wm.Mattishall   T. Leggett

[Totals] 2810
Fransham Great
Buck JohnFransham   Himself

Baker TimothyBeeston   W. Tann

Bensly HenryFransham   Himself

Case Edw.Fransham   B. Lock

Case Thos. HenryFransham   Himself

Drozier JohnFransham   Himself

[Page 134]
Johnson Wm.Great Fransham   T. Case

Moore Edm.Beeston   W. Cocker

Mann Rich.Great Fransham   Himself

Moore Thos.Swanton Novers   W. Moore

Wellingham Edw.Great Fransham   Himself
[Totals] 8103
Fransham Little
Asker Wm.Little Fransham   Himself

Buck Thos.Little Fransham   Himself

Lovett DanielLittle Fransham   Himself
Powley PeterLittle Fransham   Himself

Shilling Sam.Mattishall   F. Rivett
Watling Wm.Little Fransham   Himself

[Totals] 442
Elgar Jas.Gateley   Himself

Griggs MoneyEast Dereham   R. Kerrison

Howell Jas.North Elmham   Himself
Sharrock Robt. esq.Gately (Gateley)   Himself

[Totals] 124
Brandford J. B.Ormesby   Annuity

Hoste Dixon, clerkGodwick   Himself

[Totals] 220
Butcher Robt.Shipdham   Himself

Clements JohnGressenhall   Himself

Coleman Jere.Gressenhall   Himself
Cork JohnGressenhall   Himself

Coleman AmbroseGressenhall   Himself

Doy Robt.Gressenhall   J. Brunton

Horsfall Sam. clk.Gressenhall   Himself

Hewitt JohnGressenhall   Himself
Lynn Jas.Gressenhall   Himself
Neale JohnGreat Fransham   J. Cooper

Nichells MosesGreat Fransham   Himself

Payne Jas.Great Fransham   Himself

Rawlin SamuelGreat Fransham   Himself

Riches Sam.Great Fransham   Himself

Rawling DavidShipdham   White
Twigg Benj.North Elmham   Able Pentney

Webb JohnGressenhall   Himself
Wilkins Robt.Gressenhall   Himself
Winter Wm.Gressenhall   S. Harvey

[Totals] 12155
Grounds ThomasHoe   John Eagle

[Totals] 110
[Page 135]
Franklin JohnHorningtoft   Himself

[Totals] 110
Chamberlain Wm.Wendling   Sam. Wright

Drury Geo.Mileham   John Wicks

Falkner HenryWalpole St. Pet(er).   John Carrell

Johnson JohnWalpole St. Peter   John Bell

Smith Wm.Mileham   T. Durrant

[Totals] 451
Lexham East & West.
Dunger JohnGreat Dunham   Thos. Wells

Mayes JohnWest Lexham   Himself

[Totals] 121
[Page 236]
Billing Jas.Litcham   Himself
Carrington JohnLitcham   Himself

Garner HenryLitcham   Himself
Gilding TrueMileham   Himself

Kendall JosephLitcham   Himself

Kennedy JohnLitcham   Himself

Knock Gam.Little Dunham   Henry Cobb
Lorge Thos.Litcham   Burton

Lines John, jun.Litcham   John Moy
Lines JohnLitcham   W. Tompson
Paget JohnGreat Dunham   R. Whales
Peck Thos.Litcham   Himself
Raven PeterLitcham   Himself

Tooke JohnLitcham   Himself

Temple JohnBlakeney   T. W. Temple
[Totals] 0715
Cooper DavidNorth Elmham   W. Bailey

Cooper DavidNorth Elmham   W. Bailey

Hastings Tho.Longham   Himself

Hastings Tho. jun.Longham   D. Crafer

Hastings Wm.Gressenhall   Himself

Jary Wm.Longham   Himself

Kemp Tho.Longham   Himself

Tompson JohnLongham   Himself

Whalls Wm.Longham   Himself

Winter RichardLongham   Himself

[Totals] 10100
Barnwell Geo. clerkBeeston   John Tuck
Bridges BilbyHolme Hale   T. Russell
Bunn JohnLyng   J. Bunn, jun.

Clarke JohnMileham   Himself

Carrington Edw.Elsing   John Rudd

[Page 136]
Davey John, esq.Mileham   Himself

Raven John, clerkMileham   Bell
Stroulger JohnMileham   Himself
[Totals] 453
Barton Wm.Rougham   John Cory

Barton GeorgeLexham   C. Bradfield

Barton JohnRougham   W. Parnell

Baseley T. W.Cantley   R. Mollett
[Totals] 340
Bone JohnScarning   Himself

Brookbank Wm.Ovington   Himself

Clarke Wm.Scarning   F. Moore

Catling EdmundScarning   Himself

Culver JohnEast Dereham   T. Crafer
Goddard Robt.Shipdham   Henry Tuck

Hart JohnScarning   Himself

Moore FrancisBeeston   Bridges

Norton Thos.East Dereham   J. Wright
Priest St. John, clerkReepham   Himself

Pinching JacobSouthbergh   Geo. Frost

Shilling WilliamSporle   Jas. Roberts

[Totals] 10102
Davy JohnStanfield   Himself

Hurchen Wm.Stanfield   Himself

Harvey RichardStanfield   Himself

Norris Geo. clerkGuist   Himself
Sooley JohnStanfield   Himself

Smith Wm.Stanfield   Himself

[Totals] 551
Swanton Morley
Barber SamuelSwanton Morley   Himself

Baker Wm.Swanton Morley   John Everett

Collett Wm. clk.Surlingham   W. Mace

Emms SamuelSwanton Morley   Harbord

Freeman JohnSwanton Morley   W. Woodrow

Hubbard GeorgeSwanton Morley   G. Furness

Rix PeterSwanton Morley   Himself
Trollope BrightmanSwanton Morley   Himself

[Totals] 771
Butler GeorgeTittleshall   Himself

Beales JohnTittleshall   Himself

Franklin JohnTittleshall   Himself

Forby Wm.Tittleshall   R. Forby

[Page 137]
Hilling JohnBeeston   R. Whall

Leverock JohnNorth Elmham   Himself

Lawson Jere.Tittleshall   Himself

Nichols Wm.Tittleshall   W. Barret

Vincent Wm.Tittleshall   Himself

Wright Robt.Tittleshall   Himself

[Totals] 10100
[Page 239]
Weasenham All Saints
Carr ThomasWeasenham All Saints   Himself

Mack Wm.Stanhoe   John Mitchell

Purdy Thos.Weasenham All Saints   M. Seppings

Softly Thos.Weasenham A(ll). S(aints)   Himself

[Totals] 440
Weasenham St. Peter
Gunton Fras.Weasenham St. Peter   Himself

Rose MadwellWeasenham St. Peter   Himself

Sanctuary Thos.Weasenham St. Peter   John Hall

[Totals] 330
Billing Wm.Weasenham St. P(eter).   W. Claxton

Fairweather JohnWoodton   Thos. Dow
Goodrick RobertWellingham   I. Goodrick

Kirble JamesHockwold w. Wilton   R. Smith

[Totals] 232
Allen JohnScarning   Himself

Gibbs JohnWendling   Himself

Hopwood JohnWendling   Himself

Jarvis Christ.Wendling   Himself

Love Wm.Wendling   Himself

Page EdmundWendling   Himself

Ralleson Thos.Great Fransham   Himself

[Totals] 572
Barker StephenWhissonsett   Himself

Duffield JohnWhissonsett   Himself

Fox Thos.Longham   T. Kemp

Goggs HenryWhissonsett   Himself
Neale Thos.Whissonsett   Mary Neale

Parker Robt.Whissonsett   Himself

Parker Robt.Whissonsett   John Clark

Raven Nath.Whissonsett   Himself

Skinner Wm.Whissonsett   Himself

[Totals] 890
[Page 138]
Blomfield ThomasSwanton Morley   Himself

Hall Sam.Worthing   Himself

Makeham Wm.North Elmham   H. White
[Totals] 230



Places with no voters

The following places :-
    Bittering Parva (Little Bittering) and Oxwick with Pattesley
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Launditch Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Loddon Hundred.

See also the main Voting page and the main 1802 Poll Book page.

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