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Poll for Holt Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Holt Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

  (Bayfield w(ith). Glandford)
  (Blakeney al(ias). Snitterly)
Burgh Parva
  (see Bayfield)
Hempstead [-by-Holt]
Melton Constable
Swanton Novers

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 123]
Bersford R.Bale   Himself

Barnsdale M.Bale   Himself

Cutridge JohnBale   Himself

Long MatthewBale   Himself

Long Wm. Sen.Bale   Himself

Wilcocks W. W. clk.Swanton Morley   Thos. Brady

[Totals] 660
Bayfield w. Glandford
Jodrell Henry, esq.Bayfield   Himself

Rouse PeterThornage   E. Moore

Rouse RichardLetheringsett   Himself

Savory JohnBintry   Robt. Watts

[Totals] 431
Blakeney al. Snitterly
Brereton Robt.Blakeney   Himself

Bond Thos.Blakeney   Sam. Isaac

Clements JohnWells   H. Woods

Dunn Thos.Blakeney   Himself
Jackson Wm.Blakeney   Himself

Morgan Robt.Blakeney   Himself

Shephard Jas.Blakeney   Himself

Temple T. W.Langham   Himself
[Page 124]
Taylor JohnBlakeney   Himself

Watson Sam.Blakeney   Self & others

[Totals] 981
Clarke JohnBodham   Himself
Derisley Robt.Bodham   Himself
Emery Thos.Bodham   Himself

[Totals] 103
Colman JohnBriningham   Himself

Locksmith JohnBriningham   Himself

Locksmith Robt.Briningham   Himself
Waller Robt. G.Briningham   Himself

[Totals] 430
Brereton JohnBrinton   Himself

Baker JohnLittle Snoring   Sherringham

Brereton AbelBrinton   Himself

Shirley Fras.Stanhoe   Belton

[Totals] 440
Bond Thos.Briston   Himself

Butter HenryBriston   Himself

Cooper Wm.Briston   Himself

Carr JohnBriston   Himself

Canham JacobBriston   T. Ramm

Dean Thos.Briston   Himself

Emery JohnBriston   Himself

Eacher JohnBriston   Himself

Flegg Thos.Briston   Himself

Greeves Wm.Briston   J. Palmer

Griffin Edw.Briston   Himself
Jarmy Rich.Briston   T. Woodcock

Mandall JohnBriston   Himself

Mallett Wm.Briston   J. Archer
Martins Wm.Briston   W. Dann

Norris Wm.Briston   Himself

Oakes Wm. jun.Briston   Himself

Parke JosephBriston   Himself

Robins JosephWooddalling (Wood Dalling)   J. Clarke

Rix RobertGuestwick   Dan. Scott

Rix Thos.Great Snoring   W. Rix

Spicer CharlesBriston   Himself

Secheverell JohnBriston   R. Towell

Sharpin ThomasBriston   Himself
Sieley JohnHorstead   E. Pank

Towell Robt.Cawston   Himself
[Page 125]
Williamson JohnBriston   Himself
Woolsey JohnBriston   J. Martin
Woodcock Thos.Briston   Self & oths.

Williamson Thos.Briston   Mary Newman
Williams Thos.Briston   Himself

Weston Wm.Briston   Himself

[Totals] 25257
Gunton DennisBodham   J. Sayers

Jackson Thos.Cley   Himself

Johnson Wm.Wiveton   Taylor & oths.

Johnson Fras.Cley   Himself

Jackson MichaelBlakeney   Brett

Stamp Edw.Cley   Himself

Smith JohnPulham   J. Woods

Tomlinson John, esq.Cley   Himself

[Totals] 880
Chesnut KirbyCromer   Cussins

Dyball Jas.Guist   M. Ellis
Darby JohnEdgefield   J. Darby, jun.

Ellis HenryEdgefield   Himself

Ellis Wm.Edgefield   Himself

Francis Brandsby, clk.Edgefield   Himself
Ford Thos.Edgefield   Himself
Ford Thos.Edgefield   Himself

Gay BenningGuestwick   B. Bowles
Garrett JohnBriston   J. Parke

Hill Fras.Wooddalling (Wood Dalling)   John Dennis
Knights JohnEdgefield   Himself
Moy Theo.Hindolveston   Sarah Sack

Middleton Jas.Edgefield   Himself

Minns JohnNewton St. F(aiths).   Moniment
Marcon Thos.Forncett   T. Spicer
Theodorick Thos.Edgefield   Himself

Woods JohnEdgefield   Himself

[Totals] 10108
Barwick JohnBrinton   J. Coe
Bunn Thos.Gunthorpe   Himself

Collyer Chas. clerkGunthorpe   Himself

England T. W.Gunthorpe   Himself

Fitt Robt.Gunthorpe   Himself

Hunn ClementsGunthorpe   Himself

Pleasants DavidGunthorpe   Himself

Read Edw.Gunthorpe   Himself

Sprunt MatthewGunthorpe   Himself

[Totals] 980
[Page 126]
Emery Benj.Bodham   T. Nichols

Smith Wm.Aldeby   Smith
Wegg GeorgeFoulsham   G. Smith
[Totals] 112
Athow Thos.Holt   Himself

Burrell Nat.Letheringsett   T. Newman
Banyard Chas.Holt   J. Skiffins

Burcham JohnCaston   J. Dewing

Blomfield JohnLetheringsett   Himself
Cheatle Rich.Holt   Himself

Cranefield Jas.Holt   Himself

Custance L. J. clk.Barningham   Himself
Dawson Geo.Briston   Reynolds

Fisher Thos.Holt   Himself

Fuller Sam.Holt   E. Loades

Gateson ScottHolt   Himself

Hewitt Chas.Holt   Himself

King Robt.Holt   Himself, &c.

King JohnHolt   Himself

Keymer Robt.Salthouse   Himself

Kendle Chas.Holt   Himself
King Jas.Holt   R. King

Middleton JohnHolt   N. Burrell

Massingham M.Holt   Himself

Matsell Wm.Holt   S. Nobbs

Moore Jas.Forncett   R. Spicer

Playford Jas.Holt   Himself

Shorting HenryWooddalling (Wood Dalling)   Mr. Bacon

Sales Chas.Holt   Himself

Thompson Robt.Holt   Himself

Thompson JohnHolt   R. Thompson

Theodoric JohnGately (Gateley)   J. Blomfield
Vickery CaryerHolt   T. Drozier

Withers Wm.Holt   Himself

Ward Thos.Briston   W. Martins

Westley Sam.Holt   T. Gotts

Wittard JohnColtishall   T. Newhouse

Wildee Wm.Beetley   R. Mallett

Whitwood JohnColtishall   J. Burton
[Totals] 31285
Curtis Thos.Hunworth   Himself

Cook Thos.Hindringham   W. Wilson
Funnell Rich.Hunworth   Himself

Peck HenryHunworth   Himself
Peck Wm.Sharington (Sharrington)   T. Bloy
[Page 127]
Swallow Chas.Hunworth   Himself
Sandling Thos.Hindringham   J. Temple
Wallow Thos.Hunworth   Himself

[Totals] 236
Bream Thos.Beetley   R. Mallet

Davey JosephKelling   Alice Purdy

Girdlestone Wm. clk.Kelling   Himself
Girdlestone Z. esq.Kelling   Himself

Pane JohnSalthouse   S. Pane

Winn Jas.Kelling   J. Winn

Warnes JohnKelling   Himself

[Totals] 661
Boyce Thos.Langham   Himself

Frost StephenLangham   Himself

Stangroom Christ.Langham   Himself

Sayer Edm.Gressenhall   P. Knowles
[Totals] 340
Burrell John, clerkLetheringset(t)   Himself
Cobon Jas. jun.Letheringset(t)   Himself
Cobon JamesHolt   Himself

Hardy Wm. jun.Southrepps   R. Summers

Hardy Wm.Letheringset(t)   W. Hardy, jun.

Lamb CharlesLetheringset(t)   Himself
Newman Tho.Sharrington   S. Woodhouse
Youngman Tho.Letheringset(t)   Himself

[Totals] 345
Melton Constable
ASTLEY Sir J. H. Bart.Melton Constable   Himself

Bacon JohnWooddalling
(Wood Dalling)
  E. Bacon
Sturley JamesBarningham T(ow)n.   Himself

[Totals] 221
Buck Wm.Foulsham   R. Nobbs

[Totals] 110
Cawston JohnSalthouse   Himself
Cranefield JohnSalthouse   Himself

Corben JosephHolt   J. Springall

Johnson JohnBriston   M. Summons

Lown Wm.Salthouse   Himself

Parson JohnSalthouse   Himself

Spence JohnYarmouth   E. Spence

[Totals] 661
[Page 128]
Balls Tho.Field Dalling   Simpson

Gordon Wm. clerkBrisley   T. Garrod

Hurrell Tho.Field Dalling   W. Nave

Riseborough Wm.Field Dalling   F. Cook

[Totals] 341
Caulk JohnSharington (Sharrington)   Himself

Constable Wm.Sharington (Sharrington)   Himself

Coe JonasSharington (Sharrington)   Himself

Girdleston Robt.Sharington (Sharrington)   Himself

Randall JohnSharington (Sharrington)   Himself

Turner JohnSharington (Sharrington)   Himself

Woodrow RichardBriningham   W. Warnes
[Totals] 760
Groom Wm.Briston   W. Chester
Paul HenryStody   Himself
[Totals] 101
Swanton Novers
Brittingham Christ.Swanton Novers   Himself

Cosser Tho.Swanton Novers   Himself

Dew JohnSwanton Novers   Himself

Dew AbelSwanton Novers   John Dew

Dew RichardBriningham   John Dew

Fox JohnSwanton Novers   Himself

Fox H. P.Swanton Novers   Himself

Giles Sam.Swanton Novers   Himself

Hall Edw.Swanton Novers   Himself

Mansfield Wm.Swanton Novers   Himself

Moore Wm.Swanton Novers   Himself

[Totals] 11110
Abraham RobertBale   Abraham, jn.

Astley John, clerkThornage   Himself

Cooke Wm.Holt   Himself

Greaves JohnSharington (Sharrington)   Himself
Kindal JohnThornage   Himself

Mann FrancisSharington (Sharrington)   Hazell & oths.

Smith Wm.Letheringset(t)   Tinker

Temple Tho.Bunwell   H. Balls

Williams Wm.Thornage   Himself

[Totals] 980
Grice Philip HookCromer   W. Nichols
Nurse Edm.Waborne (Weybourne)   Himself

Sanford HenryWaborne (Weybourne)   Himself

[Totals] 221
[Page 129]
Blackwood Robt.Wiveton   Himself

Buscall MatthewWiveton   Himself

Cooper JohnLittle Snoring   S. Wright
Crofts Tho.Wiveton   Himself

Larrance Wm.Wiveton   Himself

Williams James, clerkWiveton   Himself

[Totals] 551



Places with no voters

The following place :-
    Burgh Parva
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Holt Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Humbleyard Hundred.

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