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Poll for Happing Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Happing Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

  (see Hempstead)
East Ruston
  (Ruston East)
Hempstead (with Eccles)
      [near Stalham]
  (Hemstead with Eccles)
Potter Heigham
Sea Palling

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 116]
Bartram Jas.Hickling   Himself
Burton Nath.Brunstead (Brumstead)   Himself
Cubitt SamuelBrunstead (Brumstead)   Himself
Durrant Wm.Honingham   T. Eastoe
Howe Wm.Brunstead (Brumstead)   Himself
Lusher JohnBrunstead (Brumstead)   Alex Balls
[Totals] 006
Amis JohnCatfield   Himself

Barber GeorgeCatfield   Himself
Bygrave RichardCatfield   Himself
Cubitt Geo. esq.Catfield   Himself
Crowe John, sen.Catfield   Himself
Crowe Wm.Catfield   Jas. Back
Crowe Robt.Sutton   J. August
Curtis Robt.Catfield   Himself
Crowe Robt.Catfield   W. Kirk
Davey SamuelCatfield   Himself
[Page 117]
Greensmith JohnHickling   Jas. Bishop
Gedge Dan.Ludham   Thos. Cook
Hammond ThomasCatfield   Himself
Harbord Christ.Catfield   Lacey
Knights Benj.Catfield   Himself
Mace RogerCatfield   C. Wright
Rogers LawrenceCatfield   Himself

Wells NicholasCatfield   Himself
Watts AugustineCatfield   Himself

[Totals] 2317
Beets PhilipHappisburgh   Himself
Cole JohnHappisburgh   J. Cole
Cater Thos.Happisburgh   Himself
Carr Thos.Sutton   Himself
Cross GeorgeBurgh St. Peter   Hook
Graver JohnHappisburgh   Himself
Gaze JohnHappisburgh   Himself
Gaze Rich.Happisburgh   Himself
Harvey JonathanHappisburgh   Himself
Hammant JohnHappisburgh   Himself
Hewitt John, clk.Walcot (Walcott)   Himself

Ingall Sam.Happisburgh   Himself
Olley JohnHappisburgh   Himself
Postle JohnHappisburgh   Himself
Siely Alex.Happisburgh   J. Lawrence
Saul JohnHappisburgh   Himself
Summers RobertHappisburgh   Himself
Shepherd MartinHappisburgh   Himself
Wiseman Wm.Bacton   Himself
Webster RiceHappisburgh   Himself
Young Wm.Happisburgh   Pooley
[Totals] 0121
Hemstead with Eccles
Ames JamesEccles   Himself
Ames JohnHemstead (Hempstead)

Littlewood JohnHemstead (Hempstead)   Himself
[Totals] 112
Allen AbrahamHickling   Himself
Burton JohnHickling   Himself
Betts Thos.Norton Sub(course).   J. Garrod

Crowe JohnHickling   C. Cook

Dutchman JohnHickling   Himself
Durant Thos.Hickling   Himself
Gibbs JohnHickling   Himself
Gambling JohnHickling   Himself
Gaze JohnHickling   Himself

[Page 118]
Gedge MatthewHickling   Himself
Goose Thos.Hickling   Himself
Kerrison Geo.Hickling   Himself
Moore Robt.Hickling   Himself
Newman JohnHickling   Himself
Smith W. P. clk.Waxham   Himself
Thain JohnHickling   Himself
Wright Wm.Hickling   Himself
Wigg ArtemasHickling   Himself
Woolsey JosephBradfield   J. Codlin
[Totals] 1318
Flowerdew JamesHorsey   Himself
[Totals] 001
Comer PaulStalham   Himself
Cubitt Benj.Ingham   Himself

Durrant JohnHappisburgh   J. Cole
Elsdon L.Ingham   R. Ellsdon [sic]
Harvey JohnIngham   Himself

Myhill Robt.Yarmouth   T. Pegg
Mitchell JohnIngham   Himself
Matthews JohnIngham   Himself
Postle Robt.Ingham   Himself

Rust Wm.Ingham   Himself
Scarfe Wm.Ingham   Himself
Salmon PhilipIngham   Himself

Scott D. Durrant, esq.Ingham   Himself
Waits Robt.Ingham   Himself
Wegg Wm.Worstead   R. Harbord
[Totals] 0415
Bartram JohnBrumstead   Himself
Balls JohnHappisburgh   Himself
Harris Tho.Lessingham   Himself
Watts Tho.Lessingham   Himself
[Totals] 004
Crome SamuelLudham   Himself
Cook Thos.Ludham   Himself
Ditcham JohnLudham   Himself
Green Wm.Burgh   Himself
Garrett JamesLudham   Himself
Harrison RogerLudham   Himself
Howard Robt.Ludham   Himself
Harrison Wm.Yarmouth   Morris
Hurnard Wm.Bradiston (Braydeston)   Himself
[Page 119]
Howes Dan.Blofield   J. Collins
Johnson W. C.Ludham   Himself

Page J. B.Ludham   Himself
Palgrave JamesLudham   Himself
Rammens JohnLudham   J. Cook
Roll Wm.Hindringham   G. Waters

Smith Tho.Catfield   Himself

Smith Tho. jun.Ludham   Himself
Tann Wm.Ludham   Himself
Weeds Rich.Happisburgh   Himself

Wortley Robt.Ludham   Himself

[Totals] 5515
Crowe JamesPalling   Himself
Crowe Robt.Palling   Himself
Empson JamesSmallburgh   Wiseman
Howard Tho.Palling   Himself
[Totals] 004
Potter Heigham
Bower Wm.Potter Heigham   Himself
Blaxwell JohnPotter Heigham   Himself
George HenryPotter Heigham   Himself
Reynolds TimothyPotter Heigham   Himself

Ransome Robt.Halvergate   Himself
Slipper JohnPotter Heigham   W. Grapes

Taxter Sam. [sic Thaxter]Potter Heigham   Himself
Waters Robt.Potter Heigham   Himself
Watson ClementMartham   Underwood
[Totals] 227
Ruston East
Atkinson Tho.Walcot (Walcott)   Himself
Barber Tho.Walcot (Walcott)   B. Barber
Cobb. Robt.Walcot (Walcott)   Himself
Durrell JosephWalcot (Walcott)   Himself
Flaxman Sam.Walcot (Walcott)   Himself
Humphrey RichardWalcot (Walcott)   Himself
Plummer Chas.East Ruston   Himself
Pightling Wm.Coltishall   A. Annison
Postle Sam.East Ruston   Himself
Postle Aug.East Ruston   Himself
Rudd JohnEast Ruston   Himself
Shingle JohnEast Ruston   Himself
Sufflaine Nath.East Ruston   Himself
[Totals] 0013
Abigall JohnHappisburgh   B. Wyer
Atkins Thos.Stalham   Himself
Burton Robt.Stalham   R. Staff
[Page 120]
Barham Robt.Hickling   Goose
Burney Joseph, clk.Southrepps   J. Cubit

Cubitt Benj.Stalham   Himself
Cooke Sam.Stalham   Himself
Carr JohnStalham   Himself
Flowerdew JohnIngham   Himself
Gravener AdamStalham   Himself
Hindle DanielStalham   Himself
Johnson Jas.Stalham   Himself
Keeler Sam.Stalham   Himself
Mayes Fras.Ludham   Riches
Riches Chas.Stalham   Himself
Staff Robt.Stalham   Himself
Silcock ObadiahStalham   Himself

Withers Thos.Stalham   Himself
[Totals] 0218
Armes Edw.Sutton   J. Armes
Barber Robt.Sutton   Himself
Bray Wm.Sutton   Himself
Bean JohnSutton   Himself

Barker JohnSutton   Himself
Bygrave JohnSutton   Himself
Lowger JosephSutton   Himself
Savory Wm.Sutton   Himself
Ward Jas.Sutton   Himself

[Totals] 128
Baldwin Thos.Walcot(t)   Himself
Baron Wm.Honing   Clarke
Gaze JohnWalcot(t)   Himself
Marler Robt.Hempstead   R. Marler, jun.
Warner Wm.Welbourn (Welborne)   R. Goulden
[Totals] 005



Places with no voters

The following place :-
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Happing Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Henstead Hundred.

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