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Poll for Grimshoe Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Grimshoe Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Buckenham Tofts
  [Buckenham Parva]
  - [Feltwell St. Mary
  & Feltwell St. Nicholas]
Hockwold cum Wilton
  (Hockwold with Wilton)
Santon [or Santon House]
Weeting with Broomhill
  - [Weeting All Saints]
  (Weeting with Bromehill)
West Tofts
  (inc. with Hockwold)

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 109]
Buckenham Tofts
Fuller SamuelMundford   Himself

[Totals] 110
Manning ThomasNorthwold   Himself

[Totals] 011
Dersley JohnThetford   Roper

[Totals] 110
Aylmer Tho.Shouldham   W. Thorpe

Barnes JohnFeltwell   Himself

Barnham Wm.Feltwell   Himself
Crane Tho.Northwold   T. Chinery
Drake Robt.Feltwell   Himself

Eyres JohnMethwold   Himself
Eastgate JohnFeltwell   Himself

Fuller JohnFeltwell (Note 3)   E. Parson
Forster Wm.Feltwell     ditto (Note 3)

Garvrick [Garwick] PhilipFeltwell     ditto
Glasscock JohnFeltwell     ditto
Green JohnFeltwell     ditto

Howes Tho.Feltwell     ditto
Hillingworth AnthonyFeltwell     ditto
Hollocks JohnFeltwell   E. Whiteman

Jacobs Tho.Feltwell   Himself
King JamesMethwold   W. Dye

Killingsworth Anth.Feltwell   John Eyres

Lambert DanielHockwold w. Wilton   W. Lambert

Lennard JohnFeltwell   Himself

Mays Tho.Feltwell   Himself

Pearson OsbornFeltwell   Himself
Pearson Robt.Feltwell   Himself

Parson Edw.Feltwell   Himself

Prior Wm.Feltwell   Himself

Parson MatthewFeltwell   B. Rudling
Rutland JohnFeltwell   Himself

Roofe JosephFeltwell   Himself
Rudland Benj.Feltwell   Himself

Stiles FrancisFeltwell   Himself

Stephenson Rich. clk.Feltwell   Himself
Siggoe JohnFeltwell   M. Pearson
Spencer PortorFeltwell   Himself

Stallon RichardFeltwell   Himself
Spinks AbrahamFeltwell   Himself

[Page 110]
Simson Tho.Thetford   Sir W. Altham

Tokelove Robt.Feltwell   Himself

Truson Robt.Feltwell   John Hardy
Tuddenham Tho.Feltwell   John Hardy

Ward Tho.Feltwell   Himself
West Tho.Feltwell   Himself
Whiteman HenryFeltwell   Himself
Ward JohnFeltwell   H. Rix

Willett JohnFeltwell   Himself

Watson RichardFeltwell   J. Rudland

Whitmore Wm.Feltwell   Himself

West ThomasFeltwell   Himself
Young JohnFeltwell   Himself
[Totals] 272721
Hockwold with Wilton
Allison ThomasHockwold with Wilton   W. Tabbell

Barnard Samuel  ditto   Himself

Burrows Jere.  ditto   Himself

Bradford Wm.  ditto   Himself

Clarke Richard  ditto   Himself
Cock Joseph  ditto   Himself

Field Wm.  ditto   Himself
Grimmer Robt. jun.  ditto   Himself
Gore Benjamin  ditto   Himself

Gore John  ditto   Himself
Lamb Wm.  ditto   J. Arminger

Linnard Robt.  ditto   Himself

Morley JohnWilton   Himself

Morley JohnHockwold with Wilton   Himself

Norman Francis  ditto   Himself
Pearson Henry  ditto   Himself
Poole SamuelWilton   Himself

Roberson Tho.Feltwell   W. Tompson

Rudderham JosephHockwold with Wilton   Himself

Spinks Robt.Hockwold with Wilton   Himself

Spinks AbrahamFeltwell   Jas. Ward

Smith RichardHockwold with Wilton   D. Munson

Thickpenny JohnHockwold with Wilton   Himself

Tompson Wm.Shipdham   Mrs. Wiffen

White Edw. clerkHockwold with Wilton   Himself
[Totals] 16189
Everett JohnHillborough (Hilborough)   W. Cobb

[Totals] 110
Basham Thos.Northwold   Himself

Bell JohnMethwold   Himself

[Page 111]
Bovel PhilipMethwold   Himself

Cary EdmundMethwold   Himself

Coates Wm.Methwold   Himself

Clarke W. H.Methwold   Himself

Cock AbrahamMethwold   Himself
Clarke Tho.Methwold   Himself

Erratt JohnMethwold   Parish Officers

Flatt JohnMethwold   Himself

Fuller Edm.Methwold   Himself

Flatt Wm. jun.Feltwell   Himself

Flatt Wm. sen.Feltwell   T. Watts

Flatt RobertFeltwell   Himself

Gordon HenryMethwold   Himself
Gordon AbrahamMethwold   Himself
Hammond RobertMethwold   Himself

Harper ThomasMethwold   Himself

Hopkin Tho.Methwold   Himself
Herod Wm.Methwold   Himself
Howes JohnMethwold   Himself

Howlett JohnMethwold   Himself
King RobertMethwold   Himself

King Wm.Hockwold w. Wilton   J. Lee

Miller JeoffreyMethwold   Himself

Newton John, sen.Methwold   Himself

Newton John, jun.Methwold   Himself

Rolfe RichardMethwold   Himself

Rolfe Wm.Methwold   Himself

Robinson SamuelMethwold   Himself

Watley Tho.Methwold   J. Flatt

Wortley JohnMethwold   T. Wortley

Wortley JamesMethwold   Himself
Wabe Wm.Methwold   Manning

[Totals] 27277
Chapman JohnNorthwold   Foyster

Clarke Tho.Mundford   Wid. Gordon

Griffin CharlesMundford   Himself

Glasscock JosephMundford   Himself

Griffin Wm.Mundford   Himself

Griffin JohnThetford   G. Tyrrell

Jacobs JohnMundford   Himself

Morley JamesHockwold w. Wilton   Himself

Taylor HenryBrisley   Curl

[Totals] 990
Briston ThomasNorthwold   Himself

Beales JohnNorthwold   Himself
Basham RobertNorthwold   Himself
[Page 112]
Bennett JosephNorthwold   Himself
Caney Thos.Northwold   Himself

Dey Thos.Northwold   Himself
Harvey Thos.Northwold   Himself
Hewett JohnNorthwold   Himself
Hunt JohnNorthwold   Himself
Hinton Wm. D. D.Northwold   B. Payne

Harvey Thos. esq.Hingham   R. Inde
King Wm.Northwold   Himself
King JosephFeltwell   J. Sheenfield
Nurse JohnNorthwold   Himself

Pearman JohnNorthwold   Himself
Pooley JohnFeltwell   Himself
Robinson Thos.Northwold   Himself
Russell ThomasNorthwold   J. Wright
Smith Wm.Northwold   Himself

Scales JohnNorthwold   Himself
Slade Edw.Northwold   Himself
Tompson Wm.Northwold   Himself

Towler Wm.Mattishall   D. Winfield
Thorold Wm.Attleborough   H. Downes

Upton Wm.Northwold   Himself
Wathiss Wm.Northwold   Himself

Wish Rich. clerkNorthwold   Joseph Coote
Wilkin SamuelNorthwold   Himself
Young JohnNorthwold   W. Field
Young JohnNorthwold   Himself
[Totals] 7922
Garner JohnThetford   Haywood

[Totals] 110
Pearson JohnStanford   Himself

[Totals] 110
Clarke Robt. (*)Mundham   J. Farrow

Leech Thos.Diss   W. Thurlow

[Totals] 121
Weeting w. Bromehill
Pritchard Hen. clk.Feltwell   Himself

Pond Thos.Deepham (Deopham)   Mr. Wisses
[Totals] 012
West Tofts
Dorr ThomasLt. Cressingham   J. Windett

Galway S. P. esq.West Tofts   Himself

Willot Thos.Hingham   J. Carter

[Totals] 330



Places with no voters

The following places :-
    Cranwich and Lynford
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Grimshoe Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Guiltcross Hundred.

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