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Poll for Gallow Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Gallow Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

  (Dunton w. Doughton)
East Barsham
  (Basham East)
East Raynham
-   [or Rainham St. Mary]
  (Rainham East)
East Rudham
  (Rudham East)
Fulmodeston cum Croxton
  (Fulmondeston with Croxton)
-   [alias Tattersett]
Great Ryburgh
  (Ryburgh Great)
  (Hill Houghton)
Little Ryburgh
  (Ryburgh Little)
Little Snoring
  (Snoring Little)
New Houghton
-   [or Houghton in the Brake]
North Barsham
  (Basham North)
Pudding Norton
  (Norton Pudding)
South Raynham
-   [or Rainham St. Martin]
  (Rainham South)
-   [see Gatesend]
West Barsham
  (Basham West)
West Raynham
-   [or Rainham St. Margaret]
  (Rainham West)
West Rudham
  (Rudham West)

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Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 96]
Lambert Sir H. bart.Bagthorpe   Himself

[Totals] 110
Savory Coulsey, esq.Colkirk   T. Hammont

[Totals] 011
Basham East
Astley H. N. clerkBintry   Himself

Dennis T. MartinKettlestone   Himself

Frankling JohnE. Basham (East Barsham)   B. Watts

Hall JohnPlumstead   W. Digby

Temple RichardG. Snoring   Freeimson

[Totals] 550
Basham West
Balders C. M. esq.W. Basham (West Barsham)   Himself

Brett Thos. jun.Burnham Norton   H. Richardson

Hague JohnE. Basham (East Barsham)   R. Chambers
[Totals] 230
Basham North
Dowsing Horatio, clk.N. Basham (North Barsham)   Himself

[Totals] 110
Dunton w. Doughton
Barber JohnFrettenham   Wid. Hall

[Totals] 110
Beck JohnHempton   R. Goldsmith

Brett Wm.L. Snoring   W. Noes

Burrell Wm.G. Snoring   R. Page

Crofts John, clerkWhissonsett   Himself

Case EdwardSculthorpe   Wid. Craske

Cates TheophilusG. Ryburgh   Smith

Dunham Wm.Hempton   J. Crockley

Emery JamesCromer   Storey

Edgar Thos.Fakenham   Himself

Green HenryFakenham   Himself

Green Wm.Fakenham   Himself

Heath John, M.D.Fakenham   Himself

Ivory JohnWalsingham   Miss Rix

Jones Dan. esq.Althorpe (Alethorpe)   R. Riches

Johnson JamesFakenham   Himself
Jones I. M.G. Snoring   Newton

Norris Chas. clk.Fakenham   Himself

Potter Sam.Southbergh (Southburgh)   J. Goddard

Readwin JohnBrisley   G. Russell

Rutland JamesFeltwell   J. Clarke

[Page 97]
Sandling Wm.Hindringham   Ann Sandling

Skrimshire Tho. clerkHockham   Himself

Stokes Wm. esq.Eynsford (Hundred)   Himself

Thompson JosephHolt   S. Love

Withers RogerStibbard   J. Palmer

[Totals] 23251
Fulmondeston with Croxton
Bensly Wm.Swanton Morley   J. Maries

Browne Repps, clerkFulmondeston   Himself

Browne JohnFulmondeston   Himself

Caston GeorgeFulmondeston   Himself

Humphrey JohnFulmondeston   Himself

Rayner ThomasFulmondeston   Himself

Thurston JamesFulmondeston   Himself

[Totals] 770
Gatesend .
Hall Wm.Hindringham   M. Martin

[Totals] 011
Case ThomasLittle Snoring   J. Nicholas
Doyle JohnHempton   J. Adcock
Flood Wm.Walsingham   Himself

Kenny JohnWeasenham St. P(eter).   T. Claxon

Lilley Edw.G(reat). Walsingham   R. Sconce

Martin JamesHelhoughton   Himself

Newell ThomasHelhoughton   Whitby
Wick GeorgeHelhoughton   Himself

[Totals] 580
Diggings HenryHempton   Himself

Drury GeorgeWeasenham   J. Wicks

Potter ThomasSculthorpe   J. Howard

Smith Wm.Mileham   T. Durrant

[Totals] 440
Cory James, clerkKettlestone   Himself

Fuller JosephKettlestone   J. Pett

Jex ThomasL(ittle). Snoring   Himself

Sheringham Tho.Kettlestone   Himself

Sheringham JamesKettlestone   Himself

[Totals] 550
Norton Pudding
Harpley JamesLitcham   W. Palmer

Scarlet JohnGissing   F. Norman
[Totals] 111
[Page 98]
Gwyn HammondFakenham   J. Emery

[Totals] 110
Rainham East
Murray Chas. esq.Stibbard   R. Starr

[Totals] 110
Rainham West
March JohnWest Rainham   J. Shearing

Whitemand JohnGreat Ryburgh   Wid. Bray

[Totals] 220
Rainham South
Boldero George, clk.South Rainham   [blank]

[Totals] 110
Ryburgh Great
Bussey EdmundGreat Snoring   J. Rogers

Gotts DanielGreat Ryburgh   Thompson
Harman ThomasGreat Ryburgh   Himself
King Wm.Little Ryburgh   Himself

King Wm.Great Ryburgh   Himself
Moneyment Tho.Guist   J. Bircham
Purling Wm.Ryburgh   Himself

Wodehouse Tho. esq.Great Ryburgh   Himself
[Totals] 137
Ryburgh Little
Rust RobertLittle Ryburgh   Himself
[Totals] 001
Rudham East
Andrew Wm.East Rudham   Hen. Mason

Dewing RichardWalpole St. Pet(er)   Wm. Bell
Rathbon RichardEast Rudham   Himself

Smith Wm.Darsingham (Dersingham)

[Totals] 340
Rudham West
Drosier EdwardWest Rudham   Mark Hurrell

Howard Thos.West Rudham   Himself

Winn RobertEast Rudham   Himself

[Totals] 132
Bird IsaacSculthorpe   Cock & oths.

Jonas RogerSculthorpe   Himself

Jones MatthewSculthorpe   Chas. Green

Price Wm.Sculthorpe   R. Craske

Sharr JohnSculthorpe   Himself

[Totals] 550
Cony ThomasSculthorpe   Wm. Price
[Totals] 010
[Page 99]
Snoring Little
Day Christr.Rudham   Dodman

Gowens MarshallLittle Snoring   Himself

Hill JosephWood Norton   John Nobes

Laws SamuelLittle Snoring   Himself

Lawes Benj.Little Snoring   Himself

Moore ThomasBriston   T. Woodcock

Olley JohnLittle Snoring   John Paston

Stibbard JohnEast Rudham   J. Stibbard, jn.

Tuck Wm.Little Snoring   Bugwell

Tuck Wm.Little Snoring   Himself

Tuck Wm.Little Snoring   W. Tuck

Wright SamuelLittle Snoring   W. Bushell

[Totals] 12120
Bell PhilipStibbard   Himself

Burrell JohnStibbard   Himself
Habberton JohnStibbard   J. Habberton

Shaw RichardStibbard   J. Rowbottom

Skedge ThomasCroxton   Edm. Neal
Sturman Wm.Stibbard   Himself

Withers PeterStibbard   Himself

[Totals] 552
Secker Robt.South Creak(e)   G. Baxter

[Totals] 110
Door JohnHindringham   John Hall
Norris Robert, clerkTatterford   Himself
[Totals] 002
Case MallettTesterton   Himself
[Totals] 010
Bale EdwardFakenham   G. Rowe
Case CharlesSculthorpe   Spooner
[Totals] 020



Places with no voters

The following places :-
    Alethorpe, Broomsthorpe and New Houghton
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Gallow Hundred is followed in the Poll book by North Greenhoe Hundred.

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