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Poll for Freebridge Marshland Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Freebridge Marshland Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Lynn ,North (St Edmund)
  [North Lynn]
Lynn, West (St. Peter)
  (Lynn West)
Terrington St. Clement
Terrington St. John
Tilney All Saints
Tilney St. Lawrence
Walpole St. Andrew
Walpole St. Peter
Walton West
  [West Walton]
Wiggenhall St. German
    (Wiggenhall St. Ger.)
Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen
Wiggenhall St. Mary the Virgin
    (Wiggenhall St. Mary.)
Wiggenhall St. Peter

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 91]
Fish ThomasClenchwarton   Himself

Noll JacobClenchwarton   T. Juison

Rogers Robt.Clenchwarton   Himself

Sutterby JohnTilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Wardale JohnClenchwarton   Himself

Wright JamesTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself
[Totals] 551
Budd JohnEmneth   Himself

Barker JohnEmneth   Himself

Boyce JohnEmneth   Himself

Barber Thos.Emneth   Himself

Haynes JohnEmneth   Himself

Hall Wm.Emneth   Widow Booth

Hill Thos.Outwell   Himself

Merrill JohnEmneth   R. Green

Marshall Jas.Emneth   Himself

Metcalf AnthonyEmneth   Himself

Neale Wm.Emneth   Himself

Southwell JamesEmneth   Himself

Timpenny ThomasEmneth   Himself

[Totals] 13130
Coe Robt.Til(ney). w. Islington   Himself

Rockley JohnTilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

[Totals] 220
Lynn West
Broadbent ThomasWest Lynn   Himself

Crampton StephenWest Lynn   Himself

Cooper Wm.West Lynn   H. Smith

Cooper JamesWest Lynn   F. Lightfoot

Fisher RobertWest Lynn   Himself

Goddard GeorgeWest Lynn   Himself

Goddard GagenWest Lynn   Himself

Munson ThomasWest Lynn   Himself

Pond Edw.West Lynn   Himself

[Page 92]
Smith JohnWest Lynn   W. Cooper

Sessions ThomasWest Lynn   Himself

Taylor JosephWest Lynn   Himself

[Totals] 12120
Terrington St. Clement.
Bailey BartelTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Bunting Wm.Terrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Beckit HenryStoke Ferry   T. Jewson

Carter Wm.Terrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Coe ChristopherTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Everard Jas.Lynn   Everard

Fisher Wm.Terrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Fisher MichaelTerrington St. C(lement).   T. Curtis

Goodson Thos.Terrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Holburn JohnTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Hardy Geo.Gaywood   J. Etches

Lawson JohnTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Moore GeorgeTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Reader GeorgeTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Rogerson Thos.Tilney St. Law(rence).   W. Patrick, jn.

Steward Thos.Terrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Stevenson Christ.Terrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Smith JohnTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself

Sutliffe JohnTerrington St. C(lement).   A. Sutliffe

Wright RobertTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself

[Totals] 20200
Terrington St. John.
Bell Wm.Terrington St. J(ohn).   Himself
Harrison ThomasTerrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Johnson Thos.Terrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Mann JamesTerrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Patrick Wm.Tilney All Saints   Himself

Sutterby RobertTilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Sutterby HenryTerrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Sutterby HenryTerrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Skull RobertD(itt)o. or St. Clem(ent).   Himself

Sutterby JamesTilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Tyson John, clerkTerrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Wright John, sen.Terrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Wright JohnTerrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Wright GregoryTerrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Wright Wm.Terrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Walker StephenTerrington St. J(ohn).   Himself

Wright HenryTerrington St. J(ohn).   T. Shinfield
[Totals] 15152
Tilney All Saints.
Crown EdmundTilney All Saints   Himself

Cott ThomasTilney All Saints   Himself

[Page 93]
Fisher RobertTilney All Saints   Himself

Sutterby RichardTerrington St. C(lement).   Himself

[Totals] 440
Tilney St Lawrence.
Browne Wm.Tilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Coates DandesonTilney St. Law(rence).   Himself
Garner JohnTilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Hall Wm.Tilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Hallowell JohnTilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Lowden AustinTilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Pullyn Wm.Walpole St. Pet(er).   R. Johnson

Pullyn JohnTilney St. Law(rence).   W. Pullyn

Sutterby Thos.Tilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Skeet JohnTilney St. Law(rence).   Himself

Wright Wm.Terrington St. C(lement).   Jas. Wright
[Totals] 992
Walpole St. Andrew.
Bone CharlesWalpole St. P(eter)
& A(ndrew).

Bailey JohnWalpole St. And(rew).   D. Green

Ingram RobertWalpole St. And(rew).   Himself

Ingram Robt. jun.Walpole St. Pet(er).   M. Ingram

Jennings JohnWalpole St. And(rew).   Himself

Ingram JohnWalpole St. And(rew).   Himself

Ingram MallardWalpole St. And(rew).   Himself

Johnson JohnWalpole St. Pet(er).   J. Pattern

Twiddy Robt.Walpole St. P(eter)
& A(ndrew).
  T. Patten

Woodward JohnWalpole St. And(rew).   Himself

Wade JohnEmneth   J. Loins

[Totals] 11110
Walpole St. Peter.
Andrews ThomasWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Bell JohnWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Baxter GeorgeWiggen(hall). St. M(ary).   John Lock

Bransby Thos.Walpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Cullen Christ.Tilney w. Isling(ton).   S. Cullen

Capps JosephWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Creeke RobertWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Fulwood ThosWalpole St. Pet(er).   R. Harwood

Gaches JamesWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Giddens Wm.Outwell   Mark Boyce

Hanes JosephWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Harrison Wm.West Walton   Himself

Ingram JohnWalpole St. Pet(er).   Jos. Busby

Lowe JohnWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Morphew J. C. clerkWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself
Newcome JohnWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Newcome Wm.Walpole St. Pet(er).   J. Newcome

[Page 94]
Newcome CharlesWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Thistleton JamesWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Thistleton JohnWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Wood JohnWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

[Totals] 20201
Anthony JamesWalsoken   Himself

Anthony JohnWalsoken   Himself

Anthony JohnWalsoken   Himself

Beakley JohnWalsoken   Himself

Bull Wm.Walsoken   Himself

Clemenson JamesWalsoken   Himself

Catlyn JohnWalsoken   Himself

Cooke JacobWalsoken   Himself

Carter RichardWalsoken   Himself

Cocks JohnWalsoken   Himself

Dennis JosephWalsoken   Himself

Eburn PitchesWalsoken   Himself

Foster Nath.Walsoken   Himself

Groome W.Walsoken   Himself

Hawkins Dan.Walsoken   Himself

Hendry Wm.Grimston   W. Lofty

Holmes Robt.Walsoken   Himself

Knape Wm.Walsoken   Himself

Kisbee JohnWalsoken   Himself

Knape Edw.Walsoken   W. Knape

Legg Wm.Walsoken   Himself

Long HenryWalsoken   Himself

Murley JohnWalsoken   Himself

Miles JohnWalsoken   Himself

Moss JamesWalsoken   Himself

Sutterby DanielWalsoken   Himself

Seaton RichardWalsoken   Himself

Southwell JohnWalsoken   Himself

Sharpe StephenWalsoken   Himself

Ward RobertWalsoken   Himself

Watton ThomasWalsoken   Himself

Wing RobertWalsoken   Himself

[Totals] 32320
Walton West
Aldham DanielWest Walton   Himself

Ball Wm.Walsoken   Himself

Bonney JohnWalsoken   Himself

Bean ThomasWalsoken   Himself

Bean Wm.West Walton   Himself

Bean Wm. jun.West Walton   Joseph Carr

[Page 95]
Dobbs JohnWalpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Fisher ThomasWest Walton   Himself

Griffiths ThomasWest Walton   Himself

Hall ThomasWest Walton   Himself

Hubbard Thos.West Walton   Himself

Lumpkin Nich.West Walton   Himself

Neale Wm.Walpole St. Pet(er).   Himself

Stork Wm.West Walton   Himself

Smith JohnWest Walton   Himself

Smith John, jun.West Walton   Himself

Stanton JohnWest Walton   Himself

Watts JohnWest Walton   Himself

[Totals] 18180
Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen
Brofit ThomasWigg(enhall) St M(ary). M(agdalen).   Himself

Barton Wm.Wigg(enhall) St M(ary). M(agdalen).   Himself
Castle GeorgeWigg(enhall) St M(ary). M(agdalen).   Himself

Fisher JohnWigg(enhall) St M(ary). M(agdalen).   Himself

Gunton ThomasWigg(enhall) St M(ary). M(agdalen).   Himself

Greggs JacobWigg(enhall) St M(ary). M(agdalen).   John Sharpe

Moyce SwiftWigg(enhall) St M(ary). M(agdalen).   Himself

Pilgrim RichardWigg(enhall) St M(ary). M(agdalen).   Himself

Sharpe Wm.Walsoken   John Hudson

Whistler John    ditto   Himself

Whistler Thomas    ditto   Himself

Whistler Wm.    ditto   Himself

Whistler Richard    ditto   Himself

Wilkinson Nath.    ditto   Himself
Young Richard    ditto   Himself

[Totals] 15130
Wiggenhall St Ger.
Bentley JamesWigg(enhall). St. Ger(man).   Himself

Chadd Edm.Wigg(enhall). St. Ger(man).   Himself

Codman Wm.Wigg(enhall). St. Ger(man).   Himself

Hardy JohnWigg(enhall). St. Ger(man).   Himself

Hall JohnWigg(enhall). St. Ger(man).   Himself

Hall JohnLynn   T. Robinson

Long JamesWigg(enhall). St. Ger(man).   Himself

Raven JohnWigg(enhall). St. Ger(man).   Himself

Watford Wm.Lynn   Johnson

Wilkinson Jere.Wigg(enhall). St. Ger(man).   Himself

[Totals] 10100
Wiggenhall St Mary.
Juson LeonardWigg(enhall). St. Ger(man).   Jacob Lawson

Lane JosephWigg(enhall). St. Mary   Himself

Money Wm. clerkWigg(enhall). St. Mary   Himself
[Totals] 221



Places with no voters

The following places :-
    North Lynn [St Edmund] and Wiggenhall St Peter
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Freebridge Marshland Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Gallow Hundred.

See also the main Voting page and the main 1802 Poll Book page.

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