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Poll for West Flegg Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

West Flegg Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

  (Ashby with Oby)
  (see Repps with Bastwick)
Burgh St. Margaret
  [Burgh Flegg
  or Fleggburgh]
East Somerton
  (Somerton East)
  (See Ashby with Oby)
  (Repps with Bastwick)
West Somerton
  (Somerton West)

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 69]
Ashby with Oby
Thoroton Pet. clk.Oby   Himself
[Totals] 001
Allured JohnBurgh   Himself
Crowe RobertAcle   Mary Crowe
Coppin Wm.Burgh   Himself

Durrant RobertBurgh   Himself
Dyball JohnBurgh   Himself

Dyball RobertBurgh   Himself

Dyball JohnBurgh   Himself

Dyball ThomasBurgh   Himself
Fabb JohnHemsby   R. Manship
[Page 70]
Florence ThomasBurgh   Himself
Kippon JosephBurgh   Himself

Monsey ThomasBurgh   Himself

Odd JohnBurgh   Woodrow

Read Wm.Burgh   Widow Ward
Sewell JohnBurgh   Himself
Woodrow JohnBurgh   Himself
[Totals] 779
Pollard JohnMartham   J. Carrier
[Totals] 001
Bensley Wm.Hemesby (Hemsby)   Himself
Church EdwardHemesby (Hemsby)   Himself
Fabb RichardHemesby (Hemsby)   Himself

Ferrier RichardHemesby (Hemsby)   Himself

Ferrier RobertHemesby (Hemsby)   Himself

Gibbs ThomasHemesby (Hemsby)   Himself

Howard BenjaminHemesby (Hemsby)   Himself
Holmes ThomasYarmouth   Chilvers
Harbord ThomasHemesby (Hemsby)   Himself

Manchen EdwardHemesby (Hemsby)   J. Money
Townsend EdwardHemesby (Hemsby)   J. Shealds
[Totals] 358
Brownson Wm.Martham   Himself

Bane JamesMartham   Himself
Bushell Wm.Martham   Himself
Bougen JohnBergh (Burgh) St. Peter   R. Bougen
Creasy Wm.Martham   Himself

Davy Wm.Martham   Himself

Dixon ThomasMartham   Himself
Faulkner JohnMartham   Himself
Fairweather Wm.Martham   Himself
Francis ThomasPotter Heigham   Himself
Garnham Wm.Martham   R. Davey
Humphrey HenryMartham   Himself

Huggins Wm.Martham   Himself
Howell RobertMartham   Himself
Hindienet (?) Nath. [sic Hindle]Stalham   Himself
Hindle Nath.Dilham   D. Hindle
Linford Wm.Martham   Himself
Pollard Chas.Martham   Himself
Pollard Wm.Martham   Himself
Pettinghall HarperMartham   Himself
Rising ThomasYarmouth   S. Sendall
Rising ThomasMartham       ditto (*)
Reeve Wm.Martham       ditto (*)
[Page 71]
Ransome RobertMartham       ditto
Vincent RichardMartham       ditto
Watson Wm.Martham       ditto

Wilson GeorgeMartham       ditto
Warner RichardYarmouth       ditto

[Totals] 6721
Repps with Bastwick.
Boyce Thos.Bastwick   Himself

Belson Rich.Repps   Himself
Deane Robt.Repps   Himself

Gilbert Sam.Repps   Himself

Manship JohnRepps   W. Russel

Nickerson Wm.Repps   Shive

Wacey JohnRepps   Himself

[Totals] 562
[Page 111]
Appleton Sam.Rollesby   Himself
Baker Thos. clerkL(ittle). Cressingham   [blank]
Carrier JohnRollesby   Himself

Collins EdmundRollesby   Himself
Camp Thos.Rollesby   Himself
Cobb JohnRollesby   Himself
Cobb FrancisRollesby   Himself
Day IsaacRollesby   Himself
Deary Wm.Rollesby   Himself
Dunham HarmanRollesby   Himself
Docking GeorgeBeighton   S. Howard
Docking AbrahamBlofield   R. Morse
Forder Wm.Rollesby   Himself
Harriss JamesAcle   R. Bunn
Miles FrancisRollesby   Himself
Mapes Edmund, esq.Rollesby   Himself
Palmer SamuelRollesby   Himself
Russell A.Rollesby   J. Postle
Ransome JohnRollesby   Himself
Sowels DanielRollesby   Himself

Slater JohnRollesby   Himself
Sewell Thos.Burgh   Himself
Watts MartinRollesby   Himself
[Totals] 0223
Somerton East.
Dyball HenryEast Somerton   Himself
Greene RobertEast Somerton   Himself
Grimmer BenjaminEast Somerton   Himself
Huntington B. J. esq.East Somerton   Himself
Huntington JamesEast Somerton   Annuity
[Totals] 005
[Page 72]
Somerton West.
Annison Edw.West Somerton   Himself
Crowe Thos.Ormesby   W. Pratt
Hales Wm.West Somerton   Himself
Jealous Thos.West Somerton   Himself
Manship Wm.Martham   Harbord
Rising Robt.West Somerton   Himself

Rising Wm.Martham   T. Rising
[Totals] 017
Parker JohnThurne   Himself
Wigg JohnThurne   Himself
[Totals] 002
Bond HenryWinterton   Himself
Dary JohnWinterton   Himself
Ditcham Wm.East Somerton   Himself
Deary RobertWinterton   Himself
Green DanielYarmouth   D. Golds
Hindes EdwardNorton   Sam. Smith
Tubby JohnHemesby (Hemsby)   E. Tubby
Worts RichardYarmouth   J. Tooke
Wright JohnWinterton   Himself
[Totals] 009



Places with no voters

The following place :-
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

West Flegg Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Forehoe Hundred.

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