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Norfolk: Voting Registers

Poll for East Flegg Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

East Flegg Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Caister next Yarmouth
  [Caister on Sea]
Ormesby St. Margaret
Ormesby St. Michael
  with Herringby
  [Great Yarmouth]

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 51]
Alexander H. esq.Caister   Himself
Bloom Wm.Caister   Himself

Burton ClementCaister   Himself

Baxter JohnCaister   Himself
Church JohnCaister   Himself

Crane Wm.Caister   Himself

Daniel Tho.Attleburgh (Attleborough)   R. Daniel
Edmunds JosephCaister   Himself

Edmunds JamesCaister   Himself

Everett GeorgeForncett   J. Bloom

Mayes Wm.Caister   Himself
Mayes JohnCaister   Himself
Symonds JosephYarmouth   Himself

Tubby Robt.Caister   Himself

Ward HenryCaister   Himself

[Totals] 11 (*)114
Bensly JamesFilby   T. Hampson

Crowe Benj.Filby   Himself
Church EdwardAcle   Himself

Dixey Robt.Filby   Himself
Eade Wm.Filby   Himself
Everson JamesFilby   Himself
Frosdyke Edw.Filby   Himself
Green Thos.Filby   Himself
Grimmer Robt.Filby   Himself
Jay JohnFilby   Himself
Juby Thos.Acle   Himself
Lucas Chas. esq.Filby   Himself
Norfor JohnFilby   Himself
Pettingal Robt.Filby   Himself

Skeyles Tho.Filby   Himself
Smith EdwardCaister   Goose
Tennant FrancisFilby   Himself

[Totals] 2415
Carpenter JohnCaister   Himself

Pettingall Wm.Hemsby   Pettingall

Womack ArthurRunham   W. Brandford

[Totals] 330
Ormesby .
Boutell Charles, clk.Ormesby   Himself
Branford Wm.Ormesby   Himself

[Page 52]
Bell Wm.Yarmouth   R. Wilson
Bell Benj.Ormesby   Himself
Clowes JohnOrmesby   Himself

Clark JohnOrmesby   Himself
Cockerill JohnOrmesby   Himself
Elliot Robt.Ormesby   Himself

Goodwin JohnOrmesby   Himself

Goffin FrancisOrmesby   J. Hogg
Keeler Wm.Ormesby   Himself

Manship Wm.Ormesby   Himself

Proctor RobertOrmesby   Himself
Price Rev. Mr.Ormesby   Himself
Page Tho.Ormesby   J. Steward

Price E. M. D. D.Runham   Goss
Read Robt.Ormesby   J. Smith
Salmon W. B. clerkCaister   Wacey

Shrimpling Jas.Ormesby   Himself
Stringer Robt.Rollesby   Horne
Symonds Jas.Ormesby   Himself
Tungate JohnOrmesby   Himself
Taylor Christ. clerkFilby   Himself
Woolstone JohnOrmesby   Himself

[Totals] 5919
Barrow Sam.Runham   Himself

Day JohnRunham   Himself

Dane Tho.Runham   W. Wade

Lincoln Jas.Runham   Howse
London Robt.Runham   Himself
Palmer Edw.Filby   Lucas
Smith Benj.Runham   Himself

Worship John, esq.Runham   Himself
[Totals] 435
Woolstone Robt.Scratby   Himself

Woolstone Benj.Scratby   Himself

[Totals] 220
Daniel FrancisCaister   T. Daniel
English JohnStokesby   Himself
Ward SamuelAcle   J. Wright
[Totals] 003
Browne Tho.Billockby   Himself
Warmington CliftonYarmouth   Himself
[Totals] 002
[Page 53]
Agnew Alex. tailorYarmouth   Himself
August Wm. carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Ayers Wm. dittoYarmouth   Himself
Ainge Joseph, shopkeeperYarmouth   Himself
Atkins John, labourerYarmouth   S. Durrell

Ayton Armsby, carterYarmouth   Himself
Absolon David, draperYarmouth   Himself

Austin Wm. carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Ashley Jacob, dittoYarmouth   Himself
Allen Rich. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Andrews Sam. labourerYarmouth   Himself
Andrews Robt. carmanYarmouth   Himself
Absolon Wm. merchantYarmouth   Himself

Aldred Sam. haberdasherYarmouth   Himself

Amis John, corn-meterYarmouth   Himself
Anderson Joseph, publicanYarmouth   Jas. Chase
Adams Wm. Barber [sic - barber]Yarmouth   Himself

Andrews John, watermanYarmouth   Hurrell
Absolon W. shopkeeperYarmouth   Himself
Adams Jas. publicanYarmouth   J. Key
Abbott John, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Ayers George, dittoYarmouth   Himself

Bolton SamuelDenton   J. Brock

Bowles Wm. rope-makerYarmouth   Southgate

Blyth Thomas, marinerYarmouth   Himself
Bulman John, carpenterYarmouth   M. Watson

Bateman Thomas, surgeonYarmouth   Himself

Boardman E. M. bakerYarmouth   Himself

Buck Wm. cabinet-makerYarmouth   Himself

Browne Robert, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Boulter John, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Barber Wm. merchantYarmouth   Himself
Barrett Randall, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Bassey James, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Breeze John, carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Bowles Edward, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Bishop Thomas, dittoYarmouth   Himself

Barber Ezra, hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself
Barwell Wm. liquor-merch(an)t.Yarmouth   Himself

Bennett Edward, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Bowles Thomas, watermanYarmouth   Himself

Bennett Paul, block-makerYarmouth   John Hull
Bonney Jas. carpenterYarmouth   Curtis

Beales Wm. merchantYarmouth   W. Rouse

Barnes Wm. shipwrightYarmouth   Himself

Barber Samuel, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Bennett John, linen-weaverYarmouth   Himself

[Page 54]
Bales James, shopkeeperYarmouth   Himself
Berry Richard, cordwainerYarmouth   Himself

Bennett John, labourerYarmouth   Himself
Bonfellow John, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Bayley Joseph, shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself

Brown Philip, bricklayerYarmouth   Himself

Bowles Samuel, sailorYarmouth   Himself
Beckwith John, carterYarmouth   Himself

Bull James, mast-makerYarmouth   Himself

Barnard Benj. carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Browne R. I. grocerYarmouth   Himself

Bell Samuel, gent.Yarmouth   J. Plummer

Browne Benjamin, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Bell Samuel, bakerYarmouth   Himself
Bradfield James, brokerYarmouth   Himself

Barber Robert, whitesmithYarmouth   Himself
Brewer John, carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Barnes John, labourerYarmouth   J. Dawson

Barcham Samuel, carterYarmouth   Himself
Barker Samuel, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Baldry George, carterYarmouth   Himself
Beckham Zeb. grocerYarmouth   Himself

Bayley Robt. liquor-merchantYarmouth   Dyball, &c.
Browne Joseph, shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself

Brooks Robert, labourerYarmouth   Himself
Barker Samuel, esq.Yarmouth   Himself
Belson Thomas, cordwainerYarmouth   Himself
Barcham Wm. house-joinerYarmouth   Himself
Bransby Isaac, cooperYarmouth   Himself
Bensly Wm. tailorYarmouth   Himself

Bayley M. I. shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself

Burrows Wm. gent.Yarmouth   J. Savage

Breeze Wm. hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself
Browne John, merchantYarmouth   Himself

Burkitt Charles, tailorYarmouth   Himself
Bulman John, sail-makerYarmouth   Himself

Boulter Joseph, bakerYarmouth   Himself

Browne John, chandlerYarmouth   Himself
Banyard Robert, butcherYarmouth   Himself
Burton R. F. clerkYarmouth   Himself

Becket Thomas, cordwainerYarmouth   Himself

Bensly Francis, dittoYarmouth   Himself
Bultitude Samuel, bricklayerYarmouth   Himself
Baker Wm. cordwainerYarmouth   R. Burgess
Brockway Alex. brewerYarmouth   Himself
Brady Wm. carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Burrage Thomas, bricklayerYarmouth   Himself
[Page 55]
Butler Jere. bricklayerYarmouth   Himself
Baldrey Francis, brazierYarmouth   Himself
Breeze John, corn-meterYarmouth   Himself

Bradford John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Betts Sam. watermanYarmouth   Himself

Brewer Thomas, brewerYarmouth   Himself
Browne John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Browne Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Barnes John, shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself

Balls Wm. ship-borerYarmouth   Himself

Bussey Wm. labourerFilby   Holmes

Bately John, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Barrett I. B. basket-makerYarmouth   Himself

Bowles Barnard, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Bracey John, bricklayerYarmouth   Plummer
Brooks Fred. labourerYarmouth   Himself
Boulter John, grocerYarmouth   Himself
Boult Jas. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Brooks Wm. dittoYarmouth   Himself

Boulter Joseph, pastry-cookYarmouth   Boulter, jun.
Bickers John, seamanYarmouth   Himself
Burrows Wm. carterYarmouth   I. Newton
Bream Sam. cabinet-makerYarmouth   Himself

Bean Rich. gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Barrett Thomas, boat-builderYarmouth   Himself
Barrett Robert, maltsterYarmouth   Culling
Butcher Moses, fishmongerYarmouth   Himself
Briggs John, draperYarmouth   Himself

Brady Wm. glazierYarmouth   T. Bensly
Barnby W. H. shipwrightYarmouth   Baker Rev.
Bulley Richard, marinerYarmouth   Himself
Blade Samuel, cordwainerMarlingford   J. Denny

Browne ThomasBeighton   H. Haydon

Chapman John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Cobb John, leather-cutterYarmouth   Himself

Christmas John, ship-ownerYarmouth   Himself
Calver James, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Coleman Matthew, doYarmouth   Himself
Clifton J. T. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Colby Dover, esq.Yarmouth   Himself
Conelty Samuel, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Court John, labourerYarmouth   Himself

Custins Thomas, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Clifton Robert, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Corpe Charles, blockmakerYarmouth   Himself

Costerton Benjamin, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
[Page 56]
Crawfoot John, carterYarmouth   Himself
Clarke John, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Cory Robt. jun. attorneyYarmouth   Himself
Chettleburgh James, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Carrington Tho. ironmongerYarmouth   Himself

Colls Everett, merchantYarmouth   Himself
Cole Thomas, sailorYarmouth   J. Kettle
Collins John, carterYarmouth   Himself
Cooke George, seamanYarmouth   Himself
Cooke Isaac, rope-makerYarmouth   Himself
Cooper John, carpenterYarmouth   S. Duncan

Clarke L. B. stationerYarmouth   Himself

Christmas John, schoolmasterYarmouth   Himself
Church John, carterYarmouth   Himself

Coke Wm. carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Collins Edward, shoemakerYarmouth   Elgar

Clarke Jas. cabinet-makerYarmouth   Himself

Coleman Edmund, seamanYarmouth   Warren
Carter Thomas, marinerYarmouth   Himself
Callow John, wine-cooperYarmouth   Himself
Clabburn George, merchantThirne (Thurne)   Himself
Capon Robt. marinerYarmouth   Himself
Clarke Wm. publicanYarmouth   Himself
Cooper Wm. carpenterYarmouth   Fisher
Crisp Tho. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Coningsby Wm. smithYarmouth   Himself
Clarke Clement, victuallerYarmouth   T. Nash
Clarke JohnYarmouth   Himself
Cozens John, labourerYarmouth   Himself

Cobb John, cordwainerYarmouth   Late Butler
Chapman John, draperYarmouth   Himself

Church Wm. bricklayerYarmouth   Himself

Crabtree EdwardYarmouth   Himself

Cowell John, shipwrightYarmouth   W. Morley

Cowell Thomas, publicanYarmouth   Smith, &c.

Chapman Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Colman Robert, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Crowe Wm. cabinet-makerYarmouth   Himself

Chandler Henry, carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Cockran Robert, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Crowe Wm. chair-makerYarmouth   Himself

Cory Robert, attorneyYarmouth   Himself
Curtis Josiah, hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself

Callow Wm. corn-meterYarmouth   Himself
Cutlove John, glazierYarmouth   Himself
Crowe Chas. cabinet-makerYarmouth   Himself
Coleby John, blacksmithYarmouth   Himself
[Page 57]
Crawfoot Hen. coach-makerYarmouth   Himself
Collins John, shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself
Crisp Wm. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Campbell Walter, shipwrightYarmouth   Simpson
Clayton T. L. gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Corp Charles, seamanYarmouth   Himself
Crocket Charles, glazierYarmouth   Himself

Cooke John, marinerYarmouth   Himself
Cock Joseph, merchantFaith's Ntn.   D. Cullum
Downes Wm. surgeonYarmouth   Himself
Durrant Richard, sailorYarmouth   Himself

Durrant John, seamanYarmouth   Himself
Dowson Henry, carterYarmouth   Himself

Druery Cornelius, carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Draper Wm. sailorYarmouth   Himself

Delson Richard, bricklayerYarmouth   Himself

Downing Jas. cabinet-makerYarmouth   J. Folk

Downing Henry, joinerYarmouth   Himself

Davey Robert, gardenerYarmouth   Himself

Downes J. D. stationerYarmouth   Himself
Doggett Tho. cooperYarmouth   R. Bayley
Downing John, carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Darnell Thomas, pilotYarmouth   Himself

Davis George, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Dawkins John, sawyerYarmouth   Himself

Davey Daniel, carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Duckett James, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Dyball John, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Duncan Alexander, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Duckfield Tho. hat-makerYarmouth   Himself
Durrant Edward, bleecherYarmouth   Himself
Durrant Wm. watch-makerYarmouth   Mrs Mayes

Davy Wm. carpenterYarmouth   Lewis
Draper W. book-keeperYarmouth   Himself
Dunnel Edward, grocerYarmouth   Hubbard

Deacon S. G. brazierYarmouth   Himself
Davy James, tailorYarmouth   Himself
Daniels John, gent.Yarmouth   Woolsey

Durant R. B. confectionerYarmouth   Himself
Douglas J. L. shipwrightYarmouth   G. Harris
Dyball Joseph, cordwainerYarmouth   Himself
Durrant Robert, corn-meterYarmouth   Himself
Durrant Robert, bricklayerYarmouth   Himself
Davis Wm. ship-carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Dale Tho. labourerYarmouth   Himself
Dawdry John, carmanYarmouth   Himself
[Page 58]
Dye Robt. ship-caulkerYarmouth   Himself
Dye Robt. cordwainerYarmouth   Himself
Dunnell David, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Dodson George, publicanCaister   Fair
Dye Tho. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Davy Francis, horsekeeperYarmouth   Himself

Drake DanielHickling   W. Wright
Ellis ThomasYarmouth   J. Wells

Emms Samuel, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Eager John, musicianYarmouth   Himself

Errington G. rope-makerYarmouth   Himself

Eldridge W. N. gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Emmerson Wm. publicanYarmouth   Olliphant

English Isaac, maltsterYarmouth   Himself

Ellard John, hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself
Ellard John, grocerYarmouth   Himself
Ellis Robert, labourerYarmouth   Himself
Evans Robert, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Ellis Benjamin, publicanYarmouth   Himself
Elden Charles, carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Evans Wm. boatmanYarmouth   Wid. Boltz
Ebbs Thomas, bakerYarmouth   Himself
Emms David, labourerYarmouth   Himself

Eastmure Benjamin, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Ellis J. A. butcherYarmouth   Himself

Elseworthy W. mast-makerYarmouth   Himself
Fisher Wm. esq.Yarmouth   Himself
Fletcher John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Fisher James, esq.Yarmouth   Himself
French Joseph, carterYarmouth   Himself

Fiddes Thomas, currierYarmouth   Himself
Frett John, carterYarmouth   Himself

Fisher John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Forder Wm. cooperYarmouth   Himself

Fromow Samuel, bakerYarmouth   Himself
Farrow Thomas, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Flatman Wm. millwrightYarmouth   Pinching

Flaxman John, brewerYarmouth   Himself
Flaxman Wm. carterYarmouth   Himself
Fleet Daniel, cabinet-makerYarmouth   Himself

Fish John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Fleming Harris, auctioneerYarmouth   Himself

Farrow Jn. breeches-makerYarmouth   Himself

Frazier John, sadlerYarmouth   Himself

Farrow Wm. gloverYarmouth   Himself

Francis Wm. labourerYarmouth   Himself
Foster Pexall, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
[Page 59]
Fox Wm.Swafield   J. Hubbard
Forster John, clerkTunstead   Himself
Fielding Benjamin, esq.Freethorpe   R. Curl
Fryer ThomasHempnall   W. Fryer
Gillett Thos. sail-makerYarmouth   Himself

Garson George, marinerYarmouth   Garson
Gautchfield P. S. butcherYarmouth   Himself

Girdlestone Thomas, M. D.Yarmouth   Himself
Gooch Thomas, carterYarmouth   Himself

Grave Wm. sail-makerYarmouth   Himself

Goodwin Thos. cordspinnerYarmouth   Himself

Gilby John, sail-makerYarmouth   Himself
Girling Edm. hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself
Garwood Thomas, plumberYarmouth   Himself

Gyton Philip, labourerYarmouth   Himself

Gourley David, shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself

Gyton Philip, dittoYarmouth   Coleman
Green Robert, sailorYarmouth   Himself

Grapes Jonathan, sail-makerYarmouth   Himself

Garwood John, ironmongerYarmouth   W. Yaxley

Groom Wm. carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Goodwin Geo. caulkerYarmouth   Himself

Goddard G. whitesmithYarmouth   Himself
Glasspoole Hen. shopkeeperYarmouth   Himself
Gillings Dan. rope-makerYarmouth   Himself

Garwood T. F. glazierYarmouth   Himself
Grimmer John, shopkeeperYarmouth   Himself

Green Jas. watermanYarmouth   J. Banyard
Greenwood J. wheelwrightYarmouth   Himself
Gilbert Robert, marinerYarmouth   Woolsey
Green John, carpenterYarmouth   Scottow

George Samuel, sawyerYarmouth   Himself
Grimble P. ship-masterYarmouth   Gallant

Gill Wm. coachmakerYarmouth   Himself
Goftin [sic - Goffin] Matthew, carterYarmouth   Mayes

Godfrey James, turnerYarmouth   W. Patrick
Goose John, carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Goddard Oziah, rope-makerYarmouth   Himself
Glover John, carterYarmouth   Himself
Gilham Jonath. pastry-cookYarmouth   Himself
Greenwood Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Greenwood J. coach-makerYarmouth   Himself

Goose Geo. carpenterYarmouth   F. Potter

Gunton Gabriel, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Gyton Jacob, carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Gould Wm. merchantYarmouth   Himself
[Page 60]
Godfrey Stephen, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Gooch Jas. carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Goldsmith Samuel, marinerYarmouth   Himself
Gilbert JohnMoulton   W. Ward

Harrison Matt. carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Horne Joseph, marinerYarmouth   W. Howes
Hunt Nath. hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself

Hurry Thos. mechantYarmouth   J. Wright

Hurry Wm. gent.Yarmouth

Hammond R. liquor-mercht.Yarmouth   Himself

Hobbins Samuel, merchantYarmouth   Himself

Harrison Wm. shopkeeperYarmouth   Himself

Holmes Fras. shipwrightYarmouth   Himself

Howlett John, carterYarmouth   Himself

Humphrey W. boatmanYarmouth   Goodram

Hall Rich. carterYarmouth   Himself

Heasell Benjamin, seamanYarmouth   Himself

Hickling Robert, carterYarmouth   Himself

Hunt Thomas, brewerYarmouth   Himself
Holliday W. cork-cutterYarmouth

Hunt George, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Heigham John, plumberYarmouth   Himself

Halley Wm. carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Howton John, sailorYarmouth   Himself

Hooper Wm. shipwrightYarmouth   Himself

Hammond Edw. dittoYarmouth   Himself

Haggardy John, gardenerYarmouth   Himself

Hall John, cordwainerYarmouth   Himself

Hodskinson [sic] R. carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Howes Tho. jun. dittoYarmouth   Himself
Howard W. jun. bakerYarmouth   Himself
Hall John, marinerYarmouth   A. Taylor
Hammond Jas. shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself
Hinsby Tho. gent.Yarmouth   Himself

How John, rope-makerYarmouth   Himself
Harrison Gregory, surveyorYarmouth   Himself
Hodge Wm. fishermanYarmouth

Hall Stephen, rope-makerYarmouth   Himself

Hardy John, butcherYarmouth   Himself
Hurrel Wm. ship-builderYarmouth   B. King
Howlett John, carmanYarmouth   Himself

Holt Wm. merchantYarmouth   Himself
Horne Henry, ship-masterYarmouth   Martin

Howes Tho. gent.Yarmouth   Broadbank
Hubbard Daniel, marinerYarmouth   Himself
Harper Robert, jobberYarmouth   Himself

Hales Wm. marinerYarmouth   Himself
[Page 61]
Hubbard Wm. butcherYarmouth   Fiddis

Hammond Tho. millerYarmouth   Himself

Holmes Tho. cordwainerYarmouth   Himself

Howes Tho. grocerYarmouth   Himself

Holmes Tho. seamanYarmouth   Himself

Harley Richard, clerkYarmouth   Himself

Hicks James, cabinet-makerYarmouth   Himself

Holyoake Wm. stay-makerYarmouth   Himself

Horne John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Hedgeman Cor. shipwrightYarmouth   G. Smith
Hook Daniel, pilotYarmouth   Himself
Harvey Wm. pipe-makerYarmouth   Himself

Haw Daliel [sic], gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Harper Richard, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Hall Wm. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Hubbard Tho.brandy-merch.Yarmouth   Himself

Howes Robert, sailorYarmouth   S. Gilbord

Hindrey Robt. shop-keeperYarmouth   Himself
Hubbard John, bricklayerYarmouth   Smiter

Hurst Tho. gent.Yarmouth   Hurst
Hall John, sailorYarmouth   Himself
Hammond Wm. bricklayerYarmouth   Himself
Howard Wm. marinerYarmouth   Himself
Hurry E. C. merchantYarmouth   Himself

Hurry James, dittoYarmouth   Himself

Haywood James, dittoYarmouth   Butcher
Hogarth David, tailorYarmouth   Corpe

Jex John, coal-heaverYarmouth   Himself
Jay Tho. merchantYarmouth   Himself

Jackson James, shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself

Johnson Robert, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Johnson Charles, innholderYarmouth   Himself

Jay Wm. gent.Runham   Harrison

Jex James, rope-makerYarmouth   Himself
Jermyn James, corn-chandlerYarmouth   Himself
Johnson Samuel, shipwrightYarmouth   Himself
Jenkins Tho. sailorYarmouth   Himself
Jay Samuel, ship-ownerYarmouth   Himself

Johnson John, fishermanYarmouth   Himself

Jackson Tho. cordwainerYarmouth   Himself
Johnson James, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Kett Tho. rope-makerYarmouth   Himself

Knowles Henry, carterYarmouth   Himself

Kemp Richard, gardenerYarmouth   Shuckford

Knowles Richard, sawyerYarmouth   Himself

Knights Wm. butcherYarmouth   Himself

Kemp Tho. millerYarmouth   Brown

[Page 62]
King Tho. bakerYarmouth   Wid. Cork
Keymer Matthew, painterYarmouth   Himself
Kemp Rich. cabinet-makerYarmouth   Himself

King Samuel, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Key John, publicanYarmouth   Brooks
Kirkman Wm. shipwrightYarmouth   Himself
King Henry, bakerYarmouth   Himself

Kent Meadow, carterYarmouth   Himself
King Joseph, bakerYarmouth   Himself

Kerrison W. bricklayerYarmouth   Himself

Kerr John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Larrance Tho. surgeonYarmouth   Himself
Lane Thos. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Lamb Wm. dittoYarmouth   Himself

London John, wheelwrightYarmouth   Himself

Lovewell Jas. shipbuilderYarmouth   Himself

Lane Benj, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Lawes James, book-keeperYarmouth   Himself
Larke James, carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Larter John, joinerYarmouth   Himself
Lamb Robert, carpenterYarmouth   Rich. Lamb

Libbis Wm. brokerYarmouth   Himself
Lincoln Henry, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Longsdale Richard, glazierYarmouth   Mrs. Smith

Larter Samuel, sawyerYarmouth   Himself
Lamb James, watch-makerYarmouth   Himself

Looes Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Larlham Wm. coach-makerYarmouth   Himself
Lamb Jere. publicanYarmouth   Woodcock
Lowne Benj. confectionerYarmouth   Himself
Last Wm. sadlerYarmouth   Himself

Lewis Samuel, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Lee Robert, doYarmouth   Himself

Lewis Nath. cordwainerYarmouth   Slapp

Lenny Robert, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Lock Henry, gardenerYarmouth   Himself
Lewis Thos. patten-makerYarmouth   Himself
Leggett Thos. gent.Yarmouth   Vincent

Lowrie Robert, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Lacon Sir EdmundYarmouth   Himself
Lowe Henry, bricklayerRunham   Knights
Lettis Thomas, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Lenny Isaac, publicanYarmouth   Stagg
Lacon John, bankerHindolves(ton).   W. Rising
Lucas George, clerkCatfield   Himself
Lucas Gibson, clerkE(ast). Ruston   R. Weeds
Martins Jas. cordwainerYarmouth   Himself

[Page 63]
Morling Daniel, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Mitchell Page, carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Morley James, carterYarmouth   C. George

Metcalf Joseph, seamanYarmouth   Himself

Moon Wm. caninet-makerYarmouth   Himself

Morley Joseph, carmanYarmouth   Himself

Moneyment Joseph, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Mayes Wm. grocerYarmouth   Mrs Mayes

Miller Richard, clerkYarmouth   H. Foster
Mallett James, sawyerYarmouth   Himself
Moore Joseph, gloverYarmouth   Hazell

Miller John, basket-makerYarmouth   Himself
Martin James, builderYarmouth   Himself

Morgan Wm. ElyYarmouth   Himself
Matthews John, butcherYarmouth   Himself

Mickleburgh Robt. glazierYarmouth   Himself

Mouse Philip, carpenterYarmouth   Himself

Meadows Adam, marinerYarmouth   Himself
May John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Manners Wm. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Meek Robert, millwrightYarmouth   Himself
Moore Samuel, whitesmithYarmouth   Himself
Marshall John, carterYarmouth   Himself
Moxon John, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Munday Wm. dittoYarmouth   Himself
Martin Thomas, carterYarmouth   T. Norton

Mitchell Robert, maltsterYarmouth   J. Walker
Marjoram Wm. bakerYarmouth   Himself
Meek John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Marshall John, bricklayerYarmouth   Himself

Miller Richard, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Moore Thomas, shoemakerYarmouth   Himself

Miller Thomas, dittoYarmouth   J. Smith

Muffitt James, marinerYarmouth   Himself
Mann Thomas, coal-meterYarmouth   Himself

Mason Samuel, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

May Moses, dittoYarmouth   Himself

Norton James, brewerYarmouth   R. Laney

Nolloth Joseph, cordwainerYarmouth   Himself

Newby Ralph, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Newton George, shipwrightYarmouth   Himself

Nightingale Sam. labourerYarmouth   Himself
Nolloth Samuel, sawyerYarmouth   Himself
Nichols John, sailorYarmouth   Himself
Nichols James, shipwrightYarmouth   Himself

Neale Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Mrs Neale

Neale John, brewerYarmouth   Himself
[Page 64]
Nailor Thomas, sailorYarmouth   Mrs Shallet

Norton Thomas, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Norton John, mast-makerYarmouth   Himself
Norfor Wm. rope-makerYarmouth   Himself

Nolloth Vincent, shoemakerYarmouth   Himself

Norfor Robert, labourerYarmouth   Himself
Nightingale R. pastry cookYarmouth   Himself
Nolbrow Matthew, bakerYarmouth   Himself

Nash Abraham, grocerYarmouth   Himself
Neuwell [sic - Newell] Thomas, caulkerYarmouth   T. Rudd
Nichols Thomas, seamanYarmouth   Himself
Oliver Richard, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Olley John, shopkeeperYarmouth   Himself
Ottey John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Oliver Joseph, labourerYarmouth   Himself
Oakes John, chandlerYarmouth   Griffith

Pickers Thomas, sail-makerYarmouth   J. Staff
Peck Wales, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Prior Francis, carterYarmouth   W. Mills

Pastell Joseph, dittoYarmouth   Smith

Palgrave Wm. jun. merchantYarmouth   Allison

Palmer John, dittoYarmouth   Himself

Palmer Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Cheapers &c.

Proctor Richard, glazierYarmouth   Himself

Preston Isaac, jun. merchantYarmouth   Himself
Preston Edmund, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Philips Charles, smithYarmouth   R. Gaze
Preston John, carpenterYarmouth   M. Moll
Parker Thomas, sawyerYarmouth   Himself

Plummer John, carpenterYarmouth   Mrs. Gowen

Paston Wm. watermanYarmouth   Himself
Palmer W. D. jun. merchantYarmouth   Himself
Palmer Samuel, dittoYarmouth   Himself

Pigg Joseph, dittoYarmouth   Himself
Page John, carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Preston Isaac, shipwrightYarmouth   Woodcock
Peak Thomas, wine-cooperYarmouth   Himself
Patteson James, hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself

Pearson Edward, millerYarmouth   Himself
Parker Thomas, bakerYarmouth   Himself
Palmer W. jun. merchantYarmouth   Himself

Parker Alexander, seamanYarmouth   Himself

Purdy Wm. caulkerYarmouth   Himself
Page John, hostlerYarmouth   Himself
Platt Francis, bakerYarmouth   Himself
Paget Samuel, jun. gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Palmer Wm. dittoYarmouth   Himself

[Page 65]
Pitt James, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Plowman Robert, dittoYarmouth   Himself

Pleasants Wm. butcherYarmouth   Himself

Pidgeon George, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Pickers John, rope-makerYarmouth   T. Banks

Page Charles, labourerYarmouth   Himself
Playford John, carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Page Robert, bricklayerYarmouth   Himself
Prick John, gent.Yarmouth   Cutler

Pead John, bakerYarmouth   Himself
Palmer W. D. gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Palmer Thomas, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Pikeling John, hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself

Penny John, pilotYarmouth   Himself

Pycroft Timothy, carpenterYarmouth   Mabson
Pratt Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Preston Daniel, shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself

Payne Peter, publicanYarmouth   Himself
Pycraft Wm. labourerFilby   Bessy
Quinton John, butcherditto [sic - Yarmouth? *]   Himself

Quincey [Quincy] Wm. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Ruxby [sic - Ruxley] Tho. cooperYarmouth   Himself

Rudd John, gent.Yarmouth   H. Matler
Robinson Samuel, grocerYarmouth   J. Crisp

Rush Abraham, sailorYarmouth   Gooday
Riches Wm. smithYarmouth   Himself

Rudd John, turnerYarmouth   Himself
Rodwell Robert, sailorYarmouth   Himself
Rix Tho. tailorYarmouth   Himself

Rolfe John, carmanYarmouth   Warrant

Reeve Wm. whitesmithYarmouth   Himself
Robinson Robt. jun. tailorYarmouth   Himself
Reynolds F. R. gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Riddlesdale Robt. merchantYarmouth   Blunderfield
Rolfe Charles, maltsterYarmouth   Himself
Robinson James, seamanYarmouth   Himself
Rudd Peter, lath-riverYarmouth   Himself

Reynolds Robert, gent.Yarmouth   Bowers

Rising Wm. cordwainerYarmouth   Himself
Richmond Wm. dittoYarmouth   Himself

Roe Wm. tailorYarmouth   Himself
Reynolds Noah, publicanYarmouth   Himself

Runafer Nicholas, seamanYarmouth   Weldon
Randall Wm. labourerYarmouth   Himself

Ridge Tho. surgeonYarmouth   Himself

Read Robert, butcherYarmouth   Himself
[Page 66]
Riches Tho. shoemakerYarmouth   Himself
Raven Henry, vintnerWymondh(am).   J. Foulsham
Stratton Robt. gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Stacey Philip, sail-makerYarmouth   Himself

Steel Wm. haberdasherYarmouth   Himself

Smith Simon, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Steward Timothy, merchantYarmouth   Himself

Seago Wm. hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself

Spence Matthew, innkeeperYarmouth   J. Lacey

Spilman John, rope-makerYarmouth   Himself

Simpson Wm. cordwainerYarmouth   Himself

Smith Wm. marinerYarmouth   Himself

Smith Wm. surgeonYarmouth   Himself
Scotto John, carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Smallpage Wm. shipwrightYarmouth   Himself

Sherrington Sam. smithYarmouth   Himself

Stone Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Sutton Tho. land-surveyorYarmouth   Himself

Simons Jonathan, gent.Yarmouth   Miss Hooke
Smith Robert, cooperYarmouth   Himself

Smith Jonathan, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Symonds Edwards, carpenterYarmouth   Gostling

Smith John, coach-makerYarmouth   Himself
Smith John, school-masterYarmouth   Himself

Shepherd Wm. carmanYarmouth   Himself
Savage Samuel, cordwainerYarmouth   Himself

Starling joseph, hatterYarmouth   Himself
Smith Robt. blacksmithYarmouth   Firmin, &c.

Smith John, cordwainerYarmouth   Himself

Shreeve Frs. husbandmanYarmouth   Himself

Scott Gould, watermanYarmouth   Himself

Swanton James, painterYarmouth   Himself

Stagg John, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Stevenson Sam. twine-spinnerYarmouth   Himself

Simpson L. carpenterYarmouth   Tompson
Storey James, ship-riggerYarmouth   Himself

Sloman Charles, bakerYarmouth   Himself
Searum Robert, pulley-makerYarmouth   Himself
Silvers John, carpenterYarmouth   Mrs. Silvers

Sewell Wm. grocerYarmouth   Himself

Seaman John, gent.Yarmouth   Wells
Storey John, cooperYarmouth   Himself
Symonds Nath. glazierYarmouth   Himself

Scott Charles, marinerYarmouth   Philpothall
Seaman Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Hart

Shreeve Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Daniels
[Page 67]
Smyth John, labourerYarmouth   Himself

Shreeve W. sawyerYarmouth   Himself

Sims Tho. dittoYarmouth   Himself
Simonds Robert, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Sayers James, gent.Yarmouth   Riddlesdale

Sharpe Joseph, gent.Yarmouth   L. Burrell

Stolworthy David, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Smith Wm. salesmanYarmouth   Himself

Sewell John, silversmithYarmouth   Himself

Smeaton John, patten-makerYarmouth   Himself

Simpson Rich. watch-makerYarmouth   Himself

Symonds John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Starlee [sic] Nicholas, hair-dresserYarmouth   Himself
Sloman J. jun. rope-makerYarmouth   Himself
Steward Wm. gent.Yarmouth   M. Steward

Soans Wm. rope-makerYarmouth   Himself
Symonds Henry, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Swaine Joseph, shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself
Smith Wm. gent.Yarmouth   J. Browne
Skeyles Tho. glazierYarmouth   Himself
Smith Samuel, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Smith Thomas, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Sexton Wm, game-keeperYarmouth   Himself

Sunstead Daniel, grocerYarmouth   Himself

Stanford Joseph, glazierYarmouth   Himself

Scotter Wm. bakerYarmouth   Himself
Short John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Shelley John, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Spanton Christopher, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Smith R. C. bricklayerYarmouth   Bussey
Swan james, cooperYarmouth   Himself
Steward JohnYarmouth

Shrimpling John, carpenterormesby   I. Smith
Smith George, carterYarmouth   Barber
Scriven Geo. glazierYarmouth   Himself
Scott James, ship-masterYarmouth   Himself
Swift Richard, clock-makerColtishall   J. Wells
Tooley Wm. carterYarmouth   T. Dye

Todd James, gent.Yarmouth   -- Dye

Thornton Thomas, publicanHemsby   T. Thornton

Thirkittle R. B. bakerYarmouth   Himself

Tooley Edm. bricklayerYarmouth   D. Newton

Tennant Robert, sawyerYarmouth   Himself

Turner Rev. Rich. B. D.Yarmouth   Mrs. Cooper
Townshend Robt. joinerYarmouth   Himself
Toll Henry, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Turner John, carpenterYarmouth   J. Key
[Page 68]
Tolver Samuel, attorneyYarmouth   Child
Turner John, sailorYarmouth   Himself
Tyler Wm. merchantYarmouth   Himself
Taylor John, shipwrightYarmouth   Himself

Tolme David, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Tompson John, gent.Yarmouth   Smith
Towers Richard, bricklayerYarmouth   Himself

Tomlinson John, chinamanYarmouth   Himself
Tolver Edm. gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Tolver Samuel, esq.Yarmouth   W. Benson
Taylor John, watermanYarmouth   Himself

Thurrill Thomas, marinerYarmouth   Himself
Vincent Henry, labourerYarmouth   Himself
Varley John, cordwainerYarmouth   -- Balls
Vacey John, maltsterYarmouth   Himself
Vetan Wm. marinerYarmouth   Himself
Utting Samuel, upholderYarmouth   Himself

Vale Henry, bakerYarmouth   Himself
Wigg HenryLoddon   John Wigg
Wormoll I. S.Saxlingham N(ethergate).   J. Redgrave

West Nath. gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Watts W. bakerYarmouth   Himself

Ward Philip, tailorYarmouth   Himself

Watson B. sail-makerYarmouth   Himself
Wright Thos. cordwainerYarmouth   Himself
Webster John, servantYarmouth   Himself
Wells Robert, carterYarmouth   Himself

Williams Mich. marinerYarmouth   Himself
Wooden Jacob, carterYarmouth   Himself

Watson Thos. pier masterYarmouth   Himself
Wiseman Edm. agentYarmouth   Himself

Webb Thomas, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Watson John, esq.Yarmouth   Himself
Woolverton Robert, painterYarmouth   J. Ashley
Woolverton Mich. cooperYarmouth   Clark
Woodward Sam. bricklayerYarmouth   Himself

Warren John, carpenterYarmouth   Himself
Warrant Wm. shoe-makerYarmouth   Himself

Wilson Wm. musicianYarmouth   Himself

Willis John, labourerYarmouth   Himself
Wallbank Richard, seamanYarmouth   Himself
Wooden Fras. shipwrightYarmouth   Himself

Ward John, hawkerYarmouth   Himself

Williams I. H. merchantYarmouth   Himself
Walbeck Robert, seamanYarmouth   Derry
Waters John, publicanYarmouth   Himself
[Page 69]
Watts John, labourerYarmouth   Himself
Watts John, doYarmouth   Himself
Woodhouse Brown, gardener
[sic - Brown Woodhouse, gardener]
Yarmouth   Himself
Wade Wm. gent.Yarmouth   Taylor
Welch Wm. tailorYarmouth   Himself

Woolston Joseph, doYarmouth   Himself

Woolsey Thos. seamanYarmouth   Himself

Wootton M. M. mast-makerYarmouth   Himself

Wilkinson John, bricklayerYarmouth   Himself

Woodward Robert, publicanYarmouth   Himself

Wheeler John, pilotYarmouth   Himself

Wells Wm. labourerYarmouth   John Wilson
Winnett John, bricklayerYarmouth   T. Flaxman
Williams Robert, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Wells John, shoe-makerYarmouth   Jarmey

Wigg Lilly, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Wall Thomas, gent.Thrigby   T. Browne
Woolmer Robert, gent.Yarmouth   Himself
Wilson George, marinerYarmouth   Himself

Walford Rev. Wm.Yarmouth   Smith

Yates Andrew, gent.Yarmouth   Himself

Youngs John, chaise-driverYarmouth   Himself

Yallop Jas. sawyerYarmouth   Himself

Youell [sic - Yewell] Wm. jun. merchantYarmouth   Himself
Youngman Tho. ship-builderYarmouth   Campbell

[Totals] 372408401



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