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Poll for Diss Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Diss Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

-   [see also Langmere]
Roydon [near Diss]
Thelveton [or Thelton]
Thorpe Parva
Tivetshall St. Margaret
Tivetshall St. Mary

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Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 24]
Bate GeorgeBrissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

Bryant EdmundBrissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

Clamp ThomasBrissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

Dove JohnBrissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

Kent JohnBrissingham (Bressingham)   Thomas Smith

Knoble ThomasBrissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

Middleton JohnBrissingham (Bressingham)   W. Middleton

Martin RobertBrissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

Robertson ThomasRoydon   Himself

Rix Wm.Brissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

Read JohnBrissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

[Page 25]
Wade HenryBrissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

Whitebread Robt.Brissingham (Bressingham)   Himself

[Totals] 11123
Bullock FrancisBurston   Himself

Dixon Wm.Burston   Himself
Ellis Wm.Burston   Robt. Self

Horne JohnBurston   Himself

Last Wm.Burston   R. Burcham

[Totals] 550
Abbot JohnDickleburgh   Himself

Bacon JohnDickleburgh   Himself
Dye JohnDickleburgh   Himself
Drane Wm.Scole   Himself

Dover JosephDickleburgh   Himself

Flowerdew JosephDickleburgh   Himself

Gilbank Thos. clerkDickleburgh   Himself
Gissing StephenDickleburgh   Himself

Goddard JohnDickleburgh   Himself

Harrison Henry, clk.Shimpling

Jennings SamuelN(orth). Lopham   Ruddock
Laydon ThomasDickleburgh   Himself

Mickleborough JohnDickleburgh   Himself
Page JohnDickleburgh   Himself

Smith Wm.Burston   Sam. Dixon
Vice NicholasDickleburgh   Himself

Walton SamuelShimpling   J. Brundall

Wingfield PhilipDickleburgh   Himself
[Totals] 10117
Browne HenryDiss   Himself

Burrows CharlesDiss   Himself

Bray ThomasDiss   Himself

Bray JamesDiss   Himself

Cullum Wm.Diss   W. Rudd

Corbin Jos.Diss   Himself

Drake EdmundDiss   Himself

Dixon JohnDiss   Himself

Darby JohnDiss   Himself

Dyson ThomasDiss   Himself

Eaton GeorgeRoydon   Mark Noble

Eglinton JohnDiss   Himself

Ellis Wm.Diss   Himself

Ellis HenryDiss   Himself

Ellis RichardDiss   Himself

Ellis ThomasDiss   Himself

[Page 26]
Ellis RobertShelfanger   Himself

Fulcher ThomasDiss   Jas. Fulcher

Fulcher Thos. jun.Rushall   Jas. Leist

Farrow ThomasDiss   Himself

Foulger SamuelDiss   Himself

Filby EdmundDiss   Himself

Fincham Z.Diss   Himself

Griggs RobertDiss   Himself

Gobbett JamesDiss   Himself

Hubbard RobertDiss   Himself

Harrison Wm.Gissing   J. Spalding

Harrison PhilipDiss   T. Webster
Jeffess JohnDiss   Himself

Kent JohnCarleton   J. Woodrow

Kerry Jos.Diss   R. Plummer

Kerry corneliusDiss   Himself

King JamesDiss   Himself

Lingwood GeorgeDiss   Himself

Last TimothyDiss   Himself

Layman RobertDiss   Himself
Lock HenryDiss   J. Leathes
Moore JamesCarleton   S. Cooper

Moore SamuelDiss   Himself

Manning Wm.Diss   Himself

Middleton Wm. clk.Aldeby   J. Minns

Newby JohnDiss   John Bishop

Newson Wm.Diss   W. Thurlow

Nobbs JohnDiss   Himself
Poole JohnDiss   Himself

Rich JohnDiss   Himself

Simpson W. W.Diss   Rev. Mr. Ward

Spurdens RichardDiss   John Bond

Scrivener JohnDiss   Himself

Sharman JohnDiss   Himself

Spurdens RobertDiss   Himself

Smith Ham(mond).Frenshall (Manor at Frenze)   Himself

Sands ThomasDiss   Himself

Spurdens SampsonDiss   Himself

Scott Nath. clerkDiss   Himself
Stoughton RobertWymondham   S. Paston
Thurlow Wm.Diss   Himself

Taylor MeadowsDiss   Himself

Wiseman JohnDiss   Himself

Waller JohnDiss   Himself

Womack GeorgeDiss   Himself

Whaite John, jun.Diss   Frewer

Whaite John, sen.Diss   Burrows

Wiles IsaacDiss   Himself

[Page 27]
Warne ThomasRoydon   Himself

Wiseman Benj.Diss   Himself

Wiseman Edw.Diss   Himself

Woodward T. I. esq.Earsham   T. Dady

[Totals] 58639
Bradstreet Wm.S(outh). Lopham   Wid. Purse

Carlton JamesFersfield   Himself

Carter Samuel, clerkTaverham   Himself
Garrett [sic-Carret] ---Fersfield   Himself

Smith ThomasFersfield   Himself

[Totals] 342
[Page 44]
Boulter FrancisGissing   Himself

Bond ThomasGissing   Himself

Clarke E. O.Gissing   Himself

Carlton Wm.S(outh). Lopham   T. Carlton

Hunt JohnGissing   Himself

Lincoln Jas.Aslacton   B. Boulton

Merler [sic-Marler] Benj.Gissing   G. Garrard

Spurdens Wm.Gissing   Himself

Scales RobertGissing   Himself

[Totals] 990
Annis JohnRoydon   Himself
Belward Rich. D. D.Roydon   W. Plant
Elliot Wm.Roydon   Himself
Ewen John, clerkBacton   Himself
Frere John, esq.Roydon   Himself
Hinchley JohnRoydon   Himself

Hitchen Wm.Diss   John Dixon
Licence ThomasRoydon   Himself

Marlinger [sic-Malliger] ThomasRoydon   Himself

Newson SamuelRoydon   R. Newson
[Totals] 337
Collett PhilipScole   Himself

Davy JohnScole   Himself

Eaton Wm.Shelfanger   W. Cobb

Gooderham JamesScole   Himself

Mines ThomasScole   Himself
Rodwell JohnScole   Himself

Smith GeorgeFrenze   Himself
Tye CharlesBrissingham (Bressingham)   Himself
[Totals] 553
Bobby JohnShelfanger   Himself

Dodd CharlesShelfanger   Himself

[Page 28]
Ellis HenryCarleton Rode   W. Knott
Hubbard RobertShelfanger   Himself

Self JohnShelfanger   Himself

Wallis SethShelfanger   Sarah Wallis

Wiseman DavidShelfanger   Himself

[Totals] 661
Cooper JamesShimpling   Himself
Calver HenryDiss   Himself

Ellis SamuelTivetshall   W. Andrews
Francis JohnBurston   Himself

Pearl R. (Siclesmere)Shimpling   Bartram

[Totals] 341
[Page 46]
Tivetshall .
Bowen Wm.Tivetshall   Himself

Bell Benj.Tivetshall   Himself

Coleby CaliphTivetshall   Himself

Gardiner RichardTivetshall   J. Bartram

George Wm.Banham   W. Heartland
Gowing ThomasTivetshall   Himself
Hern FrancisTivetshall   Himself

Holmes JohnTivetshall   Himself

Laws Edw.Tivetshall   Himself
Meadows RobertTivetshall   Himself

Martin RobertTivetshall   Himself

Shipley RichardDiss   Himself

Snelling JosephTivetshall   Himself

Snelling Joseph, sen.Tivetshall   Himself

Spink JamesTivetshall   Himself

Youngman JohnTivetshall   Himself

[Totals] 11135
Clarke ThomasDiss   S. Philips

Havers Thos. esq.Thelveton   Himself

Musket JohnTasburgh   Geo. Hart

Ward JohnBlo Norton   Himself
[Totals] 331
Algar ThomasBanham   J. Corbould

Algar Robert, jun.East Harling   J. Roper
Baker HenryWinfarthing   Himself
Coppin Wm.Winfarthing   Himself

Dogget DanielTibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself

Filby Edw.Winfarthing   Himself

Johnson C.Winfarthing   Himself

Pilgrim Thos.Winfarthing   Wid. Jolly

Woods Robt.Winfarthing   Himself

Wragg ThomasWinfarthing   Himself

[Totals] 8100



Places with no voters

The following places :-
    Frenze (but see Smith entry under Diss) and Thorpe Parva
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Diss Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Earsham Hundred.

See also the main Voting page and the main 1802 Poll Book page.

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