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Poll for Depwade Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Depwade Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Carleton Rode
Forncett St. Mary
and Forncett St. Peter
Moulton All Saints and
  Moulton St Michael
Stratton St. Mary
Stratton St. Michael

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 19]
Browne Chas.Ashwelthorpe (Ashwellthorpe)   Himself

Barker RobertAshwelthorpe (Ashwellthorpe)   Himself

Collman [sic] Wm.Ashwelthorpe (Ashwellthorpe)   Himself

Gooch JohnAshwelthorpe (Ashwellthorpe)   Parker
Harvey Tho. sen.Fundenhall   J. Harvey
Huggins Wm.Ashwelthorpe (Ashwellthorpe)   Himself
[Totals] 234
Allden [sic-Alldan] JohnAslacton   Himself
Arnold RogerAslacton   Himself
Algar Wm.East Harling   Annuity
Blake Tho.Bunwell   J. Atkins
Boulton BenjaminMoulton   Jas. Balls

Curtis JeoffreyAslacton   Himself
Milligan JohnAslacton   Himself

Mere DanielMoulton   R. Mere
Utting RichardAslacton   Himself
Woodcraft JohnAslacton   Himself
[Totals] 129
Aburn FrancisBunwell   Himself
Ayton Robt.Bunwell   Himself
Austin IsaacBunwell   Himself
Austin ThomasBunwell   Himself
Barnard Robt.Bunwell   Himself
[Page 20]
Barker Geo.Bunwell   Himself
Bale Edm.Wicklewood   Jas. Cann
Corman Jere.Bunwell   Himself & ano.
Longe Wm.Bunwell   Himself

Ludkin HenryBunwell   Himself
Longe JamesBunwell   Himself

Parson Wm.Bunwell   W. Tharston
Tite JohnBunwell   Himself
Youngman Rd.Bunwell   Betts & anoth(er)

[Totals] 1313
Carleton Rode
Adcock Tho.Carleton Rode   Himself
Barnes Wm.Carleton Rode   Himself

Barnard Benj.Carleton Rode   Himself
Briggs ElishaCarleton Rode   Himself

Browne Wm.Carleton Rode   Himself
Burton JohnBunwell   Himself
Barnard JohnCarleton Rode   Himself
Browne Zach.Carleton Rode   Himself

Cornell J. sen.Carleton Rode   Himself
Cornell J. jun.Carleton Rode   J.Muskett
Edwards JohnBanham   W. Spurland
Fisher Sam.Carleton Rode   Himself

Glover Jas.Carleton Rode   Himself
Haystead JohnCarleton Rode   Himself
Hardy RobertCarleton Rode   Himself
Holl EdwardN(ew). Buckenham   Himself
Lewell Tho.Carleton Rode   Himself
Longe JohnBunwell   Jas. Longe
Palmer Robt.Carleton Rode   Himself
Page Thos.Carleton Rode   Dowd
Palmer Edw.Carleton Rode   Himself
Royal Robt.Carleton Rode   Himself
Self JohnBunwell   Himself
Tawdry Wm.Bunwell   N. Catchpole
[Totals] 3520
Forncett .
Blomfield Wm.Forncett   Himself

Betts Edw.Forncett   Himself
Bilham Tho.Forncett   Himself
Brock LeonardForncett   Himself
Colman Jere.Forncett   Himself
Cookson Wm. clerkForncett   Himself
Doe JamesForncett   Himself
Doe JamesForncett   J. Kettle
Hardy IsaacForncett St. Pet(er).   Himself
Moore JohnTacolneston   Himself
Osborne FrancisForncett   Himself

[Page 21]
Parke Tho.Forncett St. Pet(er).   Himself

Stackard Tho.Forncett   J. Pegg
Spicer JohnForncett   Himself
Sewell RobertForncett   B. Buxton

Sewell RobertAslacton   D. Brooks
Spink JamesForncett   Himself
Smith JohnForncett   Himself
Walker Wm.Hapton   I. Brightley

West Robt.Bunwell   W. Groom
Websdale Chas.Forncett   Himself
[Totals] 3518
Feltham JamesHardwick   --- Booty
Fulcher James    ditto   Himself

Jermyn Benj.    ditto   Himself
Knights Daniel    ditto   Himself
Pettingall JohnToft Monks   E. Barber

Richards Robt.Fritton   Himself
Rivett JohnHaddiscoe   J. Kemp
Websdale Wm.Fritton   T. Bowen
[Totals] 266
Howard JohnFundenhall   Full(er). Waller
Howard John, clerkMorley St. Bot(olph).   Himself
Tanner Jona.Forncett St. Pet(er).   J. Ringer
Waller FullerAshwellthorpe   C. Browne
Watts Cha.Fundenhall   Himself
[Totals] 005
Hart CharlesTasburgh   H. High

Howman Robert    ditto   Himself

Parsley Robert    ditto   Himself

Walker Jn.    ditto   Himself

[Totals] 440
Branch JamesStarston   J. Branch
Copping Edw.Hardwick   Himself

Page JohnHardwick & Star(ston).   Himself
Scales Dan.Hardwick   Himself
Scales Jere.Hardwick   Himself
Vipond JohnHardwick   Himself
Wilby RichardHardwick   Himself
[Totals] 017
Adcock JamesHempnall   Jas. Carver

Becket RobertHempnall   Himself
Baker Wm.Hempnall   Himself
Bensley Tho.Hempnall   Himself
[Page 22]
Bunn Wm.Hempnall   Himself
Barnard Chas.Wymondham   Paine, &c.

Cockerill Wm.Hempnall   John Adams
D'Oyley HenryHempnall   Himself
Flint JohnHempnall   Himself
Flint Robt.Hempnall   Himself

Frusher JohnHempnall   John Key

Goose Wm.Hempnall   Himself
Jenner Jas.Fritton   J. Jenner, jun.
Johnson Jona.Hempnall   Himself
Juby EdmundHempnall   Himself
King Wm.Hempnall   Himself
Nash JohnHempnall   Himself
Palmer JamesHempnall   Himself
Pitts JamesHempnall   Himself
Read JohnHempnall   Himself
Roberts ThomasHempnall   Himself
Richards JamesHempnall   Himself
Scarnell LawsonHempnall   Himself

Sporle RichardHempnall   Himself
Sporle JohnHempnall   E. Baldwin
Stone Wm.Hempnall   Himself

Sporle RobertHempnall   Himself
Thrower RobertHempnall   Himself
Thurston MatthewWrenningham (wreningham)   James Cross
Warmoll CharlesHempnall   Himself

Wyard Wm.Rockland S(t). A(ndrew).   Himself

[Totals] 2829
Betts EdwardMoulton   Himself

Buxton BenjaminMoulton   Himself
Hall JohnAslacton   Jas. Cushing

Miller JonasMoulton   Himself
Miller JohnMoulton   Himself
Smith ChristopherMoulton   Himself
Scott Wm.Moulton   Himself
[Totals] 225
Aldred JamesAlburgh   W. Denny
Fryer ThomasStratton   Himself
Goldsworth SalemMourningthorpe (Morningthorpe)   Himself

Howes Tho. clerkFritton   M. Moore
Smith JohnCarleton   R. Banham

[Totals] 124
Drake Thomas, clk.Hackford   Himself
Ward JohnShelton   Himself
[Totals] 011
[Page 23]
Aldis JamesStratton   Himself

Barnes Elisha, sen.Stratton   Himself

Barnes Elisha, jun.Stratton   Himself

Basingwhaite JamesStratton St. M(ichael).   Himself
Barnes Archer    ditto   Himself

Bloy Francis    ditto   Himself

Bensley Wm.Stratton   Himself
Burgess RobertStratton   Himself

Burroughes E. clerkStratton   Himself
Cockerell PhilemonStratton   Himself
D'Oyley Wm. clerkStratton   Himself

Fryer JohnStratton   Himself
Hardy Wm.Forncett   Cross
Hudson RichardStratton St. M(ichael).   Himself
Howes John    ditto   Himself
Hudson Thomas    ditto   Himself
Hearn James    ditto   Himself
Long JamesHardwick   J. Everett
Long HenryDeepham (Deopham)   late Goldspring
Metcalf DavidStratton St. M(ichael).   Himself
Parkerson I. C.Stratton   Himself

Swan ThomasSaxlingham N(ethergate).   I. Chittock
Swan JohnSaxlingham T(horpe).   E. Hammond
Utting JohnAslacton   R. Utting
Walford W. clerkStratton   Himself
Walne JohnPulham   J. Sayer
[Totals] 2824
Broadbank ThomasTasburgh   Himself

Buck HenryTasburgh   Himself

Browne RobertTasburgh   Himself
Carver Charles, clerkTopcroft   J. Richards

Goward MatthewTasburgh   Himself
Hart Geo.Tasburgh   Mary Browne
Seaman Wm.Starston   R. Bristow

[Totals] 245
Arnold JohnBunwell   Isaac Austin
Blomfield JamesTacolnestone   Wick & ano.
Browne ArcherTacolnestone   Himself

Browne JohnForncett   H. Nichols
Howes JamesFundenhall   H. Cooper

Minns JamesTacolneston   Himself
Warren John, clerkTacolneston   Himself
[Totals] 126
Browne RobertTharston   Himself
Goodwin Wm.Forncett   T. Mayes
[Page 24]
Hart ThomasTharston   T. Hart, jun.
Mayer RobertTharston   Himself

Parsley Jos.Tharston   Himself

Stannard Benj.Wacton   R. Carmel
Thurston RobertTharston   Himself

Thurston RobertFramingham P(igot).   W. Trower

Wicks RobertTharston   Himself

[Totals] 455
Blake PhilipTibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself
Beverley MichaelTibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself
Betts JohnTibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself

Chasteney ThomasForncett   Himself
Everett GeorgeCarleton Rode   I. Shepperson
Francis RobertTibbenham (Tibenham)   Fuller & ano.
Feltham ThomasTibbenham (Tibenham)   Self & another
Goodrum Wm.Tibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself

Hart JohnTibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself
Lacey RichardTibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself
Limmer JamesCarleton   Tubby & oths.
Leister GeorgeGissing   Jas. Crowe

Rose Wm.Tibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself

Riches JohnTibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself
Snelling JohnTibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself
Stubbing SamuelTibbenham (Tibenham)   Himself

Turner Jos.Forncett St. Pet(er).   J. Cullum
[Totals] 2614
Clarke JohnWacton   Himself

[Totals] 011



Depwade Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Diss Hundred.

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