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Poll for Clavering Hundred 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Clavering Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Bergh Apton
Burgh St. Peter
Gillingham St. Mary
Gillingham All Saints
  (Gillingham St. Mary
    and All Saints)
  (Haddiscoe & Thorpe)
Kirby Cane
Norton Subcourse
  (Norton Subcorse)
Thorpe next Haddiscoe
  (Haddiscoe & Thorpe)
Toft Monks
Wheatacre All Saints
  [or Wheatacre Burgh]
  (Whetacre All Saints)

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence. Place of Freehold. Occupiers A. C. W.
[Page 15]
Beckett JamesAldeby   Himself
Bowler RobertAldeby   Himself
Burrows PeterAldeby   Himself
Brisker IsaacAldeby   Himself
Chalker JamesAldeby   Himself
Carr JohnAldeby   Himself
Fairweather JohnAldeby   Himself
Huke Wm.Aldeby   Himself
Minister JamesAldeby   Himself
Needham johnAldeby   Himself
Rising JohnToft Monks   Wm. Fuller
Roper Richard    ditto   P. Vincent
Utting Thomas    ditto [sic-Aldeby]   B. Boult?
Utten Philip    ditto [sic-Aldeby]   Himself
Wragg JohnWhetacre Burgh
(Wheatacre All Saints)
[Totals] 0015
Bergh Apton
Kiddington SamuelBergh Apton   Himself

Middleton R.Bergh Apton   J. Dowe
Mayes JamesBergh Apton   Himself

Rushmere CharlesBergh Apton   Mrs. Denny
Smith Wm.Bergh Apton   Himself

[Page 16]
Utting Wm.Moulton   J. Drane
Walker Nevel, clerkBergh Apton   Himself
Woor RobertBergh Apton   Himself
[Totals] 344
Bailey RobertSurlingham   J. Mollett
Butcher RobertBrooke   Himself
Castell Wm. clerkBrooke   Himself
Clarke RobertBrooke   Himself
Copping SamuelHempnall   J. Goddard

Friar RichardBrooke   Himself

Newhouse RobertBrooke   J. Tiddenham
Norton SamuelStratton   J. Edge
Utting CharlesSeething   J. Utting
[Totals] 128
Burgh St. Peter
Bone Wm.Burgh St. Peter   Himself
Chettleburgh ThomasWhetacre (Wheatacre All Saints)   Himself

Disney RobertBurgh St. Peter   J. Larkman
Jones JohnBurgh St. Peter   Himself
Smith Wm.Burgh St. Peter   Himself
[Totals] 015
Fisk AnthonyEllingham   Himself

Hall Roger, clerkEllingham   Himself
Johnson Wm.Ellingham   Himself
Lawes Wm.Kirby Cane   J. Paine, &c.

Page JohnEllingham   Himself

Williams ThomasEllingham   J. Petit
Westgate RobertEllingham   Himself

[Totals] 434
Gillingham St Mary
and All Saints.
Alexander RichardGillingham   Himself
Berry JohnGillingham   Himself
Chapling ThomasGeldeston   Eliz. Chapman

Hatton Wm.Gillingham   Himself
Jacob JohnGillingham   Himself
Lewis John, clerkGillingham   Himself

Marsh Wm.Gillingham   Himself
Shaw SamuelGillingham St. M(ary).   Himself
Thacker JohnGillingham   Himself
[Totals] 128
Adkins BenjaminGeldeston   Himself

Boon RichardGeldeston   Himself
Dowson B. U.Geldeston   Himself

Kerrich Thomas, esq.Geldeston   Himself

[Page 17]
Mickleburgh JohnGeldeston   R. Knights

Spilling JamesGeldeston   Himself

[Totals] 551
Haddiscoe & Thorpe
Browne RobertHaddiscoe   Himself
Burrows OwenHaddiscoe   Himself
Dann AmbroseHaddiscoe   Himself
Ellison ThomasHaddiscoe   Self & others

Elliot JacobHaddiscoe   Himself
Forder JobHaddiscoe   Himself
Grimmer GeorgeHaddiscoe   Himself

Grimmer JohnHaddiscoe   Himself
Johnson JamesHaddiscoe   Himself

Jennis Wm.Thorpe   Himself
Last John    ditto   Himself

Lamb Wm.Haddiscoe   Himself
Minister JohnHaddiscoe   Himself
Mace JacobHaddiscoe   Himself
Mayes Wm.Haddiscoe   Himself

Pratt ThomasHaddiscoe   Himself

Shearman JamesHaddiscoe   Himself
Wright EdmundHaddiscoe   Himself
Walpole RobertHaddiscoe   Himself
[Totals] 0619
Freston AnthonyHales   Himself
Hase JohnHales   Himself
Hayward JohnBergh Apton   R. Hayward
Mickleburgh JohnHales   Himself

Walker JohnHales   Himself

[Totals] 124
Blunderfield ThomasThurlton   Mrs. Ealy
Browne Wm.Seething   J. Easter, &c.
[Totals] 002
Arnold RichardHowe   Himself
Bowles ClareMattishall   Jos. Fisher

Starling Wm.Thursford   Edw. Bloom

Woolterton Edm.Alburgh   Bidwell & oths.

Wright ThomasEast Dereham   Edw. Frost

[Totals] 342
Kirby Cane
Barnes EdwardKirby Cane   Himself

Clarke TiffordEllingham   Himself
Howes Thomas    ditto   Himself, &c.

Ingate Wm.    ditto   Himself

[Page 18]
Wilson Henry, clerkKirby Cane   Himself

Wright Zach.Hackford   Mr Sewell
[Totals] 442
Norton Subcorse
Beckham JamesNorton (Subcourse)   Himself

Chaddelow EdwardNorton Subcorse (Subcourse)   Himself
Disney JamesNorton (Subcourse)   T. Trower

Garrod JohnNorton Subcorse (Subcourse)   Himself
Gooch RobertNorton Subcourse   T. Bridgman
Horth JamesNorton Subcourse   Himself
Littlewood S.Norton Subcourse   Himself
Middleton FrancisNorton Subcourse   Himself
Taylor RobertNorton (Subcourse)   Himself

Warner EdwardNorton Subcorse (Subcourse)   Himself
[Totals] 238
Banham BenjaminRaveningham   Himself
Denny JamesThurlton   J. Denny, sen.
Fisher JohnHales   R. Buck
Playford HenryHardley   John Grey
Rushmere ThomasLimpenhoe   Himself
Tibbenham RobertSisland   J. Batchelor

[Totals] 016
Bond RobertStockton   Himself
Browne JohnStockton   Himself
Larke RobertGillingham A(ll). S(ts).   John Dixon
[Totals] 003
Berry DanielAshby   Wd. Wickham
Browne RobertSurlingham   Himself
Bexfield JosephHaddiscoe Th(orpe).   J. Harris
Chaddelow SamuelThurlton   Himself
Curtis JamesThurlton   Himself
Goodrich RichardThurlton   Himself
Hunt JohnThurlton   John Ward
London RobertNorton   R. London, jn.
Mood JohnThurlton   Himself
Pooley JohnThurlton   Himself
Pope HenryThurlton   Himself
Rushmere JamesThurlton   Himself
Sayer ThomasThurlton   Himself

Scarlett JamesThurlton   J. Rushmere
Self JohnThurlton   Himself
West BenjaminLoddon   Himself
West JohnThurlton   Himself

[Totals] 2215
[Page 19]
Toft Monks
Carpenter Wm.Toft Monks   Himself
Denny DanielRaveningham   Jas. Brown
Fuller JohnToft Monks   Himself
Grimmer Wm.Toft Monks   Himself
Hayward Wm.Garboldisham   Neech
Last John, jun.Toft Monks   Himself
[Totals] 006
Whetacre All Saints..
Bond Wm. clerkWhetacre (Wheatacre All Saints)   Himself
Boycatt Wm. clerkWhetacre (Wheatacre All Saints)   Himself
Chalker CharlesRedenhall   Copping
Sayer RobertWhetacre (Wheatacre All Saints)   Himself
Wright ThomasWhetacre (Wheatacre All Saints)   Himself
Wrench Wm.Whetacre (Wheatacre All Saints)   Himself
Wragg JohnWhetacre Burgh
(Wheatacre All Saints)
[Totals] 007



Clavering Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Depwade Hundred.

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