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Norfolk: Voting Registers - Poll 1802

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

The Poll Book contains the following information :-

                of Melton Constable. }3612
                of Holkham. }4317
                of Witton Park. }3517



Sold also by W. T. ROBBERDS, Norwich; and all other Booksellers;
Also by the Distributors of the Norfolk Chronicle

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List of the Hundreds and Boroughs, as disposed in the
Fifteen Booths for taking the Poll.

No. 1Clavering, Loddon, Henstead.
    2Depwade, Earsham.
    3Diss, Guiltcross.
    4Shropham, Borough of Thetford, Wayland.
    5Freebridge Lynn, Borough of Lynn, Freebridge Marshland.
    6East and West Flegg, Borough of Yarmouth.
    7South Greenhoe, Grimshoe.
    8Forehoe, Humbleyard.
    9Tunstead, Happing.
  10Blofield, Taverham, Walsham.
  11North and South Erpingham.
  12Holt, Eynsford.
  13Brothercross, North Greenhoe, Smithdon.
  14Clackclose, Launditch.
  15Gallow, Mitford.


The Hundreds, and Towns in each Hundred, are set in alphabetical Order; and so are all the F R E E H O L D E R S   N A M E S.

Each Page consists of six Columns. The first contains the Names of the resident F R E E H O L D E R S in each Town; the second, the Places where the FREEHOLDS lie; the third, the Names of the OCCUPIERS, the other three Columns have the initial Letters of the CANDIDATES Names set at Top, and the black Lines drawn under them shew how every FREEHOLDER voted.

At the end of the Poll, is a GENERAL VIEW of it; and also an INDEX to the TOWNS in NORFOLK.

The book contains the following (where "T" indicates trades also given):-

Hundreds and Boroughs

Norfolk Norfolk
 Page Nos  HUNDREDS and
      1 to     4Blofield
      4 to     6Brothercross
      6 to   15Clackclose
    15 to   19Clavering
    19 to   24Depwade
    24 to   28Diss

Docking (see Smithdon)
    29 to   32Earsham
    32 to   37Erpingham, North
    37 to   44Erpingham, South
    44 to   50Eynsford
    51 to   69
      (53 to 69)
Flegg, East
  (Borough of Great Yarmouth)
    69 to   72Flegg, West
    72 to   79Forehoe
    79 to   91
      (82 to 88)
Freebridge Lynn
  (Borough of King's Lynn)
    91 to   95 Freebridge Marshland
    96 to   99Gallow
  100 to 104North Greenhoe
  105 to 108South Greenhoe
  109 to 112Grimshoe
 Page Nos  HUNDREDS and
  113 to 116Guiltcross
  116 to 120Happing
  121 to 123Henstead
  123 to 129Holt
  129 to 131Humbleyard
    (82 to 88) Borough of King's Lynn (T)
  (Part of Freebridge Lynn)
  132 to 138Launditch
  138 to 141Loddon
  141 to 147Mitford
  177 to 183Norwich
  148 to 154
    (152 to 154)
  (Borough of Thetford)
  155 to 157Smithdon
  158 to 160Taverham
    (152 to 154) Borough of Thetford
  (Part of Shropham)
  161 to 165Tunstead
  166 to 169Walsham
  170 to 173Wayland
      (53 to 69) Borough of Great Yarmouth (T)
  (Part of East Flegg)

Counties (including City of Norwich)

ie. Those with a large number of voters.

Page Nos Counties or Place
  174 to 175Cambridgeshire,
Isle of Ely, &c.
  175 to 177 London, Westminster, &c.
Page Nos Counties or Place
  177 to 183Norwich (Note 3) (T)
  183 to 188Suffolk

Distant Voters

[which contains the following :-]
Other Counties Other Counties
Page Nos Counties &c.
  189 Buckinghamshire
  189 Derbyshire
  189 Gloucestershire
  189 Hampshire
  189 Hertfordshire
  189 Huntingdonshire
  189 Lincolnshire
Page Nos Counties &c.
  189-190 Northamptonshire
  190 Oxfordshire
  190 Shropshire
  190 Somersetshire
  190 Staffordshire
  190 Surrey (Surry)
  190 Warwickshire
  190 Hoxton, near London
(Note 5)

[Page 191]

Alphabetical List of Hundreds and votes cast for each CANDIDATE.

[Page 192-198]

An Index
or Alphabetical LIST of the TOWNS in the COUNTY
of NORFOLK, shewing the differents Hundreds in which
they lie, and the Page in which each Town is to be found.

The Market Towns are printed in Capitals.
N.B. No resident Freeholder, from any town against which no Number is set, gave his vote at this Election.

[The list of Towns has not been transcribed]

[End of Poll Book]


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Examples of Norfolk Poll Book entries (for Dunston) show what information is available for a typical small village.

See also the main Voting page and the county elections page.

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