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Norfolk Poor Law Unions: Blofield Union

Guardians of the Blofield Union
from October 5th 1835 to Thursday March 31st 1836.

This list is from Volume I of the Blofield Union Minute Books, October 1835 - October 1836.
The Norfolk Record Office reference is C/GP 2/1.

Guardians ex officio
Henry Negus Burroughes Esq.
John Cator Esq.
Lieut. Colonel Harvey
John Penrice Esqr.
William Jary Esq.
William Heath Jary Esq.
Thomas Gilbert Tuck Esq.
Revd John Drew Borton
Revd Charles Penrice
Revd Lambert Blackwell Foster
Burlingham St Peter
Burlingham St Andrew
Little Plumstead

Three names have been added underneath the list above, in much smaller and more faint letters.
   Charles Weston
   Rev J. Burroughes
   W.A. Gilbert

Guardians elected Oct 5 1835
1. Blofield
2. Bradeston
3. Brundall
4. Buckenham
5. Burlingham St Andrew
6. Burlingham St Edmund
7. Burlingham St Peter
8. Cantley
9. Freethorpe
10. Hasingham
11. Limpenhoe
12. Lingwood
13. Plumstead Great
14. Plumstead Little
15. Postwick
16. Southwood
17. Strumpshaw
18. Thorpe
19. Witton
20. Acle
21. Beighton
22. Halvergate
23. Hemblington
24. Moulton
25. Ranworth with Panxworth
26. Reedham
27. Tunstall
28. Upton with Fishley
29. Walsham South St Mary
30. Walsham South St Lawrence
31. Wickhampton
32. Woodbastwick
Mr John Henry Tuck
Mr Jehosaphat Davy Postle
Mr Robert Goulder
Mr Daniel Read
Revd L.B. Foster
Mr Benjamin Waters
Mr Henry Shepherd
Mr Thomas Read
Mr Robert Aldous
Mr William High
Mr Richard Read
Mr William Waters
Mr Francis Drake
Mr George Flaxman Thaxter
Mr Peter Bullock
Mr Thomas Lacy
Mr Anthony Pilch
Mr John Tuthill
Mr Thomas Atkins
Charles Weston Esqr. also ex officio
Captain Thomas Blackirston
Mr Thomas Davy
Mr Charles Whaites
Mr Benjamin Heath Baker
Mr Robert Squires
Mr Robert Ward
Mr William Fowler
Mr Richard Gillett
Mr Robert Howard
Mr Charles Gillett Rope
Mr Robert Howard
Mr Matthias Kerrison
Mr Robert Browne
Mr George Maddison
Mr Thomas Boult
Mr John Waters
Mr William Mitchell
Mr John Elliot
Mr Thomas Sibel
Mr James Newson
Mr Timothy Coleman

See also the Blofield Poor Law Union and the Lingwood parish page, which is where Blofield Workhouse was located.

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