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Norfolk: Wymondham

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Wymondham is about 9 miles S.W. of Norwich.
The name may also be found as Windham or Wyndham, which is how it is pronounced.
It is a very large parish and contains 6 divisions, called Downham, Market Street, Silfield, Suton, Town Green and Wattlefield.
Spooner Row is in the Wattlefield division.

Archives and Libraries

Wymondham Town Archive
Description, location, contents, etc.
Wymondham Heritage Museum
Description, pictures, etc.

Business and Commerce Records

Briton Brush Co.
The Briton Brush Co., Ltd., formerly S.D. Page and Sons, established 1746, D. Matthew and Son, established 1773.
[Wymondham, Briton Brush Co, Ltd, 1933]
Clark, Christine
A Brush with Heritage: the history of Hamilton Acorn, Norfolk brushmakers since 1746.
[ISBN 0906219418, UEA Centre of East Anglian Studies, 1996]
Manning, I.M.
The Co-operative Wholesale Society Brushworks, Wymondham.
[Norwich, Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society, in "Journal of the Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society", vol.III, no.5, 1985]


Church of the Holy Trinity at Spooner Row
Transcription of the single gravestone.
This is a link to an archived copy.
Wymondham Abbey and Wymondham Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
[Parish Register Transcription Society, Medway Series, 2000?]
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Church Directories

Church History

Wymondham Abbey
Services, clergy, description, history, organisations, pictures, etc.
Wymondham Abbey
Description and pictures.
Wymondham Abbey
Description and pictures of the stained glass windows.
Wymondham Abbey
Services, etc.
Cattermole, Paul
Wymondham Abbey: a history of the monastery and parish church.
[ISBN 0955489903, Wymondham Abbey Book Committee, 2007]
Jarvis, Frederick
Wymondham Abbey: 1107 A.D.
[Wymondham, The Abbey, 1954]
Martin-Jones, Samuel
Wymondham and its abbey.
[Wymondham, H.G. Stone, 1953]
Thomas, James Godfrey Tansley (Rev)
The Abbey Church of Saint Mary and Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Wymondham: a history and guide published to mark the 850th anniversary of its foundation in 1107.
[Birmingham, M.G. Parker, 1960s]
Yaxley, Susan
Wymondham Abbey before the Dissolution: the episcopal visitations of 1492-1532; translated from Latin into English with notes.
[ISBN 0948400021, Dereham, Larks Press, 1986]
Chapel of St Thomas of Canterbury
Description and pictures.
Millican, Percy
A brief history of Becket's Chapel, Wymondham.
[Wymondham, Geo. R. Reeve, 1940s]
Smith, Janet
Becket's Chapel, or the Chapel of St Thomas a Becket, Wymondham.
Carthew, George Alfred
Extracts from papers in the church chest at Wymondham: Wymondham Gilds.
[Norwich, Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, in "Norfolk Archaeology", vol.9, 1884]
Farnhill, Ken
The religious gilds of Wymondham, c.1470-1550.
[Norwich, Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, in "Norfolk Archaeology", vol.42, 1996]
Garrard, Brenda
Wymondham parish gilds in the early sixteenth century.
[ISBN 0900616687, Wymondham, Geo.R. Reeve, 2003]
Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury
Services, description, history, pictures, etc.
Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury
Description and pictures.
Wymondham Baptist Church
Services, newsletters, events, etc.
Wymondham Congregational Church
Wymondham Congregational Church, 1652-1927: souvenir of the 275th anniversary celebrations.
[Wymondham, The Church, 1927]
Wymondham Congregational Church
Tercentenary celebration, 1952.
[Wymondham, The Church, 1952]
Wymondham Congregational Church
A statement of facts showing the treatment of some of the Independents at Wymondham, Norfolk, to their late minister, David Evans.
[Printed at the Observer Office, 1870s]
Wymondham Methodist Church
Minister, services, picture, etc.
Follow the link to the home page, then search for the church.
Hughes, H. Trevor; and Garrard, Brenda M.
Methodism in Wymondham.
[Wymondham, Wymondham Heritage Society, 1990]
Wymondham Methodist Church
Methodist Church: Centenary Celebrations, 1870-1970.
[Wymondham, The Church, 1970]
Wymondham Fairland United Reformed Church
Services, description, history, pictures, etc.
Scarborough, Mary
The Story of the Fairland Church, 1652 to 1982.
[Wymondham, Fairland United Reformed Church, 1982]
Scarborough, Mary
Fairland United Reformed Church, Wymondham: 350th anniversary, 1652-2002.
[Wymondham, Fairland United Reformed Church, 2002]
Hawkins, Judy
The Friends Meeting House in Wymondham, 1654-1950, and some of the early Quakers, 1654-1800.
[Cambridge University Thesis, Certificate in Local History, 1970s]
Hawkins, Judy
The Quakers of Wymondham.
[Wymondham, Wymondham Society, 1984]
Church of the Holy Trinity at Spooner Row
Description and pictures.
Silfield Mission Church
Services, etc.

Church Records

Parish Register Transcripts
Wymondham Primitive Methodists: Baptisms 1866-1880
These are not included in Boyd's Marriage Index or Phillimore's Marriage Registers.
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Civil Registration

For the civil registration of births, marriages and deaths between 1837 and 1930 (and for the censuses from 1851 to 1901), Wymondham was in Forehoe Registration District.

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Court Records

The Bridewell
The Wymondham Heritage Museum is in the Bridewell.
Batty Shaw, Patricia; and Batty Shaw, Anthony
Wymondham Magistrates and their Court House, the Bridewell, Wymondham.
[ISBN 1901553000, Wymondham Heritage Society, 1996]
Hawkins, Judy
The Wymondham Bridewell.
[Wymondham Heritage Society, 1987]
Jenson, Neil J.
Wymondham Bridewell: the hidden past: the 1995 archaeological investigation.
[ISBN 1901553019, Wymondham Heritage Society, 1997]
1713: Executions
Robert Barret and William Boughton

Description and Travel

See also History below.
Wymondham Town Council
Councillors, meetings, minutes, history, etc.
Description and pictures.
Description, history and pictures.
Wymondham Online
News, events, societies, businesses, etc.
Wymondham North Mill Smock Mill
Description, history and pictures.
Silfield Tower Mill
Description and picture.
Apling, Harry
Wymondham Windmills.
[Typescript in Norwich Local Studies Library, 1981]
Kelly, Geoffrey Ian
The Queen's Head Inn, 2 Bridewell Street, Wymondham: a history.
[Typescript in Norwich Local Studies Library, 1985]
Yaxley, Philip G.
Wymondham's Old Inns.
[Wymondham, Wymondham Society Pamphlet No.2, 1982]
Yaxley, Philip G.
Wymondham Brewery, its history and importance to the town in the 19th century.
[Norwich, University of East Anglia Dissertation, 1998]
Chapman, Philip John
A Wymondham Childhood in the 1940s.
Chapman, Philip John
A Wymondham Lad - Memories of the 1950s.
[Wymondham, Geo R. Reeve, 1999]
Kelly, Stan; and Robert Kett Middle School
Wymondham in times past.
[ISBN 0861570588, Chorley, Countryside Publications, 1982]
Morley, Gwilym R.
Come Shopping in Wymondham.
[ISBN 1901553027, Wymondham, Wymondham Heritage Society, 1998]
Mosby, John Edward George; and Agar, P.E.
Wymondham old and new: a survey of its town and parish with rambles further afield.
[Wymondham, Geo. R. Reeve, 1949]
Standley, Sarah; and Dagless, Mark
In and around Wymondham then and now.
[ISBN 0900616814, Wymondham, Geo.R. Reeve, 2007]
Wilson, John Howard
A walk around old Wymondham.
[Wymondham, Wymondham Heritage Society, 1991]
Yaxley, Philip
Around Wymondham in World War Two.
[ISBN 1904136316, Wymondham, John Nickalls Publications, 2010]
Yaxley, Philip
Memories of Old Wymondham.
[ISBN 0947630023, Nostalgia Publications, 1985]
List of Names
Yaxley, Philip
Wymondham, Past & Present.
[ISBN 0947630066, Nostalgia Publications, 1988]
List of Names
Yaxley, Philip
Wymondham - a Century Remembered.
[ISBN 0947630260, Nostalgia Publications, 1999]
Yaxley, Philip
Wymondham and Attleborough in old Photographs.
[ISBN 0750907495, Alan Sutton Publishing, Britain in old Photographs Series, 1994]
Yaxley, Philip G.; and King, Les
The Wymondham Regal Story, the golden years of local cinema.
[ISBN 0900616377, Wymondham, Les King and Geo. R. Reeve, 1991]
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Historical Geography

Wymondham is in Forehoe Hundred.
Parish outline and location.
See Parish Map for Forehoe Hundred
Description of Forehoe Hundred
1845: White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk


See also Description and Travel above.
History of the town.
Barringer, Christopher (Ed)
Wymondham in the 17th Century.
[ISBN 0952207206, Wymondham, Workers' Educational Association, 1993]
Fereday, Richard
The construction and timber repairs of The Market Cross.
Gardiner, John
Urban Wymondham in the 1780s: aspects of life in a Norfolk market town revealed by Easter Offering records.
[University of East Anglia, Centre for Continuing Education and the Workers' Educational Association, 1997]
Garner, Mary; and Wilson, John
Wymondham: history of a Norfolk market town.
[ISBN 1901553035, Wymondham, Wymondham Heritage Society, 2006]
Hoare, Adrian; and Hoare, Anne
Series: Remembering the home front in Wymondham, 1939-45.
- Wymondham firefighters and firewatchers.
- New faces in town.
- Wymondham women at war.
- Defending Wymondham and its people.
[Wymondham Heritage Society, 2005]
Hoare, Adrian
The Wymondham Story, a snapshot history of the Norfolk market town.
[ISBN 1901553078, Wymondham, Wymondham Heritage Society, 2004]
Reekie, Bill
Wymondham Gas Works.
[Norwich, Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society, in "Journal of the Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society", vol.6, no.3, 1998]
Vertigan, R.G.
Centenary of the Wymondham Fire Brigade 1882-1982.
[Wymondham, Wymondham Fire Brigade, H.G. Stone, 1982]
Wilson, John; Howard, Philip; and Hickley, Andrew
Country and City: Wymondham, Norwich and Eaton in the 16th and 17th centuries: The Wymondham Town Book; Ordinances of the Norwich Carpenters' Company; and John Aldrich of Eaton's farm accounts.
[ISBN 0953829898, Norfolk Record Society, 2006]
Wilson, John Howard
Wymondham at the time of the fire of 1615.
[Typescript in Norwich Local Studies Library]
Wilson, John Howard
The Wymondham Market Cross.
[Wymondham, Wymondham Heritage Society, 1992]

Inventories, Registers and Catalogues

Wilson, J.H. (Ed)
Wymondham Inventories, 1590-1641.
[ISBN 0906219132, Norwich, Centre of East Anglian Studies in association with the Norfolk and Norwich Branch of the Historical Association, 1986]

Land and Property

Kelly, Geoffrey Ian
Unicorn House, 5 Cock Street, Wymondham: historical notes.
Wilson, John Howard
Timber-framed houses in Wymondham, c1580-c1620.
[Typescript in Norwich Local Studies Library]
O'Carroll, P.F.
Field and place names of the parish of Wymondham.
[Typescript in Norwich Local Studies Library, 1963]
Kelly, Geoffrey Ian
Pilgrim's Farm, Spooner Row, Wymondham: a history.
[Typescript in Norwich Local Studies Library, 1990s]
Kelly, Geoffrey Ian
Turnpike Farm, Suton, Wymondham: historical notes.
[Typescript in Norwich Local Studies Library, 1994]
Martens, Holger
Randall Burroughes' Farming Journal and his Agricultural Activities in the 1790s.
[Norwich, University of East Anglia Thesis, 1990]
Wade Martins, Susanna and Williamson, Tom (Editors)
The Farming Journal of Randall Burroughes (1794-1799).
[Norwich, Norfolk Record Society v.58, 1993]
Stanfield Hall
Pictures of the hall and estate.
Great Britain. Inclosure Commissioners
Statement of Claims (271): Wymondham.
Drawn up in pursuance of the Act of Inclosure, 1806.
Great Britain: Statute
Wymondham Inclosure Act, 1806.
An act for inclosing lands in the parish of Wymondham, in the county of Norfolk: 22nd March 1806.
[London, George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1806]
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Modern and Historical Maps
Maps of the parish.

Military Records

Spooner Row War Memorial
World Wars 1 and 2. This is a link to an archived copy.
See also Norfolk Parish Links: Military Records

Names, Personal

Jermy, of Stanfield Hall
See Norfolk People and Families
Rush, James Blomfield
See Norfolk People and Families

Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc



Garrard, Brenda
Wymondham Grammar School: From founding in 1561 to closure in 1903.
[ISBN 1901553086, Wymondham Heritage Society, 2010]
Williams, Neal Harper
The History of Wymondham Grammar School, 1559-1903.
[ISBN 0950224502, 1978]
Wymondham High School
Wymondham School: 50th anniversary.
[Wymondham, 1989]
Wymondham College
Wymondham College, 1951-1991: a compilation of what has been written and said about the College over forty years.
[Wymondham, Wymondham College, 1991]
Garrard, Roger
Wymondham College: the first fifty years.
[ISBN 0954097009, Morley, Wymondham College Association, 2001]
Gleadhill, George
History of Browick Road School, Wymondham.
[no publication details]


Wymondham Heritage Society
Meetings, membership, etc.

Voting Registers

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