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Norfolk: Woodton

Census: 1801

Woodton is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1801 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 57/51 or on Microform MF 905/11] is on 2 sheets of paper.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Name Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page numbers which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Alderson (2)
Alexander (1)
Andrews (2)
Balding (2)
Baley (1)
Beckett (2)
Booty (2)
Brooks (2)
Brothers (2)
Bukett (1)
Bulhey (1)
Buskin (2)
Carsey (1)
Carver (1)
Clarke (2)
Cooper (1,2)
Crisp (1)
Cunningham (1)
Cushing (2)
Dann (1,2)
Dowe (2)
Dring (1)
Elvin (2)
Fairhead (2)
Flegg (1,2)
Gilbert (1)
Gooch (2)
Goose (1)
Gorble (2)
Green (2)
Hanner (2)
Hart (2)
Harvey (1)
Howes (1)
Hunt (2)
Leggett (1)
Lewel (1)
Lincoln (1)
Lord (2)
Mallett (2)
Marshel (2)
Meadows (1)
Moore (1)
Mudd (2)
Nobbs (2)
Olley [*] (1)
Purdy (2)
Rackham (1)
Raven (1)
Read (1)
Richards (1)
Riches (2)
Rushmer (1)
Sarjeant (1)
Saunders (1)
Seamen (1)
Shorle (2)
Simond (1)
Simonds (2)
Smith (1,2)
Spalding (2)
Sporle (2)
Spratt (2)
Suckling (1,2)
Tibenham (1)
Todd (2)
Tooke (2)
Warmole (1)
Watson (2)
Wix (2)
Wright (1,2)
Yallop (1)

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

This contains the following information :-

A list of the Inhabitants of Woodton taken by Gersn Gilbert and Robt Warmole March 13?th 1801

Names Inhab Fam Ma Fe Farm Tra For Agr Tot
[Page 1]
Last Dring1-781---15
Gersn Gilbert1-451---9
Robt Warmole1-761---13
Mathw Bulhey1-42---16
Mary Seamen1-24--1-6
Eliz. Richards1--3--1-3
Chas. Rushmer1-321---5
Jno Rushmer1-321---5
Jno Leggett1-121---3
Chas. Howes1211---12
Mary Alexander---1----1
Jno Cooper1-321---5
Robt Meadows1213---14
Thos Alexander--13---14
Robt Carver1213-1--4
Jno Lincoln--33-1--6
Amos Rackham1222-1--4
Jn Tibenham--11-1--2
Thos Saunders1221-1-13
Thos Wright--13-1--4
Jno Cunningham1-631---9
Saml Lewel1232---15
Benj. Olley [*]--32---15
Wm Harvey1-33-3--6
Robt Dann1-211---3
Alds Carsey1-31---14
Mary Read-3-1----1
Jon. Smith--13---14
Isaac Moore1243---17
Wm Sarjeant--33---16
Jas Suckling1323---15
James Baley--13----4
Thos Bukett--1-1--11
Thos Saunders1234---17
Corns Goose--22-1--4
Wm Crisp1-231---5
Benj. Raven1233---16
Edwd Yallop--62---48
Edwd Simond1222---24
Robt Flegg--32---25
[Totals on Page 1]26401001031110223203
[Page 2]
Jere. Riches1223---15
Wm Dann--46---110
Ricd Booty1211---12
Jno Hart--12---13
Jno Wix1212---13
Jas Lord--13----4
Jn Brooks1224-1--6
Hand Beckett--12-1--3
Fran. Gorble1422-1--4
Jn. Mudd--31---24
Rob Brothers--43----7
Jas Smith--44---18
W. Buskin1224---16
Jas. Mallett--11---12
Ric Green1213---14
Jno Marshel--33---16
Ann Flegg1--2----2
Jno Alderson1-34---17
Jas Gooch1-67-2--13
Robt Suckling1-241---6
Thos Dowe12131---4
Robt Cooper-11----12
Thos Green1-21---13
W. Clarke1-15-1--6
W. Purdy1231---14
Jn Watson--33---16
Pet: Hanner1233-3--6
Robt Hanner--11---12
Thos Cushing1-12-1--3
Wm Shorle1-15---16
Mich. Andrews1222---14
Jn Simonds--13---14
Thos Sporle1242---16
Christ. Spalding--21-1-13
Sam Clarke1-32----5
David Todd1232---35
Mary Wright--12---13
George Balding1241---15
Fanny Tooke---2----2
Fran. Elvin1-33---16
Eph Spratt1242---16
Sam Fairhead--31-1--4
Saml Hunt1254-2--9
Jno Nobbs--32---15
Jno Spratt1-11-1--2
[Total Page 2]2745100116215-31216
Bro[ugh]t Over26401001031110223203
[Grand Total]53852002191325254419

[End of Census Document]


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