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Norfolk: Winfarthing

Census: 1821

Winfarthing is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1821 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 78/79 or on Microform with the reference MF/RO 588/4] is on a number of sheets of paper.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Census available

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Entry numbers (in the first column) which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Be aware that spelling varied so that eg. Garradd/Garrard/Garrodd might all be the same family.

Abbott (52,56)
Aston (35)
Atkyne (18)
Baker (18,50)
Balls (51)
Banham (21)
Barham (48)
Barker (56,62)
Barnes (37)
Bennett (30,38)
Blake (11)
Boales (41)
Bolton (2)
Braizeworth (41)
Brazeworth (41)
Briten (61)
Brown (33)
Browne (1,15,28,57,59)
Brunning (1,56)
Burch (61)
Canfer (2)
Capes (10,14,15,26,47)
Catchpole (17)
Catermole (10)
Chaney (35,59)
Chapman (38,43,50)
Clarke (55,56)
Cobb (4,49,62)
Colman (22,40,44)
Cooke (3)
Copping (43)
Crowe (56)
Cullum (41,46)
Cunningham (18)
Davey (29,56,57,59)
Dennis (17)
Dixon (36,55,61)
Doggett (1,2)
Driver (47,50)
Ebben (49,55)
Ellis (3,5,58)
Ellsey (15,22,27,29,33,37,
Ellsegood (17)
Everett (15)
Euston (2)
Filby (14)
Fox (28)
Frost (56)
Fulcher (3,11,15,37)
Fuller (46)
Gardner (36)
Garradd (16)
Garrard (3,5,24,52)
Garrodd (15,23)
George (17)
Gibson (43)
Glandfield (62)
Gooderham (18,23)
Gratey (42)
Gray (9,44,56)
Green (24)
Hardy (1,56)
Harrison (50,59)
Hart (15)
Hawes (33,43)
Holden (16)
Holmes (51)
Howe (49)
Hubbard (61)
Hunt (17)
James (2,9,35,62)
Jessupp (12,13,24)
Johnson (38,42)
Jolley (34,48,52)
Jolly (62)
Keat (42)
Kerry (6,42)
Landsell (53)
Leech (20)
Leggett (3,11)
Lincoln (38)
Lister (23)
Livick (61)
Long (9,27)
Macro (34)
Malem (13)
Miller (60,62)
Moggs (3)
Mollett (43)
Moore (31,62)
Morley (42)
Mullinger (25,30)
Mundford (40)
Murrell (3)
Musk (44)
Newman (4)
Nicholson (34)
Parker (27)
Payne (31)
Peck (23)
Pilgrim (18)
Pinching (47)
Porrett (44)
Potter (26)
Pretty (12,42)
Punt (44)
Reeve (34,36,39,53,59)
Reynolds (48)
Rivett (13)
Roper (61)
Rudd (33,53)
Salter (39,60)
Sargent (46)
Self (3)
Sexton (38)
Sharman (59)
Smith (10,35)
Sparrow (40)
Stevenson (53)
Stubbings (21)
Thurlow (1)
Tuffield (50)
Turner (20)
Ulston (2)
Wale (49)
Warren (2)
West (49)
Wick (9)
Witton (19,26,48)
Wood (48)
Woodcock (41,62)
Woods (42,61)
Woodward (25,32)
Wragg (21,23)
Wright (29,32,54)

The Census

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

Page numbers were not on the original and the words "[Page nn follows]" have been added to show where they occured in the document and to enable Surnames to be located easily.

This contains the following information :-

Ino. Geoe iv

Norfolk to wit -
The parish of Winfarthing
The Census of the Population of the said Parish. Taken and made pursuant to the Direction of an Act of Parliament the 28th Day of May by Philip Browne Overseer of the said parish and returned the 9th Day of July in the second year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Fourth and in the year of our Lord 1821.
Returned at the sitting for the
Hundred of Diss the 9th Day of July 1821
by Philip Browne

[Page 1 follows]

No Ma Myr Fe Fyr Tr
I The Parks
1Winfarthing Park
Richard Doggett Gent25Elizabeth Doggett301A
John Brunning Servant17Ann Doggett28
Thomas Hardy Servant18Esther Doggett17
Maria Thurlow Servt21
Elizabeth Browne Servt27
Males3Females 5Total8
[Page 2 follows]
Winfarthing Lodge
2Daniel Doggett Gent64Arabella his Wife58
Edward their Son28Emily their Daughter21
George their Son26Eliza their Daughter17
James Canfer Servt22Elizabeth Bolton Servt22
Samuel James16Sarah Warren Do21
Elizabeth Ulston [Notes]117
Males5Females 6Total11
[Page 3 follows]
The New Farm
3Thomas Cooke Yeoman31Mary Moggs Single Woman331A
George Murrell Yeoman20Susanna Garrard Servant24
James Lelf Self Servant20Mary Fulcher Servant14
George Leggett Servant17
John Ellis Servant11
Males5Females 3Total8
[Page 4 follows]
Mill Row
4John Cobb Labourer42Ann his Wife381A
Mary their Daughter15
Sarah their Daughter12
Elizabeth their Daughter10
Matilda their Daughter7
Emily their Daughter4
Alice their Daughter1
Males1Females 7Total8
5John Newman Labourer47Margaret his Wife361A
Job their Son7Susanna their Daughter12
Noah their Son4Mary Ann their Daughter9
Thomas their Son3
Paul their Son an Infant
Males5Females 3Total8
[Page 5 follows]
6Robert Garrard Labourer29Keriah his Wife261A
Robert their Son6
John their Son3
Son Infant
Males4Females 1Total5
7William Ellis Labourer60Mary his Wife55
Males1Females 1Total2
[Page 6 follows]
8William Kerry Labourer44Phebe his Wife441A
William their Son18Elizabeth their Daughter13
Francis their Son17Sarah their Daughter10
John their Son11Ann their Daughter5
James their Son8
Robert their Son7
Henry their Son3
George their Son1
Males8Females 4Total12
3062 in this Division
Houses 8 Fam 8 [see Note 2]all in Agriculture
[Page 9 follows]
Goose Green Division
9Henry James Yeoman75Hannah his Wife601A
Joseph Gray his Servant17Martha Gray his Servant19
Males2Females 2Total4
10Goodyer Long Labourer42Maria his Wife421A
Daniel their Son9Mary Ann their Daughter7
Elizabeth Wick13
Males2Females 3Total5
[Page 10 follows]
11George Smith Hemp Dresser50Judith his Wife491T
Mary Ann Catermole8
Males1Females 2Total3
12Robert Capes Labourer37Ann his Wife41
Males1Females 1Total2
[Page 11 follows]
13John Leggett Labourer27Rachel his Wife261A
George their Son6Francis their Daughter3
James their Son2
Males3Females 2Total5
14Eli Fulcher Labourer26Lydia his Wife231A
Elizabeth their Daughter2
Mary Ann their Daughter1
Males1Females 3Total4
[Page 12 follows]
15Robert Pretty Linen Weaver30Phebe his Wife421T
Robert Blake Husbandman531A
Henry their Son5
Males3Females 1Total4
16Thomas Jessupp Labourer44Elizabeth his Wife351A
Thomas their Son15Mary their Daughter10
John their Son4Jane their Daughter8
Elizabeth their Daughter2
Males3Females 4Total7
[Page 13 follows]
17William Malem Labourer63Elizabeth his Wife701A
John Malem their Grandson6Sophia their Daughter27
Males2Females 2Total4
18John Jessupp Labourer22Elizabeth his Wife271A
John their Son2Mary Ann their Daughter3
18Eli Rivett6Sarah Jessupp Widow89
Males3Females 3Total6
[Page 14 follows]
19Edmund Filby Yeoman59Mary his Wife531A
John their Son22Mary Ann their Daughter3
James their Son19Sarah their Daughter21
Enoch their Son16Elizabeth their Daughter12
Henry their Son11Jane their Daughter8
Males5Females 5Total10
20George Capes Linen Weaver41Rosa his Wife401A
George their Son3Sarah their Daughter11
John their Son1Elizabeth their Daughter9
Ann their Daughter7
Lydia their Daughter5
Thomas Capes Labourer24Sarah Capes Widow671N
Males4Females 6Total10
[Page 15 follows]
21Thomas Everett Yeoman32Elizabeth his Wife302A
Thomas their Son3Mary their Daughter5
George their Son1Elizabeth their Daughter1
George Ellsey their Servant18Mary Capes their Servant13
Thomas Browne Par Cl: of Tibenham63Bridgett his Wife62
Males5Females 5Total10
22Samuel Hart Yeoman30Mary Ann his Wife301A
George his Son5Miriam their Daughter10
Samuel his Son3
Charles his Son1Mary Fulcher their Servant18
Robert Garrodd his Servant15
Males5Females 3Total8
[Page 16 follows]
23John Garradd Senr Labourer67Rebecca his Wife471A
Thomas their Son8Havers their Daughter13
Matilda their Daughter11
Males2Females 3Total5
24John Holden Jobber38Mary his Wife391T
Males1Females 1Total2
[Page 17 follows]
25John Catchpole Yeoman28Ann Catchpole Widow601A
Ann Catchpole Single Woman24
Elizabeth Hunt Servant20
Males1Females 3Total4
26Samuel George Yeoman40Charlotte his Wife461A
Samuel their Son2Charlotte their Daughter4
John Dennis Servant20
Isaac Ellsegood Do14
Males4Females 2Total6
[Page 18 follows]
Shore Green Division
27William Gooderham Yeoman77Dorothy Pilgrim Widow511A
John Atkyne Mole Catcher47Mary his Wife42
Eliza their Daughter11A
Frances their Daughter an Inft
Males2Females 4Total6
[Page 19 follows]
28Robert Cunningham Yeoman40Lydia his Wife472A
Robert their Son12Mary their Daughter9
Charles Son12Maria Daughter4
Henry Baker Yeoman19Margaret Baker Single Woman24
Ann Baker Single Woman22
Males4Females 5Total9
29Joseph Witton Labourer56Lucy his Wife541A
Matthew their Son15Sarah their Daughter19
Males2Females 2Total4
[Page 20 follows]
30Francis Leech Labourer18Dinah Leech Widow501A
David Leech Labourer17Mary her Daughter23
Edward Leech11
Males3Females 2Total5
31Robert Turner Yeoman68Sarah his Wife601A
Males1Females 1Total2
[Page 21 follows]
32Jonathan Wragg Yeoman72Ann his Wife611A
Ann Stubbings Widow291N
Mary Ann her Daughter8
Susanna Wragg Single Woman26
Males1Females 4Total5
33George Banham Plasterer25Eliza his Wife241T
George their Son1
Males2Females 1Total3
[Page 22 follows]
34Robert Ellsey Labourer50Lucy his Wife522A
Jeremiah their Son16Phylis Single Woman19
David their Son10Maria Daughter10
Thomas Ellsey labourer31Sarah his Wife22
Males4Females 4Total8
35Thomas Colman Common Carrier35Sarah his Wife311T
Edward their Son11Eliza Daughter9
Benjamin Son3Mary Daughter7
Ann Daughter5
Harriett Daughter1
Males3Females 5Total8
[Page 23 follows]
36James Gooderham Yeoman38Mary his Wife331A
George their Son12Lucy their Daughter10
William their Son8Harriett their Daughter4
Samuel their Son7Dinah Lister Single Woman38
James their Son1Susanna Wragg Widow651N
Harriett Peck her Servant11
Males5Females 6Total11
37Jonathan Garrodd Labourer42Lucy his Wife401A
John their Son10Sarah their Daughter13
George their Son6Elizabeth their Daughter11
Matthew their Son3
Males4Females 3Total7
[Page 24 follows]
38Christopher Green Labourer40Mary his Wife391A
Timothy their Son11Sophia their Daughter8
Christopher their Son9
Levi their Son6
Cornelius their Son3
Elisha their Son1
Males6Females 2Total8
39Francis Jessupp Labourer58Sarah his Wife562A
Jesse their Son20Charlotte their Daughter17
Solomon their Son11
George Garrard Labourer25Faith his Wife24
Ann their Daughter3
Males4Females 4Total8
[Page 25 follows]
40William Woodward Labourer35Elizabeth his Wife351A
John their Son11Harriett their Daughter1
George their Son7
Philip their Son4
Males4Females 2Total6
41George Mullinger Labourer28Elizabeth his Wife281A
Nathan their Son6Elizabeth their Daughter2
Philip their Son4Mary an Infant
Males3Females 3Total6
[Page 26 follows]
42John Capes Silk Weaver38Elizabeth his Wife361T
Males1Females 1Total1
43Matthew Witton Labourer39Ann his Wife331A
Paul Potter Labourer58
Males2Females 1Total3
[Page 27 follows]
44Robert Parker Tailor51Elizabeth his Wife521T
Mary Ann their Daughter20
Males1Females 2Total3
45Jeremiah Long Linen Weaver38Celia his Wife361T
James their Son6Sarah their Daught11
Mary Do8
James Ellsey Labourer26Mary Ann his Wife211A
James Son an Infant
Males4Females 4Total8
[Page 28 follows]
46A new house unfinished and uninhabited
47James Fox Linen Weaver72Hannah his Wife651T
John Fox Sen Do75Lucretia Browne Servant16
John Fox jun Do46
Males3Females 2Total5
[Page 29 follows]
48Daniel Ellsey Labourer40Mary his Wife301A
Jonathan their Son3Ann Daughter6
Eliza Davey Single Woman14
Males2Females 3Total5
49Jonas Wright Labourer43Elizabeth his Wife301A
Henry Son2Ann Daughter4
Males2Females 2Total4
[Page 30 follows]
50Jonathan Bennett Labourer44Martha his Wife421A
James their Son13Mary their Daughr10
David Do7Rebecca Do4
Jonathan an Inft
5m3FTotal 8
51James Mullinger Labourer50Mary his Wife401A
Males1mFemales 1FTotal2
[Page 31 follows]
52Austin Moore Labourer35Phillis his Wife331A
Ellis their Son10Martha Daughter13
William Son5Phillis Do3
53John Payne Yeoman68Charlotte his Wife671A
Elizabeth Daughter42
Letitia Daughter38
Males1Females 3Total4
[Page 32 follows]
54Elijah Wright Labourer35Rhoda his Wife311A
Edward Son7Mary Daughter2
Males2Females 2Total4
55Robert Woodward Labourer63Elizabeth his Wife591A
Ruth their Daughter25
Males1Females 2Total3
[Page 33 follows]
56Henry Brown Labourer46Lucretia his Wife421A
Henry their Son13Mary their Daughter11
Langley Do7Maria Do11
John Do1
57William Rudd Yeoman36Elizabeth his Wife351A
Henry their Son11Elizabeth their Daughter10
William Bloss Son2Mary Daughter7
Aldis Ellsey his Servant21Ann Daughter6
Rebecca Daughter4
Daughter an Infant
Susan Hawes Servant16
Males4Females 7Total11
[Page 34 follows]
58Nathaniel Jolley Linen Weaver49Susanna his Wife431A
Thomas their Son18Harriett their Daughter__17
Enoch their Son14Abigail their Daughter11
Robert their Son An InfantElizabeth their Daughter9
Rachel their Daughter6
Matilda their Daughter3
Rachel Jolley Widow631N
Males 4Females 7Total11
59Noah Nicholson Yeoman55Susanna his Wife611A
Isaac Macro Blacksmith27Elizabeth Reeve Widow751N
Sarah Reeve Single Woman39
Males2Females 3Total7
[Page 35 follows]
60Robert Chaney Husbandman47Deborah his Wife351A
Rhoda their Daughter9
Sarah James Widow571N
Eliza James Single Woman20
Eliza her natural Daughter1
Males1Females 5Total6
Woods's Buildings
61William Smith Labourer55Lucy his Wife541A
George their Son15Judith their Daughter17
James Do12Sarah Aston Widow70
Males3Females 3Total6
[Page 36 follows]
62John Reeve Labourer45Elizabeth his Wife402A
Isaac their Son15Eliza their Daughter9
Righteous their Son13Sophia their Daughter5
Ellis their Son11
Robert their Son7
John Reeve junr (Servant)22
Males6Females 3Total9
63Matthew Gardner Labourer48Susanna his Wife401A
John their Son13Elizabeth their Daughter11
William their Son10Maria their Daughter4
Henry their Son7Elizabeth Dixon Widow51
Males4Females 4Total8
[Page 37 follows]
64William Fulcher Labourer48Mary his Wife411A
Clarke their Son10Ketuzah their Daughter13
Isaac their Son8Margarita Daughter11
Males3Females 3Total6
65Wm Ellsey junr Labourer44Susanna his Wife421A
William their Son8Elizabeth their Daughter14
Robert their Son4Phyllis their Daughter6
Susanna their Daughter5
Sarah their Daughter2
Lois their Daughter An Infant
Elizabeth Barnes Single Woman401N
Males3Females 7Total10
[Page 38 follows]
66John Crisp Sexton44Sarah his Wife391A
Mary Ann their Daughter8
Elizabeth Lincoln Widow64
67Christopher Johnson Yeoman26Mary Johnson Single Woman361A
John Bennett Servant18Eliza Chapman10
Ann Bennett Servant16
Males2Females 3Total5
[Page 39 follows]
68Righteous Reeve Thatcher45Sarah Reeve Single Woman151T
Robert Reeve Thatcher19
Males2Females 1Total3
69John Salter Senr Tailor74Lydia Salter Single Woman401T
Ann Salter Single Woman16
Males1Females 2Total3
[Page 40 follows]
70Jeremiah Sparrow Blacksmith282T
William Sparrow Blacksmith19
Richard Colman Gardenner70Sarah his Wife731A
Males3Females 1Total4
71John Mundford Labourer32Elizabeth his Wife291A
Ellis their Son12Honoria their Daughter11
John their Son5Mary their Daughter2
Males3Females 3Total6
[Page 41 follows]
72John Boales Labourer30Maria his Wife281A
William their Son6Harriett Daughter aged8
James Do4
John Do1
Males4Females 2Total6
73Robert Braizeworth Labourer46Sarah his Wife451A
Robert their Son16Ann Brazeworth Single Woman23
Males2Females 2Total4
74James Woodcock Labourer44Mary his Wife382A
James their Son17Emily their Daughter11
Job their Son9Ann their Daughter6
Israel their Son8
Ephraim Do4
Ezra Do2
Robert Cullum Labourer60
Males7Females 3Total10
[Page 42 follows]
75William Ellsey senr Labourer60Lydia his Wife501A
Daniel Gratey Labourer38
Males2Females 1Total3
76James Morley Innkeeper60Mary his Wife621A
John their Son22Mary their Daughter27
Christopher Johnson Grandson5Ann their Daughter24
Robert their Grandson1Mary Kerry Servant15
Rober Woods91
Thomas Keat79
Males6Females 4Total10
[Page 43 follows]
77John Pretty Cordwainer32Elizabeth his Wife304T
Cornelius Gibson his Apprentice17Elizabeth their Daughter7
Stephen Chapman Linen Weaver27Mary Ann their Daughter4
Charles Hawes Silk Weaver19
William Copping Linen Weaver63
Males5Females 3Total8
78Francis Mollett Labourer37Phebe his Wife411A
George their Son16Harriett their Daughter 15
William their Son12Rebecca their Daughter9
Joseph their Son7Ruth & } their Daughters Infants
Elisha their Son5Oprah }
Elijah their Son2
Males6Females 5Total11
[Page 44 follows]
79Martin Porrett Wheelwright58Mary his Wife561T
Michael their Son20
George their Son17
Frederic their Son10
Thomas Gray Labourer63
Males5Females 1Total6
80Robert Colman Cordwainer42Charlotte his Wife481T
Robert their Son16Charlotte their Daughter14
Barnard Punt his Apprentice15Harriett their Daughter12
Males3Females 3Total6
[Page 45 follows]
Winfarthing Street
81Samuel Musk Grocer46Mary his Wife461T
Charles their Son9Mary Ann Daughter15
Eliza Daughter1
Males2Females 3Total5
[Page 46 follows]
82Henry Sargent Labourer40Sophia his Wife371A
Louisa Fuller7
Males1Females 2Total3
83Richard Cullum Labourer26Sarah his Wife221A
Males1Females 1Total2
[Page 47 follows]
84James Capes Labourer29Maria his Wife272A
Frederick their Son7Susanna their Daughter5
John their Son3
Charles their Son1
Charles Pinching Yeoman57
Males5Females 2Total7
85Thomas Driver Wheelwright28Elizabeth his Wife231T
Jonas their Son2
Robert Do an Infant
Males3Females 1Total4
[Page 48 follows]
86Philip Barham Tailor24Rhoda his Wife231T
James Reynolds his Apprentice15Rhoda their Daughter1
Males2Females 2Total4
87Jonathan Wood Innkeeper49Mary his Wife391T
Elizabeth Witton Single Woman18
Alice Jolley Servant14
Males1Females 3Total4
[Page 49 follows]
88Edmund West Yeoman45Arabella his Wife301A
Samuel Ellsey his Servant21Ann Cobb their Servant15
Edmund West sen Gent72Julia Wale6
Alexander Ebben Servant18Mary Howe9
Males4Females 4Total8
[Page 50 follows]
89John Harrison Woolcomber58Elizabeth Driver Widow601T
Pat Tuffield Widow59
James Driver Cordwainer30Mary his Wife242T
Edward Baker his Apprentice15
Males3Females 3Total6
90John Chapman Labourer60Ann his Daughter81A
John their Son10Maria his Daughter6
Males2Females 2Total4
[Page 51 follows]
91Joseph Ellsey Labourer50Mary his Wife521A
Thomas Balls Labourer22
Males2Females 1Total3
92William Holmes Sawyer26Mary his Wife251T
Thomas their Son3Alice their Daughter an Infant
Males2Females 2Total4
[Page 52 follows]
93John Garrard junr Labourer35Hannah his Wife371A
Keziah their Daughter14
Eliza their Daughter12
Ann their Daughter5
Hannah their Daughter3
Males1Females 5Total6
94Joshua Jolley Labourer54Alice his Wife501A
Bowers their Son12Rebecca their Daughter19
Robert their Son9Elizabeth Daughter3
John their Son8Mary Ann their GrandDaughter3
Charles Abbott Labourer33
Males5Females 4Total9
[Page 53 follows]
95Isaac Landsell Blacksmith34Amelia his Wife251T
Charles Edward Isaac their Son6
John George Do4
Jeremiah Browne Do An Infant
Thomas Reeve Apprentice19
Males5Females 1Total6
96William Rudd Labourer26Elizabeth his Wife251A
William their Son1Sophia their Daughter4
Susanna their Daughter An Infant
Mary Ann Stevenson Single Woman481N
Martha her Daughter17
Males2Females 5Total7
[Page 54 follows]
97Samuel Ellsey Labourer47Sophia his Wife461A
Cain their Son6Eliza their Daughter14
Louisa Do10
Lois Do3
Males2Females 4Total6
98Samuel Wright Cordwainer24Susanna Wright Widow522T
William their Son1Mary Ann his Wife26
Zephaniah Wright Cordwainer20Naamah Wright12
Nememiah Wright Do17
Naaman Wright Do15
Males5Females 3Total8
[Page 55 follows]
The Workhouse
99William Ebben Governer49Temperance his Wife461T
William Ebben junr Labourer22
Males2Females 1Total3
Robert Dixon Labourer29Martha his Wife281A
Robert their Son7Harriett their Daughter1
John their Son4
Males3Females 2Total5
Daniel Clarke Brazier591T
[Page 56 follows]
Maintained in the Workhouse
Ann Ellsey Widow801N
John Steward Davey4Frances Davey Single Woman391N
William Frost Labourer62Mary his Wife541A
Daniel their Son10
Jonathan Brunning Labourer58Mary his Wife54
Samuel their Son14Mary the Wife of D Clarke75
David Frost Labourer23Elizabeth his Wife501A
John Crowe Wheelwright66Mary Ann Gray3
John their Wife[sic]9Bridgett Barker Widow771N
William Gray Labourer13Sarah Abbott Single Woman211A
Jeremiah Frost Labourer14Susanna her Daughter1
Mary Ann Hardy10
Males10Females 11 3N 3ATotal21
[Page 57 follows]
100Edward Browne Cordwainer26Harriett his Wife251T
Robert Philip their Son1
Males2Females 1Total3
101Thomas Davey Carpenter43Ann his Wife431T
Ellis their Son21Eliza their Daughter9
Daniel Do15Elizabeth An Infant
Nelson Do12
Ezekiel Do11
Nathan Do-
Males6Females 3Total9
[Page 58 follows]
102William Ellis Labourer37Sarah his Wife301A
William their Son8
James Do2
Males3Females 1Total4
103Edmund Ellsey Labourer37Mary Ellsey Widow651A
Mary Ellsey Single Woman26
Males1Females 2Total3
[Page 59 follows]
104John Chaney Husbandman50Sarah his Wife501A
John Davey Labourer70
John Sharman Carpenter25
John Harrison Millwright22
Males4Females 1Total5
104Philip Browne Clerk55Mary his Wife481N
James Reeve their Grandson2Mary Elizabeth Browne Single Woman19
Charles Edwards Browne Linen Weaver28
Males7Females 3Total10
[Page 60 follows]
105John Salter junr Linen Weaver48Rhoda his Wife441T
John their Son10Rhoda their Daughter23
Edward their Son8Matilda their Daughter19
William their Son6Susanna their Daughter16
Sarah their Daughter13
Elizabeth their Daughter3
Males4Females 6Total10
106John Miller Labourer41Elizabeth his Wife391A
Mary their Daughter13
Lucy their Daughter10
Sarah their Daughter7
Eliza their Daughter3
Harriett their Daughter1
Males1Females 6Total7
[Page 61 follows]
107Robert Woods Yeoman57Dinah his Wife491A
Robert Woods junr Yeoman22Mary Woods Single Woman24
Robert Hubbard Servant20Sarah Eliz. Livick2
Hezekiah Dixon Servant15Elizabeth Roper12
Males4Females 4Total8
108James Burch Veterinary Surgeon25Eleanor his Wife401T
John Henry Frankland Briten12
Males2Females 1Total3
[Page 62 follows]
109John Glandfield Carpenter45Martha his Wife471T
Robert Glandfield Carpenter35Mary Woodcock their Servant14
John Jolly Servant23
Males3Females 2Total5
110Thomas James Labourer31Mary his Wife261A
John their Son1Sarah their Daughter31N
Esther Moore Single Woman39
Males2Females 3Total5
111William Cobb Yeoman60Elizabeth his Wife501A
John Moore his Servant22Sophia Barker their Servant20
Thomas Miller Do14
Males3Females 2Total5

[End of Census Document]

Surnames which have appeared since 1811

Aston (35)
Banham (21)
Boales (41)
Bolton (2)
Braizeworth (41)
Brazeworth (41)
Brunning (1,56)
Burch (61)
Canfer (2)
Cooke (3)
Crowe (56)
Dennis (17)
Ebben (49,55)
Ellsegood (17)
Everett (15)
Euston (2)
Fuller (46)
Gardner (36)
Gibson (43)
Gooderham (18,23)
Gratey (42)
Green (24)
Hawes (33,43)
Holmes (51)
Howe (49)
Hubbard (61)
Hunt (17)
Keat (42)
Landsell (53)
Leggett (3,11)
Lister (23)
Livick (61)
Macro (34)
Moggs (3)
Mollett (43)
Mundford (40)
Murrell (3)
Musk (44)
Pilgrim (18)
Punt (44)
Reynolds (48)
Rivett (13)
Rudd (33,53)
Sargent (46)
Self (3)
Sexton (38)
Sharman (59)
Sparrow (40)
Stubbings (21)
Turner (20)
Ulston (2)
Wale (49)
Warren (2)
West (49)

Surnames which have gone since 1811


Surnames which have changed (or gone/appeared) since 1811

Abbot/Abbott (52,56)
Atkins/Atkyne (18)
Briton/Briten (61)
Brown/Browne (1,15,28,57,59)
Catermoul/Catermole (10)
Garradd (16)/Garrard (3,
    5,24,52)/Garrodd (15,23)
Jolly/Jolley (34,48,52)


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