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Norfolk: Winfarthing

Census: 1801

Winfarthing is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1801 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 78/77 or Microform with the reference MF/RO 588/4] is on a number of sheets of paper.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Census available

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page numbers which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Be aware that spelling varied so that eg. Garradd/Garrard/Garrodd may all be the same family.

Abbott (13,17,18)
Aggs (6)
Algar (3)
Andrews (12)
Angel (12)
Annis (16)
Aston (20)
Atkins (2,3,14)
Bacon (15)
Baker (6,15,18,20)
Balls (17,19)
Banks (12)
Barham (3)
Barker (16)
Barkerway (22)
Bartram (15)
Batley (10)
Bennett (8,9)
Betts (6,12)
Blake (2)
Braiseworth (12)
Browne (1,5,17)
Buck (4)
Bullock (4,17,19)
Capes (4,5,21,22)
Catchpole (5)
Cattermoul (18)
Chaney (11,12,17,18,20)
Chapman (21,22)
Chase (16)
Chinery (6)
Clarkson (17,19)
Cobb (16,23)
Colman (15)
Copping (23)
Corbold (1)
Crisp (20,22)
Cullum (1,13)
Davey (17)
Dixon (19)
Doggett (1,6)
Driver (22)
Dye (1)
Edwards (16)
Ellis (3,6,8,11,16,18)
Ellsey (7,10,13,17,18,19,20)
Etheridge (1)
Filby (4)
Fox (8)
Frost (19)
Fulcher (3,11,21)
Fuller (3)
Gapp (18)
Garrard (20)
Garrodd (7,10)
George (5)
Glandfield (16)
Gray (5,6)
Harrison (22)
Hart (1,20,21)
Holmes (16)
Howard (3)
James (1,5,20)
Jessupp (4,12)
Jillson (13)
Johnson (13)
Jolley (11,12)
Kerry (4,21)
Knights (7)
Last (18)
Leech (21)
Lincoln (12,20)
Macro (14)
Malum (4)
Mickleburgh (16)
Moggs (22)
Moor (15)
Moore (6,11)
Mullinger (8,20)
Musk (16)
Newman (23)
Nichols (3)
Nicholson (14)
Noble (13)
Parker (1,13,14,18)
Parkins (14)
Payn (9)
Peck (8)
Pilgrim (21)
Porcher (17,21)
Porritt (13)
Potter (14)
Pritty (2)
Punt (3)
Quantrell (3)
Read (11)
Reeve (7,9,14)
Riches (1)
Roper (8)
Rose (16)
Rowing (1)
Royal (18)
Saltar (15,17)
Sayer (9)
Serjent (5)
Smith (9,18)
Snelling (17)
Spurling (14)
Spurlings (14)
Stevenson (18)
Thurlow (2,14)
Turner (20)
Turvey (12)
Tyrell (11)
Venner (16)
Vincent (8,15)
Ward (6)
Websdale (10)
Wilson (1)
Witton (7,10,18,23)
Woodcock (13)
Woods (17)
Woodward (10)
Wragg (10,17)
Wright (1,10,14)

The Census

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

This contains the following information :-

In pursuance of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the Forty First year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the instituted An Act for taking an Account of the Population of Great Britain and of the Increase or Diminution thereof the following is an account of the Number of the Houses and Inhabitants of the Parish Winfarthing within the Hundred of Diss in the County of Norfolk taken from House to House the Fourth Day of March 1801 by Philip Browne Deputy Overseer of the said Parish

No of Houses and Inhabitants
10th March 1801 by
Philip Browne, Deputy Overseer.

[Page 1 follows]

Descrip & No H1 Males H2 Females Nm Nf A T NO
The Little Park
The Little Park FarmJeremiah Doggett FarmerMary his Wife
John his son iElizabeth his Daugh
Jeremiah his son iAnn his Daughter784011
John Rowing iSarah his Daughter
1James Browne his Servt1Mary Wilson Spinster
John Cullum his ServtSarah Riches his Servt
Jonathon Etheridge his ServtMartha Wright his Servt
Rhoda Parker
The Hall Lane
Bonds FarmHenry James FarmerMary Ann his Wife33204
1Thomas Dye his Servt1Happy Hart i
Samuel Hart iElizabeth Corbold his Servant
[Page 2 follows]
Pritty's CottageHannah Atkins Widow
John Thurlow LabourerSarah his Wife32104
1John his son i2
Edmund his son i
Prittys House
Ann Pritty Widow
Osborn Pritty Lab
John Pritty i
Thomas Blake Linen WeaverPhebe his Wife
[Page 3 follows]
The Great Park
Winfarthing LodgeRobt Algar sen FarmerSarah his Wife
Robt Fuller his ServantSarah Howard Single Woman
Wm Nichols his Servant1Harriet Fulcher Single Woman65515
1Francis Quantrell his ServtTabitha Barham his Servt
Nathan Atkins his ServantMary Punt his Servt
Robt Algar jun Attorney at Law
Goose Green
Thurbois FarmBenjamin Ellis FarmerMary his Wife
Richard his son Farm.Sarah his Daughter
1David Atkins his Servant1Mary his Daughter35305
Rhoda his Daughter
Sophia his Daughter
[Page 4 follows]
Filby's Cottages No 11Wm Malum Labourer1Elizabeth his Wife13103
Sarah his Daughter
Sophia his Daughter
No 2Francis Jessupp sen Linen WeaverSarah his Wife
Jemima his Daughter
John his son LabourerLydia his Daughter
Phebe Kerry
Thomas her son i
William her son i
Filby's FarmEdmund Filby FarmerMary his Wife
Edmund his son iMary Anne his Daughter44107
1John his son i1Sarah his Daughter
Mark Buck iMartha Bullock his Servt
Leheup's Cottage
John Capes Linen WeaverSarah his wife64037
John his son Linen WeaverSarah his Daughter
George his son Linen WeaverFrances his Daughter
1James his son i1Lydia his Daughter
Thomas his son i
Edward his son i
[Page 5 follows]
Colls Lane
Tibenham FarmThomas Browne FarmerBridgett his Wife35215
1William Browne Lin. Wea.1Rosa his Daughter
Thomas Gray LabourerMargaret his Daughter
Bridgett his Daughter
Dinah his Daughter
The Back Road
Catchpoles Farm John Catchpole FarmerAnn his Wife44305
John his son iAnn his Daughter
1Henry Serjent his Servt1Elisabeth his Daughter
William Catchpole LabourerMary Capes his Servant
Buxton's FarmSamuel George FarmerMary his Wife33303
1Samuel George jun. Labourer1Elisabeth his Daughter
Willm James ServantMary his Daughter
[Page 6 follows]
The Heath
Windmill RowWillm Ellis LabourerMary his Wife24105
No 11Samuel his son i1Sarah his Daughter
Eliza his Daughter
Mary his Daughter
No 2John Gray LabourerMary his Wife26107
1John his son i1Rebeckah his Daughter
Mary his Daughter
Sarah his Daughter
Charlotte his Daughter
Sarah Baker Single Woman
No 3John Moore LabourerMary his Wife22103
1Edmund his son1Elizabeth his Daughter
The Lords new FarmDaniel Doggett FarmerIsabella his Wife1066010
William his son iCaroline his Daughter
Edward his son iEmily his Daughter
George his son iSusan Chinery his Servant
1Henry his son i1Sarah Ward his Servant
John Betts son in law Farm.Elisabeth Aggs
[Page 7 follows]
Short Green
Wragg's new Building
No 1John Reeve LabourerMary his Wife32104
1Thomas his son i1Sarah his Daughter
John his son i
No 21
Town Houses No 1Daniel Garrodd LabrElizabeth his Wife23203
1Jonathan Garrodd Labourer2Susanna his Wife
Charlotte his Daughter

No 2Joseph Witton LabourerLucy his Wife24105
1Joshua his son i1Eliza his Daughter
Mary his Daughter
Ann his Daughter
Johnson CottagesWilliam Ellsey sen Lin WeaRebeckah his Wife55118
Hannah Knights Single Woman
Robert Ellsey LabourerLucy his Wife
Thomas his son iLucy his Daughter
1Samuel his son i2Mary his Daughter
James his son i
[Page 8 follows]
Georges Cottage
No 1William Peck LabourerElizabeth his Wife15105
11Eliz his Daughter
Mary his Daughter
Lydia his Daughter
Ann his Daughter
No 21James Mullinger Sen Labourer1Elizabeth Mullinger Single Woman11101
Meeting HouseJohn Roper CarpenterElizabeth his Wife35017
1Stephen his son i1Elizabeth his Daughter
James his son iSarah his Daughter
Susanna his Daughter
Mary his Daughter
Fox's HouseJames Fox Linen WeaverHannah his Wife32032
1William Ellis Linen Weaver1Celia Vincent his Servant
John Fox Linen Weaver
Fox's Cottages1James Bennett Labourer1Rachel his Wife12102
Judith his Daughter
[Page 9 follows]
Cunninghams Cottages
No 111Dinah Reeve Widow01001
No 21Jonathan Bennett Labourer1Martha his Wife11101
No 3Wm Smith Linen WeaverLucy his Wife36018
1Simon his son i2Elizabeth his Daughter
William his son iSusanna his Daughter
Mary his Daughter
Rebeckah Sayer Single Woman
Keziah her Daughter
Harts FarmJohn Payn Sen FarmerCharlotte his Wife24114
1John Payn jun Linen Weaver1Charlotte his Daughter
Elizabeth his Daughter
Letitia his Daughter
Kent's HouseFrancis Reeve LabourerMary his Wife14104
11Mary his Daughter
Sarah his Daughter
Dinah his GrandDaughr
[Page 10 follows]
Coppings HousesWilliam Woodward LabrElizabeth Woodward24204
No 11John Woodward Lab.1Lydia her Daughter
Ruth her Daughter
Orpah her Daughter
No 2William Wright Sen LabourerDeborah his Daughter31121
1John Wright Linen Weaver1
Jacob Wright Linen Weaver
Walpole's FarmJonathan Wragg FarmerAnn his Wife45306
1Ellis his son i1Matilda his Daughter
Robert Websdale his ServantAnn his Daughter
Robert Witton his ServantSusanna his Daughter
Mary Garrodd his Servant
Rudd's FarmThomas Wragg FarmerSusanna his Wife24204
1Samuel Batley his Servant1Susanna his Daughter
Elizabeth his Daughter
Elizabeth Ellsey his Servt
[Page 11 follows]
Ellis Wragg's Cottages
No 1Isaac Moore LabourerEsther his Daughter31301
1Daniel Moore Labourer1
Austin Moore Labourer
No 2Henry Chaney jun LabourerElizabeth his Wife52205
1Henry his son Labourer1Susanna his Daughter
Edmund his son i
William his son i
John his son i
No 3William Fulcher LabourerMary his Wife32104
1Shallum his son i1Ruth his Daughter
Eli his son i
Wragg's HouseThomas Read Goose DealerElizabeth his Wife12012
11Alice Ellis Single Woman
Pilgrims CottageRachel Jolley Widow[crossed out]04004
Vertue her Daughter
Margaret her Daughter
1Mary her Daughter
Elizabeth Tyrell Single Woman
[Page 12 follows]
Wood's HousesFrancis Jessupp jun WhitsterSarah his Wife25016
No 11Jesse his son iCharity his Daughter
Caroline his Daughter
1Faithful his Daughter
Sarah Andrews
No 21John Angel Labourer1Sarah Betts12102
Mary her Daughter
No 3Joshua Jolley LabourerAlice his Wife14104
11Mary his Daughter
Maria his Daughter
Margaret Lincoln Single Woman
No 4Aaron Banks LabourerAnn his Wife31103
1Moses his son i1
Aaron his son i
No 5John Chaney LabourerSarah his Wife31112
1John his son i1
John Turvey Cordwainer
No 6Robert Braiseworth LabourerSarah his Wife13103
11Ann his Daughter
Mary his Daughter
[Page 13 follows]
Johnsons FarmChristopher Johnson FarmerMary his Wife46307
Christopher his son iMary his Daughter
1Mark Noble his Servant1Sarah his Daughter
Charles Abbott his ServantDinah his Daughter
Elisabeth his Daughter
Ann his Daughter
John Pilgrim's CottagesRobert Cullum LabourerThomasin his Wife34205
No 11Mary his Daughter
2Ann his Daughter
John Jillson LabourerSarah his Wife
Samuel his son i
No 2William Ellsey jun LabourerLydia his Wife33204
Ann his Daughter
1Daniel Ellsey Labourer1Lydia his Daughter
Thomas his son i
The Old OakRobert Parker VictuallerElizabeth his Wife46127
Mary Ann his Daughter
1James Woodcock Labourer2Phillis Ellsey his Servant
Martin Porritt WheelwrightLydia his Wife
Michael his son iMary his Daughter
Mary Porritt Widow
[Page 14 follows]
Nicholson's CottagesWilliam Wright jun CordwainerSusannah his Wife62125
No 1William Parker Cordwainer
Thomas Parkins i
1Samuel Wright i2
Zephaniah Wright in
Paul Potter LabourerElizabeth his Wife
No 2John Spurling LabourerLucy his Wife33105
1Daniel his son i1Lucy his Daughter
Robert Thurlow his son iSarah Spurlings Single
Elliott's FarmNoah Nicholson FarmerSusanna his Wife23104
1Tezah his son i1Elizabeth Atkins his Servant
Mary Macro
Baker's CottagesRighteous Reeve ThatcherSarah his Wife22013
No 11Robert his son i1Harriett his Daughter
No 21Jacob Wright Labourer1Sarah his Wife11101
[Page 15 follows]
Jonathan Wraggs No 1Isaac Moor LabourerBridgett his Wife33105
Cottages1Isaac his son i1Elizabeth his Daughter
George his son iMary his Daughter
No 2John Saltar Sen TailorAnn his Wife22022
1Wm Saltar Tailor1Lydia his Daughter
Baker's FarmHenry Baker Farmer44314
Robert Baker Linen Weaver
1Edward Baker FarmerLydia his Wife
Margaret his Daughter
Thomas Vincent his Servant2Ann his Daughter
Susanna Bacon his Servant
Algar's CottageRichd Colman Sen Linen WeaverSarah his Wife52052
Robert Colman Linen Weaver
1Richd Colman jun Linen Weaver2
Thomas Colman Linen Weaver
Michael Bartram TailorSarah his Wife
[Page 16 follows]
The Street
Eaton's FarmWilliam Cobb FarmerElizabeth his Wife22202
1Philip Musk his Servant1Charlotte Chase his Servant
Ellis's Cottage1Thomas Ellis Labourer1Bridgett Barker his Servant11101
Glandfield's HousesThomas Holmes HatchellerAlice his Wife63027
No 1John his son HatchellerElizabeth his Daughter
1Thomas his son i1Lucy his Daughter
William his son i
Samuel his son i
Robert his son i
No 2John Glandfield CarpenterMartha his Wife32023
1Robert Glandfield Carpenter1Lucy Annis Single Woman
Clarke Rose
Briton's FarmJohn Mickleburgh FarmerHannah Edwards his Servant32302
1Luke Venner his Servant1Susanna Edwards his Servant
George Edwards his Servant
[Page 17 follows]
Wood's FarmRobert Woods FarmerDinah his Wife34205
1Robert his son i1Mary his Daughter
William Ellsey his ServantSarah his Daughter
Rebeckah Balls his Servant
Wilson's HouseJohn Saltar Hatchellor24024
1Robert Abbott Hatchellor2Rhoda his Wife
Rhoda his Daughter
Mary Anne his Daughter
Elizabeth Wragg Widow
The Rectory HousesPhilip Browne ScrivenerMary his Wife102417
No 1Charles his son i
Horatio his son i
Edward his son i
Philip his son i2
1Thomas Snelling i
Henry Chaney Sen LabourerSarah his Wife
John Davey Labourer
Francis Bullock Labourer
George Clarkson jun Labourer
No 2Benjamin Ellsey Linen WeaverMary his Wife44116
1Codlin his son i1Lydia his Daughter
Edward his son iMary his Daughter
William Porcher LabourerPhebe his Daughter
[Page 18 follows]
The Lords Old FarmRichard Royal FarmerCharlotte his Wife54306
Robert his son iMary Parker Single Woman
1William Royal his kinsman i1Emma Gapp
Robert Chaney his ServantPhebe Cattermoul
William Witton his Servant
Ellis's Cottages No 11George Smith Hatcheller1Judith his Wife12012
Catherine Smith Widow
No 21Humphrey Smith CordwainerElizabeth Ellis Widow22013
Matthew his son i2Kezia his Wife
The Town Houses No 1Goodyer Abbott Linen WeaverSarah his Wife7101115
Francis his son iElizabeth his Daughter
John his son i
1Ann Last Widow
Martha her Daughter
5Harriet her Daughter
Samuel Ellsey LabourerSophia his Wife
Samuel his son i
Abel his son i
Robert her son iMary Stevenson Single Woman
Elizabeth her Daughter
Mary Baker Single Woman
Mary her Daughter
[Page 19 follows]
No 2Edward Bullock LabourerDorothy Bullock Widow32104
1Elijah his son i
3Ann Ellsey Widow
John Ellsey past Labourer
No 3William Dixon LabourerElizabeth his Wife43205
1Thomas his son Labourer1Susanna his Daughter
Robert his son iEsther his Daughter
John his son i
No 4George Clarkson LabourerElizabeth his Wife33204
1John Clarkson Labourer1Elizabeth his Daughter
William his son iSarah his Daughter
No 5William Frost LabourerMary his Wife72108
William his son iRebeckah his Daughter
1Isaac his son i
Zachariah his son i1
David his son i
James his son i
Samuel his son i
No 61Charles Balls Past Labourer1Rose his Wife11002
[Page 20 follows]
Woods's Cottages No 11John Crisp Labourer1Elizabeth Lincoln13103
Margaret her Daughter
Mary her Daughter
No 2Joseph Ellsey LabourerMary his Wife42105
1Aldhouse his son i
Samuel his son2Elizabeth Baker Single Woman
Stephen her son
No 31Ann Aston Single Woman01001
Blacksmith's Row No 1Susanna Chaney Widow14005
1William her son i1Ann her Daughter
Mary her Daughter
Eliza her Daughter
No 2John Hart Linen WeaverSarah James Widow43016
1William Turner i2Mary Ann her Daughter
Thomas JamesElizabeth her Daughter
John James
No 3James Mullinger jun Linen WeaverAnn his Wife56317
1George his son iElizabeth his Daughter
John Garrard Labourer3Susanna his Daughter
George Garrard LabourerEliz Ellsey
Robert Garrard LabourerAnn her Daughter
Sarah her Daughter
[Page 21 follows]
No 4John Kerry BlacksmithEsther his Wife73046
James Kerry BlacksmithMary his Daughter
John Kerry BlacksmithLydia his Daughter
1Bullen Chapman Blacksmith1
Benjamin Kerry i
Berridge Kerry i
George Kerry i
No 5John Porcher Linen WeaverMary his Wife22013
1Henry his son i1Mary Hart
Pilgrim's FarmThomas Pilgrim FarmerElizabeth his Wife32203
1Thomas Fulcher i1
Robert Capes his ServantMary Leech his Servant
[Page 22 follows]
Chapman's ShopJohn Chapman GrocerElizabeth his Daughter34016
1Stephen his son i1Mary Anne his Daughter
Thomas his son i
Mary Anne Chapman Single Woman
Phebe Capes his Servant
Driver's HouseJames Driver iElizabeth Driver Widow56038
Thomas Driver iRebeckah Crisp Widow
1John Harrison Wool Comber2
William Moggs Linen Weaver
Robert Barkerway CordwainerEsther his Wife
Sarah his Daughter
Hannah his Daughter
Mary his Daughter
[Page 23 follows]
The Fighting CocksWilliam Copping InholderElizabeth his Wife43403
1Matthew Witton his Servant1Ann Cobb his Servant
John Newman LabourerSarah Witton Single Woman
William Witton Servant

[Page 24 follows]

[Description] [Number]
Houses    88
Families  114
Males  276
Females  289


Agriculture  116
Trades    54
No Occupation  395

Total  565 Persons

[End of Census Document]


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