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Norfolk: West Walton

Francis White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk and the City and County of the City of Norwich 1854

[Transcription copyright © Basil Rix]

WEST WALTON, 3 miles N.N.E. of Wisbeach & 12 miles S.W. by W. of Lynn, is a large village and parish, which includes 205 houses, 999 souls, and 5,169a. 1r. 20p. of land, of which 600 acres are on the west side of the Nene, in the Isle of Ely.  The Queen is lady of the manor of West Melton-cum-Membris, for which Edw. Jackson, Esq. is steward.  The Rev. C.H. Townshend is lord of Coleraine manor, and the Executors of Capt. Trafford are lords of Colville manor, who, with the Rev. Jno. Lubbock, and many others, have estates here.

The Church, dedicated to St. Mary, is an elegant structure, in the early English style, with a massive, but beautiful tower, standing detached at the distance of 22 yards to the south, which contains five bells.  The organ was presented to the church some years ago by the Rev. E.E. Blencowe.

The rectory is in two medieties; that of Walton Elien is valued in the King’s book at £16, and the tithes are commuted for £572 17s. 4d.; and Walton Lewis is valued in the King’s book at £16 13s. 4d., and the tithes are commuted for £802 2s. 8d. The former is in the gift of the Crown, and incumbency of the Rev. E.E. Blencowe, B.A.; and the latter is in the patronage of the Rev. C.H. Townshend, and enjoyed by the Rev. Demetrius P. Calliphronas, M.A., who has a pleasant residence.  A good rectory house was built some years ago for the mediety of Walton Elien.

The Primitive Methodists have a chapel here.

The Free School is endowed with the dividends of £753 16s. 8d., three per cent consols, left by My. Dales, in 1793, for the education of poor children, and is at the present under the superintendance of the Rev. D.P. Calliphronas: 24 children are educated free.  It was held in the church vestry till the completion of the National Schools, in 1844, which were erected at an expense of £430, on land given by the Rev. E.E. Blencowe, who also erected a neat Chapel of Ease, at Fen End, in 1851; it is also used as a school, where about 50 children are taught, part of whom receive the benefit of the Free School charity.

A Baptist Chapel was built at Fen-end, in 1849, at the cost of £180.

The Poor’s estate, given by unknown donors at an early period, consists of the Ferry house, and 19a. 1r. 30p. of land in this parish, and 10a. 2r. in Walpole St. Peter let at rents amounting to £80 17s. per annum, which is distributed among the poor who have not received parochial aid during the preceding 12 months.

In the following directory those marked 1 are at Fen End; 2 on the Smeeth, and thus * are freeholders.

POST OFFICE at Susannah Batch’s. Letters arrive at 9 a.m., and are despatched at 6 p.m. in the summer, and 4 in the winter.

   Amis Saml, vet. surgeon
   Bates Mrs Sarah
   Blencowe Rev. Edw. E. B.A. rector of Walton Elien
   Calliphronas Rev. Demetrius P. M.A. rector of Walton Lewes
   Copeman Jno. par. clk
   Cross Edw. Chas. auctioneer and land valuer
1 Crow Richd. bricklayer
   Ferrar Jno. Alex. National school
   Horsley Robt. bricklayer
   Linthwaite Hy. farm bailiff
   Rose Jno. farm bailiff
   Skinner Young, relieving officer
   Taylor Robt. farm bailiff
   Ward Wm. farm bailiff

      Inns & Taverns.
   Dam House, Jno. Hudson
   King of Hearts, Geo. Shippey
   Queen of Trumps, Jas Hardy
1 Robin Hood, Thos. Haynes
2 Three Jolly Farmers, W Goodly
   Goddard Walter
   Fairey Fredk.

   Cammock Mk
1 Disdel Thos.
1 Gathergood R.
1 Hall Wm.
   Harrod Jno.
      (& ferryman)

   Harrold Jph.
   Herring Jph.

   Clark Jno.
   Hardy Jas.

      Corn Millers.
1 Dobbs Jno.
   Goddard Waltr

1 Adams Rd.
   Amis Saml.
* Barrows Jacob
* Butcher Jno.
1*Coe Geo.
      Woodland Cottage
1 Collins Geo.
* Cowling Thos.
   Cross Ed. Chas.
* Culy, Isaac
   Dobbs Jno.
2 Drew Robt.
   Edgoose Patnee
1*Farrin Jno.
   French Edw.
   Garton Thos.
   Goodley Wm.
   Greeves T. jun.
1 Handley Jno.
1 Harper Hphry.
* Harrod Edw.
1 Herbert Jph.
1*Hewson Wm.
* Howes Jno.
   Hubbard Thos.
2 Humphrey Jno.
   Johnson Jph.
1*Murfitt Robt.
1*Nelson Ambrs.
   Porter Batty
1 Porter Jas.
1 Porter J.& Son
* Porter Johnson
1 Porter Mary
* Pratt Wm.
      Hill House
   Robberts Robt.
1 Sleight Jas.
1 Stockdale Rich.
      Harps House
1*Taylor Benj.
   Taylor Rd.
1 Thompson Jno.
1*Watts Thos.
* Wright Jas.
      Dickson House
   Dawson Jno.
1 Newberry Jas.
   Batch Susannah
   Clarke Jno.

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