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Norfolk: West Walton

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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WEST WALTON is a considerable village near the Roman Bank, 3 miles N.N.E. of Wisbech, and 12 miles S.W. by W. of Lynn. Its extensive parish has augmented its population since the year 1801, from 513 to 954 souls, and comprises many scattered houses, and 5,516A. 3R. 30P. of land, including a large portion of the Smeeth and Fen, from 4 to 5 miles S.E. of the village, (see page 564 [which is the entry for Freebridge Marshland hundred],) and 600 acres on the west side of the Nene, in the Isle of Ely.

The Queen is lady of the manor of West Walton-cum-Membris, held by leaseholders and copyholders on fines certain. J. Wing, Esq., of Wisbech, is the steward. But part of the parish is in Newton Colville manor, of which Capt. Trafford is lord; and in Coleraine manor, of which the Rev. C.H. Townshend is lord. Capt. Trafford, John Bellamy, Esq., and many others, have estates here.

The CHURCH, dedicated to St. Mary, is a beautiful free-stone structure, of the purest early English architecture; consisting of a nave, north and south aisles, a chancel, and a massive but elegant tower, with five bells, standing detached at a distance of 22 yards to the south. The exterior of the tower is covered with arches, niches, and clustered columns; and the church exhibits many similiar specimens. The columns and arches which divide the nave and aisles, are lofty and beautiful. The shafts are of Purbeck marble, enclosing a stone centre, and the capitals are enriched with flowers and other ornaments. Under a tabernacle on the north side of the chancel lies the effigy of a priest. The organ was presented to the church a few years ago, by the Rev. E.E. Blencowe.

The RECTORY is in two medieties, viz:- WALTON ELIEN, valued in the King's Book at £16, and in 1831, at £404; and WALTON LEWES, valued in the King's Book at £16 13s. 4d., and in 1831, at £747. The former is in the gift of the Crown, and incumbency of the Rev. E.E. Blencowe, B.A.; and the latter is in the patronage of the Rev. C.H. Townshend, and incumbency of the Rev. Atwill Lake, M.A., who has a pleasant residence. A neat Rectory House has recently been erected for the mediety of Walton Elien, which was previously without a parsonage house. The tithes of the whole parish were commuted in 1839 for £1,374 6s. per annum.

In the parish is a Primitive Methodist Chapel, built in 1833.

The FREE SCHOOL is endowed with the dividends of £753 16s. 8d. three per cent. Consols, left by Mrs. Mary Dales, in 1793, for the education of poor children. It was kept in the church vestry till the completion of the National School, lately erected, with a house for the master, at the cost of £430, on land, given by the Rev. E.E. Blencowe.

The POOR'S ESTATE, given at an early period, by unknown donors, consists of the Ferry house, and 16A. 3R. 24P. of land, in this parish; and 10A. 2R. in Walpole St. Peter, let at rents, amounting to £67 10s. per annum, which is distributed amongst those poor parishioners who have not received parochial aid during the preceding 12 months. They have also a yearly rent charge of £4 15s., out of Capt. Trafford's estate, as is supposed, in consideration of 2A. 3R. in Newland Field, formerly let with the poor's land. Two yearly rent charges of 20s. each, left by persons named Darling and Harvey, have not been paid since 1827.

In the following Directory of West Walton Parish, those marked 1, are at Fen-End; 2, on the Smeeth; and * are owners.

	   Blencowe   Rev. Edward       rector of Walton Elien,
	                Everard, B.A.     and rural dean
	   Fisher     Jacob             parish clerk
	   Horsler    Robert            bricklayer
	   Lake       Rev. Atwill, M.A. rector of Walton Lewes
	   Lawrence   William           schoolmaster
	   Taylor     Joshua            wheelwright

	                    PUBLIC HOUSES.

	   Shippey    George            King of Hearts
	   Hardy      James             Queen of Trumps
	1  Haynes     Thomas            Robin Hood
	2  Lavender   Jas.              Three Jolly Farmers

	      Beer Houses.                 Blacksmiths.

	1  Cammock    M.                Granger    Henry
	1  Fundry     William           Rilett     William
	1  Gathergood Rt.
	   Stork      John                 Corn Millers.
	   Thornton   Samuel
	                             1  Dobbs      John
	                                Scott      Edward


	   Apsey      Thomas            Hubbard    T., jun.,
	 * Bates      Thomas                         Roman Bank
	1* Bell       Joseph         1  Humphrey   Thos.
	   Bellamy    William           Johnson    Edmund
	1  Buck       James             Medworth   Simon
	   Catlin     Widow             Murfitt    Robert
	   Clark      Mary              Nelson     John
	2  Clifton    Robert            Oldfield   John
	   Coker      Charles        1  Pitcher    Benj.
	1  Collins    George            Porter     Batby
	2  Cott       James           * Porter     James
	   Cross      Edw. Chas.     1* Porter     John
	   Edgoose    Rt. & Co.       * Porter     Johnson
	1  Farrin     John            * Pratt      William
	   Farrin     John, jun.        Skinner    Young
	1  Fisher     William           Sleight    James
	   Foster     Widow             Taylor     Benjamin
	1  Fundry     Alice             Thompson   John
	   Garton     Thomas         1* Watts      James
	   Hall       Thomas            Watts      Thomas
	1  Handley    John              Wilcocks   Wm.
	   Hewson     William        1  Woods      Michael
	   Hill       James             Wright     James,
	1  Hubbard    Thos.                          Dixon-end

	      Shoe Makers.                 Shopkeepers.

	   Camps      John              Clark      John
	   Yallup     John              Smith      William

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