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Norfolk: Walpole St Peter

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Walpole St Peter is about 5 miles N.E. of Wisbech.
Walpole St Andrew and Walpole St Peter are known as The Walpoles.
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Church History

Church of St Peter
Description and pictures.
Church of St Peter
Description of the bells and picture of the church.
Church of St Peter
Picture of the font.
The Fen and Marshland Churches
This includes Walpole St Peter.
See Walsoken.

Description and Travel

The Walpoles Parish Council
Councillors, meetings, etc.
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Walpole, Reginald Charles
The Walpole Villages and their People.
[ISBN 0721205615, London, Regency Press, 1979]

Land and Property

Great Britain: Statute
Walpole Inclosure Act, 1789.
An act for embanking the common salt marsh within the township of Walpole, in the county of Norfolk: and for dividing and inclosing the same, and several other commons within the said township.
Great Britain. Inclosure Commissioners
Statement of claims: Marshland Smeeth and Marshland Fen: second list of claims.
Drawn up in pursuance of the Act of Inclosure, 1796.
Emneth 10 claims; Walsoken 8 claims; West Walton 4 claims; Walpole Saint Peter 6 claims; Terrington Saint Clement 2 claims; Terrington Saint John 2 claims; Tilney All Saints 1 claim; Tilney Saint Lawrence 1 claim; Clenchwarton 1 claim.
Marshland Enclosure Act, 1796.
An act for draining and improving, and for inclosing, dividing, and allotting, certain tracts of common and waste lands, called Marshland Smeeth and Marshland Fen, lying within the country of Marshland, in the county of Norfolk; and for stinting and regulating the stocking, feeding, and depasturing, of the said Smeeth and Fen, until the inclosure, division, and allotment thereof.
(This covers the parishes of Clenchwarton, Emneth, Terrington St Clement, Terrington St John, Tilney All Saints, Tilney St Lawrence, Tilney with Islington, Walpole St Andrew, Walpole St Peter, Walsoken and West Walton).
[London, George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1796]
Great Britain: Statute
Walpole Inclosure Act, 1832.
An act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing certain open common salt marshes in the township of Walpole in the county of Norfolk: 1st August 1832.
[London, George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode, 1832]
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Military Records

Roll of Honour
World Wars 1 and 2.

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