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Norfolk: Tuttington

Overseers' Payments: 1804-09

Tuttington raised money at various times, to either support its poor (from the Overseers' Rate) or to pay for other parish expenses (from the Churchwardens' Rate). This rate was levied on the occupiers (who may not have owned the land) and based upon the value of the property (which was usually a rental valuation). Both occupiers and owners are found living in and outside the parish.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

This is one item from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 401/34 and microform MF942/14 (starting at frame 991)] containing the Overseers' accounts (1802-1815) of payments to the poor and these are the accounts for Easter 1804 to Michaelmas 1809.

Note that only extracts have been transcribed but this includes most items which mention surnames. Some names occur many times and not all of these are listed here. For more information on all the weekly payments etc. see the NRO document.

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[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

The Disbursements of James Bassingthwaite one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Easter 1804 to Michaelmas following.

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
April 6thWoman Rounce Laying in  5/-
Dec 31stPaid Mr Simpson the Treasurer of Norwich for the mainenance of Benjn Lucas & Willm Jackson up till the 30th of June Last
[Lucas was a substitute in the military for William Randall - see Aug/1803 and March/1804]
June 1stHoward Danl on account of Callomankers?  2/6
June 8thExamination at Blickling with Elizabeth Wright  2/-
Sep 28thPaid for Thurtels? coffin  10/-
Oct 5thPaid James Webster Bill for porter for the poor  11/2
Paid Mr Bulwer for Mutton for Broath for poor  8/4
Paid Moors Bill Shomaker [Shoemaker]2/17/10
Paid Williams Bill for Cladden for the poor5/10/11
Pair Mr Saunders Bill for Doctring (Doctor)10/18/5
Bowell Widow  1/6
Paid Thomas Cully the Clarkes Weages [Wages]  10/6
Two Loads of Turf carring one John Swan the other for Jams Allen  3/-
Paid the Girl Bear? for Doing for her Mother two weeks  1/-
Thos Bishop at need Wife on/as? well  1/-

The Disbursements of Robert Burrows one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Michaelmas 1804 to Easter 1805.

Need payments to :- Widow Thirtle, Amy Dyke's Girl, Edmund Starling, Ann Bean/Bane?,Sarah Dygby

Date Payments Amount
Nov 16thPaid Mr Darments Bill  4/9/-
Paid Mr Cooks for Roger Bean Rent  2/7/-
Paid Mr Amis for Thirtles Rent  3/-/-
Nov 23rdTo two bottles of Gin  5/-
1805- 11th JanPaid Mr Daverson 13 Weeks for Cath Fish  2/12/-
Paid Harmers Bill for Cladding for Swan & Culley  1/8/6
A Bed Tick for John Swan  15/-
Paid Thos Lovick for 5 Weeks for Sarh? Dygby  12/-
Feb 28thWoman Barns and Girl Barns in Horning 
Feb 10thAllowd Mr Michel for Relieving Abram Dike Norwich  10/6
Feb 15thPaid Mr Richard Gedge up to 15 of Febry for the relief of William Jaglies?  13/-
Apr 5thPaid Mr Davidson 13 Weeks for Cath Fish  2/12/-
Apr 12thAnn Bond in need  1/-
Apr 14thPaid Wortley Bill for Cladding for the poor  2/9/11¾
Paid Parmenter Bill for Coals  4/4/-
Paid Doctor Keymer Bill for Attending Abram Dike  6/10/6
Paid Funeral expences  14/-

The Disbursements of William Mitchell one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Easter 1805 to Michaelmas following.

Date Other payments Amount
1805-19th AprMary Bond  1/3
Apr 22ndAllowed for Burial of James Allen  1/-/-
Apr 26thJohn Whiley  4/-
Bishop  2/-
Benj. Armes  2/-
May 3rdJames Woolsey  3/4
Widow Allen  2/6
John Whilley  4/-
Tho Bishop  2/-
June 29Removeing (sic) the Widow Thurtle  2/6
Removing Jos Timbers  2/6
July 9Jagles in Need  10/-
July 12Norwich Collectioners  £ s d
Widow Dyke 1/6 for 13 weeks    19/6
Do Elizabeth Dyke for 13 weeks    19/6
Do A. Dyke for 13 weeks    19/6
Do Mary Dyke 6s for 13 weeks  3/18/0
Sarah Gillingwarter 2/6d for 13 weeks  1/12/6

Repairing the Town House Straw Nine Hundred  1/7/0
Philip Whiley Bill for Thatching  10/6
John Whiley Bill for Clay  1/-
Carriage of Clay  2/6
Jul 26thOrders of Removal of Climson  4/-
John Culleys Examination  1/-
July 31stRemoval of Climson to Stratton Strawley (sic -Strawless)  5/-
Spooners Examination  1/-
A Summons for Climson  1/-
Aug 2Daniel Howard  5/-
Samuel Howard  3/-
Oct 11thMr Saunders Surgeon's bill10/19/0
Clothing the girl Charlotte Dyke and Matt. Digby  2/4/3
Norwich Collectioners :- S. Gillingwater, E Dyke, L. Dyke, A Dyke, Mary Dyke 
Paid Jeckles 
Paid Mr Burrows for J Swan's Rent  1/10/-
Paid for shoes for old Woodrow  5/-
Paid for Maintenance of Militimens [Militia mens] Wives  9/-/-

The Disbursements of William Davidson one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Michaelmas 1805 to Easter 1806.

Date Other payments Amount
Oct 24Removing the Widow Allen  2/6
Paid Edmd Starling 
Oct 29thAllowed J Timbers a pint of Beer for removing Ann Bond   2½
Nov 2Bought a French oven of J Amis for M. Howard  2/-
Nov 8thJames Woolsey 6s & Grandaughter Thurtle 2/6  8/6
Bought Weaving Articles for Robert Hayne, for a Slave 7/- & a Pair of Temples 1/6 ta? Havel & set of shafts 5/6 a Shuttle 4/9 a pair of Boards 1/1/0  1/19/9
Nov 15Paid Mr Eldens Constables Bill  1/6/-
Dec 4Expences attending Spooner  7/-
Orders of Removal of Do  6/-
Dec 6thRemoving Spooner to Alby  7/-
Dec 13Francis Watts  4/-
JanNorwich Collectioners :- A. Gillingwater, Amy Dyke, E. Dyke, L. Dyke, Mary Dyke 
Jan 17Paid J & P Wileys Bill of plastering Widow Swan's House & Allowance of Beer & Thatching  4/1½
Casting filling & Carriage of Clay  1/-
Jan 18J. Cully for digging Swans (J) grave & tolling the Bells  2/6
Feb 13Removing Spooner to Erpingham  5/-
March 5Matthew Howard sore Leg  6d
Mar 30Mr Silences bill for Clothing  2/10/-¼
April 5thCopy of Spooners Examination to carry to the Sessions at Norwich  1/-
April 8thTo 2 Journeys after Spooner 1 to Erpingham & other to Aylsham  2/6

The Disbursements of William Elden one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Easter 1806 to Michaelmas following.

Date Other payments Amount
April 16thPaid (the) Erpingham Overseers Bill and Expences at Norwich relating to Spooner  2/2/-
April 18thSummons for Elizabeth Wright  2/-
Oct 10thremoven the Widow Francis  1/6
Paid Mr Burrows Ann Bonds Rent  1/10/-
Pid for 4 Chaldron of Coals at 1/19/- per Chaldron  7/16/-

The Disbursements of Robert Burrows one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Michaelmas 1806 to Easter 1807.

Date Other payments Amount
Nov 23rdDanl Howard towards his loss of Waving [Weaving] being stolen  5/-
Nov 27thSaml Howard towards his loss of Waving [Weaving] being stolen  5/-
Nov 30thThos Dyke towards his loss of Waving [Weaving] being stolen  5/-
Dec 7thPaid Mr Shreeve for Out/Oat? flights for C. Fish's Bed  6d
Dec 14thAllowed for the burial of Widow Gooch  1/-/-
Dec 16thAllowed Thomas Bishop for the burial of his Girl   5/-
1807 - Jan 9thPaid Mrs Hall for the Girl J Cully & Cloathes to Norwich to? Service  1/-
Apr 1stAllowed S Howard to bury his Wife  1/-/-
Mr Gardner Chapman's Attorneys Bill relating to Spooner Jany 13th 1806  2/13/6

The Disbursements of Willm Davidson one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Easter 1807 to Michaelmas following.

Date Other payments Amount
June 12thSummons for Emanuel Skipper  1/-
July 3rdPaid Maintenance of Militia mans wife & Children 14Wks from Dec 06 
Sept 8thPaid for Order to receive the money disbursed for the Parish of Carlton [Carleton] Rode to Martha Bane  1/-
Mr Simpson 12 Weeks pay for Benjn Lucas up to 27 day of June 1807 at 1/6  18/-
Sep 12thJourney to Norwich to receive the money disbursed for Martha Bane belonging to Carlton [Carleton] Rode Militia mans Wife  5/-
1807- Nov 30An account of Cloth delivered - Girl Ann Culley (in) Service at Norwich 2½ Yds 

The Disbursements of Soln Shreeve one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Michaelmas 1807 to Easter 1808.

Date Other payments Amount
Nov 6thNorwich Collecton 13/- Widow Bowles 2/-  15/-
Nov 27thSusanna Bullock at need (Sick)  5/-
1808 - Feb 5Norwich Collecton - A Dyke, E Dyke, L Dyke, Mary Dyke
March 1stPaid Saml Sistern the sum of Five Pounds Sixteen Shillings being part of his Bounty, he being drawn for Militia & provide a Substitute, Thwaighte, Banningham, Tuttington balloted together he residing in Thwaighte [Thwaite All Saints].  5/16/-
Mar 4thBenjn Lucas Sub: for William Randall 12 Wks at 1/6 per Wk to Dec 26 1807  18/-
Mar 15thOrder to receive the m? disbursements to Martha Bane Militia Wife   1/-
April 18thAllowed Joseph C Maples the sum of 5/- late Captain of a Ship which was lost, bound for Liverpool from America being in General Allowed  5/-

The Rate for 1808 occurs at this point in the original accounts.

The Disbursements of James Bassingthwaighte one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Easter 1808 to Michaelmas following.

Date Other payments Amount
17th JuneElizabeth Dyke Norwich in Sickness  1/-
29th July3 Widows Hayne, Dyke and Allen  7/9
19th AugMary Culley at need her husband being at Harvest  6/-
30th SeptMary Hall examination
Warrent out against John Weldon
Paid Ann Bond 11 Weeks at 1/6 pr week for John Pratt child  16/6
Rec'd of John Pratt 11 Weeks pay for Ann Bond Child at 1/6  16/6

The Disbursements of Thos Swan one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Michaelmas 1808 to Easter following.

Date Other payments Amount
Oct 21To Removing Ann Bond  1/-
Nov 18Paid Solomon Lacy for ¼ Chaldron Coal  10/-
Nov 25Paid Edmd Starling 1 Days Work doing the Town House   1/-
Dec 2Paid Saml Weelh? for Thatching Joseph Rounces House  19/9
Dec 9Paid Mr Simpson for William Randal's Substitute 14 Weeks at 1/6 to 1st Oct  1/1/-
1809- Jan 3Paid for a Warrant taken out against Ann Bond's sister for Coming into the Parish  2/6
Jan 20Paid Mrs Hall for Salve for Woolsey's Leg  1/-
Feb 3Girl Culley from Norwich in Need  4/-
To a new Town Spade  5/6
March 10thCollectioners :- Rounce, Timbers, Martha Howard, Thos Starling, Woodrow, Willm Starling, Thos Dyke, 3 Widows, Amy Dyke, Woolsey, Benjn Culley, Robt Haine, Ann __?, Thos Culley, Widow Culley, Mary Hall, Cathn Fish
Randalls Substitute  18/-
Paid Mr Mitchell for Clothing the Boys Starling  1/13/9
Wortley Bills for Clothing  1/15/11½
Scots bills for Shoes and mending  2/4/3
March 31Roofe's bill for Thatching the Town House  2/2/11
Paid Mr Mitchell for Straw (to) Thatch Town House  2/-/-

The Disbursements of Thos Neech one of the Overseers of the Parish of Tuttington from Easter 1809 to Michaelmas following.

Date Other payments Amount
Apr 7thPaid Woman Bloom for Removing Cath Fish  1/-
Apr 21stPaid for Examination of Bready Waller __? (alias?) Richardson  3/-
Apr 28thAllowed Samuel Howard to bury his wife  1/-/-
Paid for examination of Seapy  1/-
May 5thWoolsey Girl Digby & Child Thirtle  11/6
Paid Edmd Swan for his Mother 6 weeks pay up to May 19th  18/-
Paid Bready Waller Richardson & Seapy 3 Different Journeys to Aylsham re Settlement  8/-
Aug 25Randalls Substitute  1/1/-
OctNorwich Collectioners :- Widow Dyke, A Dyke, L Dyke, E Dyke Danl Howard, S Gillingwater 
Lost by Pratt for Ann Bonds Child  1/0/6
Do by Weldon for Mary Hall's Do  19/6

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