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Norfolk: Tuttington

Poor: Settlement: Examinations: 1752-1820

The "Act of Settlement" was a law passed in 1662 (in addition to earlier laws on the subject) to allocate, for the poor, which parish would provide support if needed. People moved and could gain Settlement via a number of ways in a different parish. Examinations (usually instituted by Overseers of the Poor) were carried out (before Justices of the Peace) to establish Settlement for some cases.

These are items from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 401/36 and microform MF943/2 (starting at frame 160)] containing the Settlement Examinations for 1752-1820. They can be found on printed or hand written forms which usually follow a standard layout. Here just some of the relevant facts have been extracted from every order available for this parish. Note that some of the writing is difficult to read.

Each "Order" has been laid out in the following manner:-

Person (examinant) Date Examinant said :- Age, When/Where born
History of work etc.
Signature Justices of
the Peace
Notes - NRO Ref etc.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]


Person (examinant)Adam WILSON - Worstead Weaver
Examinant said :-About 22 years, Born Worstead - lived there until about aged 12yrs. Let to Mr Ca__? of Honing for 6m, to Mr Andrew Chambers of Honing (1yr), to Daniel Ship of Potter Heigham (1yr), elsewhere, Thomas Monument of Dilham (1yr), then by week elsewhere for 3 yrs. Married
Signature"x" (his mark)
Justices of the PeaceW: Bulwer, J. Ba__h?
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/1
Person (examinant)Richard DYKE
Examinant said :-About 26yrs old. Born St Mary in Norwich of lawful parents. Parents resided there with a certificate from Tuttington. He was a Journeyman Weaver with his father until aged c.20yrs, then went into the East Norfolk Regt. as a Substitute for --(sic) Pallant of St Mary. Served Six Years, Found Incapable of service and discharged on 29/May/1799.
Signature"R" (his mark)
Justices of the Peace---
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/2
Person (examinant)William RANDALL of Aylsham
Examinant said :-22yrs old born in wedlock at Banningham. Resided with parents till 11yrs of age - Husbandry - March 1800 with Mr J Peterson of Aylsham. Apprehended for a Bastard Child & Married by Licence at Tuttington.
Signature"x" (his mark)
Justices of the PeaceWm Harbord, Theo Girdlestone
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/3
Person (examinant)Emanuel SKIPPER, cooper
Examinant said :-Aged c.29yrs Born Wickmere, Fathers last legal settlement was Buxton, When about 14yrs - Bound for 6yrs to John Tennant of Wymondham, a cooper. Served 2yrs partly in Wymondham and rest in Long Stratton with John Tennant son of his master (certificate from Attleburgh). Son failed in Trade and ran away. Went back to Wymondham as a labourer for a year for his master. Enlisted - 2nd Reg of Foot Guards - served 5yrs - purchased discharge - Labourer in London in West India Docks. 29/Jun/1803 Married by Licence - St Matthews, Ipswich to Pleasance Hurn (single). They are living in Tuttington with 2 children.
Signature"x" (his mark)
Justices of the PeaceSuffield
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/4
Person (examinant)William SAPEY
Examinant said :-About 52yrs age born Houghton in the Hole - of lawful parents who were settled inhabitants of North Tuddenham. At 14yrs went into service - Husbandry until 21yrs - Mr J Bidwell of Little Witchingham, Farmer, then Mr Fisher of Sparham, to Henry? Baker of Heverland, then to Martin Fre_?
Day after Michaelmas married at Heverland to Elizabeth his present wife - resided 16yrs. Hired a Home and Land in Whitwell 8½ guineas, paid Rates Mich 1804 to Mich 1805. Now in cottage in Tuttington rent 3 Guineas
Signature"x" (his mark)
Justices of the PeaceTheo Girdlestone, J. B. Collyer
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/5
Person (examinant)Robert SPANTON, Labourer
Examinant said :-About 63yrs age born Tuttington of lawful parents settled Aylsham. Learnt "Worstead Weaving" which he followed till about 5 yrs ago (c.1808). About 36yrs ago maried at Felmingham to his present wife Marth(a) [Note 3]. 11 yrs ago purchased a cottage in Tuttington at 30 guineas paid by money saved, repaired it, (Copyhold), Cost him more than £15 for repairs.
Signature"x" (his mark)
Justices of the PeaceJ. B. Collyer
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/6
Person (examinant)William SMITH of Hainford, Labourer
Examinant said :-About 72yrs, married upwards of 46 yrs ago. Occupied Lands and Tenements in Hainford yearly rent of £55 for more than 20 yrs. At Michaelmas 1809 came to live in Tuttington and look after a small Farm the property of late Le'S? Ewen Esq. No agreement - Two yrs - Demand for £120 Rent which he paid.
SignatureWm Smith
Justices of the Peace---
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/7
Person (examinant)Robert GOOSE of Tuttington
Examinant said :-27yrs age born Hempnall of lawful parents, his fathers Settlement was Tasburgh. When 14yrs old went to Shottesham - then __yrs at Newton (Flotman?) - 1yr with Mr Fuller of Saxlingham - City of Norwich - Porter? for Mr Newson of the City of Norwich - Grocer? for greater part of 2 yrs at 5/- per week - then Footman to Mr Bolingbroke of St Giles in Norwich for ¼yr only - Banningham where married to Sarah Shinkin? spinster [Note 4].
Signature"x" (his mark)
Justices of the PeaceOrford
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/8
Person (examinant)[Missing piece of document]
Examinant said :-[2nd page says the following] ___? Nathl Dyke in Aylsham between two & three years & then removed with his said master to Tuttington (masters legal place of Settlement). Indentures never enrolled.
Justices of the Peace---
Notes - NRO Ref etc.
Person (examinant)Francis Watts
Examinant said :-[Part of document appears to be missing] ...Now resides in Tuttington aforesaid to which place he is actually become chargeable.
Signature"x" (his mark)
Justices of the PeaceOrford, Wm Blake
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/9 First page is missing.
Person (examinant)William DYKE, Labourer
Examinant said :-34yrs age born City of Norwich of lawful parents - fathers Settlement Tuttington. Father died when he was 2yrs old. At 10 or 11yrs went to Sea - served in Ships of War for 15 or 16 yrs. Discharged from Sea Service - Norwich - found mother was dead - went to Sister (married) living in St. Pauls, Norwich. He learnt to Worstead Weaving (but not bound[as apprentice]) - never married.
SignatureWillm Dyke "x" (his mark)
Justices of the Peace
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/10
Person (examinant)Thomas BISHOP, Labourer
Examinant said :-About 44yrs age - of lawful parents settled Colby. At c. 15yrs went to Aylsham - John Cook. Married a Widow - occupied a tenement & 5 or 6 acres at £3 yr. Married at Christmas. Hired a farm at Tuttington at £27 - left after 6 months (c. April) paid Rate (Owner Mr Joseph Brown)
SignatureThomas Bishop
Justices of the Peace
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/11
Person (examinant)Robert THIRTLE of Aylsham, Cordwainer
Examinant said :-About 21yrs Born Great Witchingham - of lawful parents settled in Aylsham. At 11yrs - Guardians of Poor bound him by Indenture - 3/Nov/181_? to William Starling then of Tuttington, Cordwainer until he was 21 (he was 14). Master removed to North Walsham - master failed in business here. To Tuttington - problems. Got work with James Barney of Skeyton (Cordwainer). Agreement to serve rest of Indenture with him [note document difficult to read]
SignatureRobert Thirtle
Justices of the Peace
Additional infoIndenture dated 9/Nov/1813 - 3/Nov/1817 - Assign to Barney not being done with consent of justices. The paupers settlement is at Tuttington.
Chas Cooper 26th? Jan 1824
Notes - NRO Ref etc.PD 401/36/12

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