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Norfolk: Tuttington

Census: 1821

Tuttington is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1821 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 401/28 or on Microform MF 942/13] is on one sheet of paper.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Name Index

The census contains the following names.

Allen (1)
Bane (1)
Bishop (1)
Blake (1)
Bowles (1,2)
Brackenberry (2)
Burrows (1)
Culley (1)
Dunnett (1)
Dyke (1)
Edwards (1)
Elden (1)
Farrer (2)
Finch (1)
Garrit (1)
Hall (1,2)
Hook (1)
Hooker (1)
Howard (2)
Ives (1,2)
Lockett (2)
Martins (1)
Neech (1)
Pratt (1)
Printer (1)
Randall (1)
Ringer (1)
Spanton (2)
Spink (1)
Starling (1)
Swann (1)
Tungate (1)
Vincent (1)
Ward (1)
Weldin (1)
Wilson (1)
Wright (1)
Wymer (1)

The Census Document

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

This contains the following information :-

[On the Outside]

List of Population at Tuttington parish Norfolk
Taken by B Bowles & Wm Elden
Senr ON the 29th & 30th
Days of May 1821

[On the other side]

Heads MI 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 FI 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
[Page 1]
Ringer Jno Esqr---1--11------12------
Elden Senr Mr---1---1----------1---
Burrows Bnd---21-1------1-11-----
Martins Jas [*]22-1-1------31--11----
Allen James-------1-----1---1----
Blake Wm-----1-----31--1------
Bowles Benjm Btg1---1----------1------
Neech Thos--------1----------1--
Swann Thos--------1-------1-----
Finch Elizb-1----------------1---
Tungate Willm----1------2---1------
Spink Phebe------1--------------1
Garrit Wm12----1------1--1-----
Culley Benjm---11---1---------1---
Wymer Willm2----1----------1-----
Starling Thos [*]--1----2--------1-1---
Weldin Jno-21---1----1----1---1-
Spink Wm----1---1---------1---
Ives Robt1----1-----1---1------
Edwards Joseph-----1-----1---1------
Wilson John--3---1----111---1----
Hooker Wm-22---1----2----1-----
Wright Samuel---2--1-1---------1---
Wright Stephen1---1----------1------
Bane John21---1------21--1-----
Printer William21-1--1----12--11-----
Allen William---1---1--------1-----
Vincent James12--2--------1-1------
Elden Junr2---1-------1---1-----
Randall Saml--------1-----------1-
Dunnett John1----1----------1-----
Hook Robert----2---1----------1--
Pratt John----1------11--1------
Hall Wm-1---1--2---------1---
Bishop Thomas-----1-----1-3---1----
Ward & Others1---1------1---2--1---
Culley Henry----1------1---1------
Hall Robert Senr211-1--1---1-111-1----
Dyke Thos [*]--1----1-------1--1---
[Page 2]
Howard Wm--------1----1----1---
Lockett Thos--2-----1-----1---1---
Hall Robt Junr1----1------1--1------
Farrer Robt----------1---2---1---
Hall Jno----1------2---1------
Brackenberry & Ives -1-1-2-----2-1--1--1--
Bowles Barnd---1---1-------1--1---
Robert Spanton---------1----------1-
Amount Brought


Increase - 10 years

Total of Males
Total of Females

Sum Total

Population in 1811
was 222 Increase
of Population 26(sic)

From Marriages & Natural Causes

    One Tenement Uninhabited
    One Cottage Building
    Thirty Two Inhabited Houses
    Occupied by forty seven Families

This Account taken by Barnard Bowles and William Elden
Senr Churchwardens of Tuttington Parish South Erpingham
Hundred Norfolk. Old England. On the
29th & 30th Days of May 1821

Signed by
} Barnard Bowles &
} Wm Elden

Turd? 3rd Day of July 1821 At Aylsham with
a Copy of this and attested it before the
Magistrates then present. And Signed only
with my Name. Barnard Bowles.

[End of Census Document]


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