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Norfolk: Tilney cum Islington

These people are from the Tilney cum Islington
Parish Church of St Mary Burial Registers 1828-1989
where the abode is not Tilney cum Islington

This list has been extracted by, and is copyright ©, Sally Cutler and Gwen Gall, 2001.

	Surname    Forename           Abode

	ADDERSON   Amy                Wisbech Union W/house
	ALLEN      Mary               Tilney All Saints
	BAKER      George Anna?       Wisbech Union W/house
	BART       Ann Mary           Kings Lynn
	BARWOOD    James              Tilney St.Lawrence
	BATTERHAM  Amelia Ann         "Wiggenhall, St.Mary"
	BATTERHAM  Ann                St.Mary's
	BATTERHAM  Ellen              St.Germans
	BATTERHAM  Joseph             "Wiggenhall, St.Germans"
	BATTERHAM  Robert             St.Germans
	BAXTER     Caroline           St.Mary's
	BECKETT    Mary Winifred      Terrington St.Clements
	BETNEY     Thomas             Tilney All Saints
	BOON       Martha             Tilney All Saints
	BOON       William            Tilney All Saints
	BRITTON    Martha             West Lynn
	BROWN      George             Clenchwarton
	BROWNE     Matilda            Kings Lynn
	BUNEKALL?  Sarah              Terrington St.Clements
	CALTON     Leslie             St.Germans
	CALTON     Percy              St.Germans
	CARTER     John               Terrington St.Clements
	CARTER     Martha Elizabeth   Terrington St.Clements
	CHENERY    Edward             Walpole St.Peter
	COE        Lucy               Kings Lynn
	COE        Robert             Kings Lynn
	COE        Barnabas           Walsoken
	COE        Elizabeth          Walsoken
	COE        Elizabeth          Walton
	COE        George             West Walton
	CULLEN     Ed. Stimpson       St.Mary's
	DESBOROUGH Priscilla          Wisbech Union W/house
	DICKINSON  William            Tilney All Saints
	DIXON      Samuel             Clenchwarton
	EARISH     John               Tilney All Saints
	ELLIOTT    May                "Denver, Seven Sisters"
	ELLIOTT    Frances            "Wiggenhall, St.Germans"
	FOX        Lucy               St.Mary's
	FOX        Luke               "Wiggenhall, St.Germains"
	FOX        Zachariah          Wiggenhall St.Mary the Virgin
	FOX        Sarah              Stradsett
	GEAR       John               Downham
	GOODMAN    Sarah Ann          Terrington St.John
	GRIMSON    Edward             Tilney All Saints
	GRIMSON    Palmer             Wisbech Union W/house
	GRIMSON    Sarah              Wisbech Union W/house
	HOLMES     Frances            Lynn
	HUNT       Thomas             Wiggenhall St.Mary 
	JARMY      Thomas             Clenchwarton
	JELLY      Sarah              Kings Lynn
	MANN       John               Wisbech Union W/house
	MAW        Judith             St.Mary's
	NEWBOUND   Ann Mary           Tilney All Saints
	NEWBOUND   Mary Ann           Tilney All Saints
	NEWBOUND   Sarah              Tilney All Saints
	OAKLEY     Colville           Tilney
	OAKLEY     Sarah              St.Mary's
	PECK       Christopher        Lynn
	PECK       Lucy               Lynn
	PECK       Robert             Kings Lynn
	PLOWRIGHT  Annie Maria        Kings Lynn
	PLOWRIGHT  Carter             Kings Lynn
	PLOWRIGHT  Charles            Kings Lynn
	PLOWRIGHT  David              Kings Lynn
	PLOWRIGHT  Emily Annie        Kings Lynn
	PLOWRIGHT  Mary Elizabeth     Kings Lynn
	PLOWRIGHT  Sarah Ann          Kings Lynn
	POLL       William            Kings Lynn
	PRIOR      Margaret           Tilney St. Lawrence
	ROCKLEY    Thomas             "St.Margaret's, Kings Lynn"
	ROCKLEY    John               Tilney St. Lawrence
	ROSE       Sarah Ann          Clenchwarton
	ROUT       Leslie James       Islington Green
	SPOONER    Albert Eugene      Clenchwarton
	SPRIGGS    Hannah             Kings Lynn
	TURNER     Mary               Tilney All Saints
	WALKER     Joseph             Clenchwarton	
	WALKER     Lucy               Clenchwarton	
	WALKER     William            Clenchwarton	
	WALKER     Lavinia            West Lynn	
	WHITRICK   John               St.Germans	

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