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Norfolk: Tilney cum Islington

These people are from the Tilney cum Islington
Parish Church of St Mary Baptism Registers 1828-1955
where the abode is not Tilney cum Islington

This list has been extracted by, and is copyright ©, Sally Cutler and Gwen Gall, 2001.

	Surname    Child's Forename   Abode

	ALLEN      Eleanor            Tilney All Saints
	ALLEN      Percy George       Tilney All Saints
	ALLEN      Harriet            Tilney St.Lawrence
	AUSTIN     Matthew            St.Marys
	BAKER      Alfred Edward      Clenchwarton
	BAKER      Harold Edwin       Terrington St.Clements
	BEALL      Harold             Wisbech
	BROWN      George             Terrington St.Clements
	BROWN      Herbert            Terrington St.Clements
	BROWN      Samuel             Terrington St.Clements
	BURGEN     William            Tilney St.Lawrence
	CALTON     Edgar William      Clenchwarton
	CALTON     Leslie John        Clenchwarton
	CALTON     Mary Elizabeth     Clenchwarton
	COOK       John William       "Lynn, St.Margarets"
	COUSINS    Ernest Edward      Tilney All Saints
	COUSINS    Florence May       Tilney All Saints
	COUSINS    Percy Reginald     Tilney All Saints
	DIXON      Samuel George William  Terrington St.John
	DONALD     Ellen Mary         Tilney All Saints
	DYSON      Mary Ann           Kings Lynn
	EBBERSON   Ann Elizabeth      Fakenham
	EBBERSON   Maria              Fakenham
	EDWARDS    Alan William       Tilney All Saints
	EGGETT     Edith Kate         Clenchwarton
	EMMERSON   Percy William      St.Marys
	FENDICK    John               Tilney All Saints
	FLOOD      Peace Victoria     Tilney St.Lawrence
	FRANCES    John Robert        Tilney All Saints
	GAGE       Robert Henry       Clenchwarton
	GATHERGOOD Alfreda May        Clenchwarton
	HAINES     James Lewis        St.Germans
	HALE       John Richard       Tilney All Saints
	HALL       John Richard       Wisbech
	HALL       Bertram            "Hook,Wimblington,CAM"
	HALL       Walter Leonard     London
	HAMMOND    Amy                Clenchwarton
	HAMMOND    Lister             Clenchwarton
	HAMMOND    Robert             Clenchwarton
	HAMMOND    Violet Maud        Clenchwarton
	HEARLE     Alice Maud         Tilney All Saints
	HEARLE     Herbert Edward     Tilney All Saints
	HENDRY     Gertrude Elizabeth Tilney St.Lawrence
	HUNT       Cyril William      Clenchwarton
	HUNT       Horace Herbert     Tilney All Saints
	JOHNS      Gertrude           "Notting Hill, London"
	LANE       Arthur William     Tilney All Saints
	LANE       Clara Elizabeth    Tilney All Saints
	LEARY      Frederick          Tilney All Saints
	MALLET     John Christopher   Tilney All Saints
	MARTIN     David John         St.Mary's
	MARTIN     Valerie Anne       St.Mary's
	NEWNUM     Charles Gordon     Tilney All Saints
	NORTON     Gladys May         Clenchwarton
	NORTON     Mabel Maud         Clenchwarton
	OVERTON    William            Tilney All Saints
	PARSONS    Arthur             Tilney St.Lawrence
	PARSONS    Catherine Ann      Tilney St.Lawrence
	PATTERSON  Hannah             Clenchwarton
	POLL       William            Lynn
	POLLYN     Ethel Sarah        Terrington St.John
	ROSE       Edward George      Clenchwarton
	ROSE       Irene Alexandra    Clenchwarton
	RUSH       John               Tilney All Saints
	SMITH      John               Kings Lynn
	SMITH      Lucy Clarinda Maud St.Marys
	SPOONER    Arthur Lawrence    Clenchwarton
	SPRATT     Frederick          Clenchwarton
	SPRATT     Harry              Clenchwarton
	SPRATT     Maria              Clenchwarton
	SPRATT     Richard Loud       Clenchwarton
	SPRATT     Robert             Clenchwarton
	SPRATT     William Loud       Clenchwarton
	THREADGILL Frank              Clenchwarton
	WALKER     Emily              "London, Whitechapel"
	WOODLOW    Patricia Ann       Tilney All Saints

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