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Norfolk: Thornham

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Thornham is about 5 miles north east of Hunstanton.


Church History

All Saints Church, Thornham
Description, history and pictures.
Butler-Stoney, Richard
Thornham Church: the Church of All Saints.
Linnell, Charles Lawrence Scruton
All Saint's Church, Thornham.
[London, Home Words, 1962]

Description and Travel

Pictures, village sign, and short description.



Bett, Pleasance M.A. and Franklin, F.S.
Thornham and its story.
[Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk Central Printers, 1989]

Land and Property

Great Britain: Statute
Thornham Inclosure Act, 1794.
An act for dividing, allotting, exchanging and inclosing the whole-year lands, open field lands, commonable marshes, commons and waste lands within the parish of Thornham in the county of Norfolk.

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