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Norfolk: Tacolneston

Census: 1839

Tacolneston is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 survives.

This 1839 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 148/60] is on five separate sheets of paper.

Heads of Households and trades

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

The 1839 Census Document

It contains the following information :-

[Page 1]
Howes ThomasFarmer50Mar512.10.8
Arnold NoahServant18S1
Nichols ThomasServant13S1
Cooper HariotServant20S1
Blomfield JohnFarmer60Mar2
Blomfield Sarah--S1
Blomfield Elizh--S1
Rudd WilliamBailiff51--1
Bells WilliamServant15S1
Scott JamesServant16S1
Bays SusanServant24S1
Harrison ThomasFarmer45M416.14.8.2111017
Daines Robt SenrLabr59Mar19314.12.76
Daines WilliamLabr26S1
Daines Robt JunrLabr30M23.126.46
Buck JeremiahTailor55Wr1112
Osbourne Mary63Ww1
Smith Lydia63Ww1
Smith Mary26S162
Smith Hannah19S1
Chaney JohnLabr42S1
Sayer JohnLabr60Wr1
Bassingthwayhte EdwdCarpenter40Mar310.7.316
Ruff RobertLabr73Wr1
Ruff Robert JunrLabr35Mar37.4.1196
Wick RobertLabr70Mar2
Yell Sarah50Ww1
Yell JamesCarpenter24Mar2
Tooke ArcherLabr43Wr212.101174
Coleman Elizh68Ww1
Coleman WilliamShoemaker31Mar29.134.3.27
Hilling WilliamBricklayer45Mar1143
Osbourne JamesBricklayer38Mar114412.9.5.217
Took JamesLabr40Mar1133
Battleday ThomasLabr73Mar2
Chaney RobertLabr30Mar2
Land John JunrLabr25Mar183
Limmer MariaServant18S1

[Page 2]
Brought Forward54267214101
Dowe JohnLabr30Mar410.7.5.116
Mickleborough GeorgeWeaver20S1
Tann WilliamLabr50Wr215.133
Tann Sophia (gone)24S1
Tann GeorgeShoemaker20S1
Tann William (gone?)Shoemaker29S1
Wilton Harriot (bad & gone)23S112
Thurston WilliamLabr30Mar29.724.36
Huggins EdwdFarmer55Wr1
Huggins HenryLabr25Mar2
Huggins ThomasLabr18S1
Mickleborough WmWeaver38Mar411.5.3.2313.10.79
Hales WilliamCarpenter42Mar317.3.1418.15.12.79
Brooks CharlesLabr33Mar23.14
Tooke JohnWeaver40Mar1123
Osbourne Maria26S1
Dunn Mary62S1
Pegg WilliamShoemaker23S1
Fryer JohnLabr46Mar13312.10.56
Nichols RobertWeaver29S1
Mays EphmLabr28Mar2
Fox Sarah36S11012
Havers Mary49Ww1142
Havers Hannah23S162
Brooks Keziah60Ww1
Brooks DavidLabr22S1
Nichols WilliamWeaver32Mar1137.4.316
Culhem GeorgeWeaver40S1
Culham Caroline24S1
Read EdwardLabr34Mar15310.8.76
Bell Mary28S142
Pottle JohnWeaver40Mar14114
Buck WilliamShopkeeper44Wr131315.10.525
Browne MaryServant17S1
Self JohnTailor23Mar113
Pegg Martha41Ww1825.24
Coleman DennisThatcher28Mar25.21715
Dunn Sarah18S1

[Page 3]
Brought Forward1085085910217
George Rebecca80Ww1
Ellis RobertLabr50Mar1163
Chaney WilliamLabr30Mar2
Stebbings FrancisBlacksmith36Mar2
Holmes Robert43S1
Arnold RobertCarpenter24Mar133
Thurston HenryLabr71Mar2
Took JohnWeaver40Mar28.21145
Gray JohnWeaver43Mar191314.11.46
Mays Mary63Ww1
Mays Sophia20S1
Took ArcherLabr40Wr212.1023
Took Sarah70Ww1
Took FrederickLabr20S1
Majors Mary64Ww1
Cooper Robert88Wr1
Elmer Sarah40S1
Cooper Elizh88Wr1
Browne Harriot56S1
Nichols Timothy12S1
Cooper Robert17S1
Cooper William15S1
Fox Robert JunrWeaver41Mar516.
Fox Robert SenrFarmer64Mar2
Fox WilliamWeaver18S1
Fox HenryLabr16S1
Mays RobertShoemaker71Mar2
Mays GeorgeWeaver30S1
Mays JosephLabr23S1
Browne Hannah44Wr217.153
Baker StephenWeaver44Mar413.11.9.11157
Baker Maria19S1
Catchpoole MathewLabr64Mar2
Catchpoole WilliamLabr22S1
Fisher Elizabeth30Ww310.8.634
Land Sarah24S1
Edon WilliamLabr40Mar183
Browne JamesLabr23S1
Storey WilliamLabr42Mar216.2512.

[Page 4]
Brought Forward16169127513305
Land JamesLabr60Mar1131164
Land James JunrLabr23Mar113
Land Jane25S1
Land CharlesLabr20S1
Land EdwardLabr27S1
Land JohnLabr54Mar1123
Land Robert (bad)Labr18S1
Land James JunrLabr32Mar133
Took Roda (X)74Ww1
Arnold Sarah40Ww516.
Smith RobertLabr25Mar22.1145
Lawn RobertLabr36Mar516.
Elsey Saml [X]Labr43Mar19216.125
Elsey WilliamLabr28S1
Elsey RobertWeaver20S1
Coleman EdwardLabr64Mar213.64
Arnold RobtCarpenter51Wr1132
Huggins JohnWeaver24Mar317.14.125
Huggins John JunrWeaver48Mar1
Bird RobertLabr45Mar210.214
Bird JohnLabr48Mar11413
Bird John JunrWeaver21S1
Arnold Hannah18S1
Grey Robert80Mar2
Corbould Revd30S1
Warren Mrs65Ww1
Land ElizaServant22S1
Spicer HarriotServant20S1
Newman JamesFarmer80Wr1
Newman James JunrFarmer33Mar310.3.1312.7.58
Newman RobertFarmer30S1
Buck AronServant18S1
Browne HannahServant15S1
Gray JamesLabr50Mar615.
Gray Elizabeth20S1
Gay EdwardLabr62Mar1143
Thorpe Robert30Mar311.8.65
Fiddy JohnLabr70Mar11313
Fiddy Susan19S1

[Page 5]
Brought Forward21794129918410
Newman JohnFarmer54Mar314.12.102415.8.3.129
Land MilesServant18S1
Basingthwaighte JohnFarmer40Mar11113
Rockett MaryServant14S1
Hammond JohnServant18S1
Huggins WilliamLabr35Mar28.1126.46
Canham JamesLabr72Wr1
Canham Susan34Ww311.9.326.46
Turner Lucy40Ww1142
Phillippo ElishaFarmer33Mar23.1410.9.8.648
Long John84Wr1
Saunders FrancisServant15S1
Gooding SophiaServant16S1
Arnold WilliamServant15S1
Knights RobertFarmer50Mar518.
Mays MariaServant24S1
Tann JamesServant23S1
Elsey SusanServant14S1
Balls JohnLabr62Mar2
Browne ArcherLabr56Mar11315.12.826
Canham NoahLabr44Mar26.1313.10.37
Culham JohnLabr44Mar14315.11.726
Culham JoshuaLabr84Wr1
Dunn JohnLabr25Mar113
Head RobertShoemaker40S1
Head WilliamShoemaker32S1
Stibbings Elizh29Mar36.3.14
Arnold JosephWeaver40Mar418.13.8.3216.48
Pearson GeorgeTailor30Mar1324.15
Tye WilliamTailor20S1
Turner GeorgeShopkeeper61S1
Arnold William14S1
Nichols JohnLabr60S1
Littleboy ElizhServant15S1
Elsey SamuelServant18S1
Mays ThomasLabr40Mar210.61317.15.917
Canham JohnLabr50Mar18418.15.12.57
Canham John JunrLabr23S1
Browne Mary21S1


Collected for me by G Holmes officer and Mr Howes.

[End of Census Document]


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