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Norfolk: Starston - 1773-1783 - Churchwardens' Payments

Starston raised money at various times, to either support its poor (from the Overseers' Rate) or to pay for other parish expenses (from the Churchwardens' Rate). This rate was levied on the occupiers (who may not have owned the land) and based upon the value of the property (which was usually a rental valuation). Both occupiers and owners are found living in and outside the parish.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

This is one item from the Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 119/97 and microform MF1809] containing the Churchwardens' accounts (1686-1950) and these are the payments for the years 1773-1783.
Note that only extracts have been transcribed but this includes most items which mention surnames. Common events eg. bread/wine, some non-specific trade bills etc. have for the most part been excluded.

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Disbursements of John Tuthill & Buxton Moor churchwardens from Easter 1773 to Easter 1774.

£ s d
March - A Hood? for Dr Frampton2  26
Paid the Whitesmith Nichols his bill169
Paid Mr Redgrave for repairs at the Church &c812
pd Mr Applewait a bill of painting  60
Charles Bayly rate allowed  11

Disbursements of John Tuthill & Buxton Moor churchwardens from Easter 1774 to Easter 1775.

£ s d
Paid for Sparrows killing153
May 30 - Timber... at Town House
Oct - A Bushel of Coals used at the Church  10
Carriage of Lime/Bricks
pd Mr Redgrave a Carpenter's Bill2  710½
pd Mr Hanner the Mason his Bill5  51
Jonan Johnson the Glazier his Bill2122
Mr Hunt for Nails &c  36
Mr Nicholls the Whitesmith  39

Disbursements of John Tuthill & Buxton Moor churchwardens from Easter 1775 to Easter 1776.

£ s d
Fetching Brick Sand & Clay for
repairs to the Townhouse
Timbers for the Townhouse  66

Disbursements of John Tuthill & Buxton Moore churchwardens from Easter 1776 to Easter 1777.

£ s d
Redgrave bill of Carpenter's work1  93
Stationers bill  54

Disbursements of John Tuthill & Buxton Moor churchwardens from Easter 1777 to Easter 1778.

£ s d
To a Soldiers Widow & three Children  20
Hedging and banking Church & Town yards  88
paid Dowling the Whitesmiths bill  36
paid Burgess the blacksmith  21

John Tuthill & Buxton Moor churchwardens from Easter 1778 to Easter 1780.

Disbursements of John Tuthill & Buxton Moor churchwardens from Easter 1780 to Easter 1781.

£ s d
paid Mr Redgraves bill
paid Burgess bills

Churchwardens for year ensuing (Easter 1781- Easter 1782) Mr John Tuthill and Mr Buxton Moore.

At a meeting 11th June 1781 Mr Robt Kemp is chosen churchwarden in the Room [place of] of Mr Buxton Moore Deceased.


£ s d
Going to Justice sitting to get Ellis's son
to be removed by an order to Yarmouth

Disbursements of the late John Tuthill & Geo Theobald churchwardens from Easter 1782 to Easter 1783.

£ s d
Lost by rate by Patrick & __our? money &c114
Pd Mr Lodges Bill for Brick for the Town House108
Pd Mr Johnsons Bill of Glazing138
Pd for 68 Dozen of Sparrows (*)170
Pd Mr Redgraves bill160

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