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Norfolk: Southrepps

Census: 1800

Southrepps is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1800 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 468/32] is a book containing a number of documents of which the first which covers 15 pages is a census of the parish. The start of each census page being indicated by [Page xx] in the text.

The inside cover contains an index to the book and the census is on the following pages:-

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page numbers which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Aldham (2)
Amos (2,15)
Ampleford (2)
Bacon (3)
Baker (1,3)
Bane (3)
Barber (3)
Bartrum (3)
Batton (3)
Bell (4)
Bensley (3)
Berney (15)
Bird (15)
Blog (3)
Blogg (3)
Bloom (3)
Blyth (3)
Bond (1,4)
Boulter (3)
Bowman (15)
Brackenbury (4)
Brakenbury (15)
Breeze (4)
Bunton (4)
Burton (4)
Burrell (4)
Carter (1,5)
Chapman (1)
Church (5)
Clarke (5,15)
Cockman (5)
Copeman (10,15)
Copling (5)
Cross (5)
Cubitt (1,5)
Cully (5)
Curson (15)
Cushion (5)
Darby (6)
Dawson (1)
Dicks (6)
Doughty (6,15)
Dugdale (16)
Duncan (6)
Dyball (6)
Earle (6)
Elden (6,15)
Ellis (1)
Farr (6)
Flaxman (6)
Frostick (6)
Green (7)
Grey (7)
Harman (8,15)
Harmer (15)
Harris (8)
Hewitt (8)
Horner (8)
Howes (8)
Hubbard (1,8)
Hurry (8)
Jarvis (1,8)
Jordan (8)
Legood (9)
Lines (9)
Long (9,15)
Mack (9)
Mason (9)
Mays (9)
Miller (9)
Morter (9)
Neale (10)
Neave (10)
Nedham (1)
Nichols (10)
Norgate (10)
Overton (10)
Page (11)
Payne (11,15)
Parker (16)
Parnell (11)
Pearson (11,16)
Price (11)
Pye (11)
Pyke (11)
Rice (12)
Riches (12)
Rogers (12)
Seago (1,12,15)
Smith (1)
Stamford (12)
Steward (12)
Summers (12)
Temple (13)
Thurston (13)
Tompson (13)
Townsend (13)
Trigg (13)
Ulf (13)
Wagg (15)
Waller (13)
Waters (13)
Wigget (13)
Woodhouse (1,13)
Woodrow (1)
Woods (13)
Worm (13)
Wright (13)
W_n? (13)

The Census

The original document has the following headings on the left hand side.

This contains the following information :-

January 1800 South Repps

[Page 1 follows]

Names Rank Wife Children Servants &
Chars SmithRectorWife1.
John CubittClerkDo11.2.3
John NedhamClerkDo11.2
Ollyet WoodhouseBarristerDo1.
Robt Dawson EllisGentDo-
John BakerGentDo1.
James ChapmanFarmerDo-
Wm WoodrowFarmer-
Jonathan BondFarmerDo1.
Wm SeagoFarmerDo1.
Wm JarvisFarmerDo1.21.2
Robert SeagoFarmerDo1.21
James CarterFarmerDo-1.2
[Page 2]
        Names     A
AldhamWidow-11 L.Street
Amos EdmdLabourerWife--
Amos JohnLabourerDosone-
Amos ThosBakerDo--
Ampleford JohnLabourerDo1.2.3.4L.Street
[Page 3]
        Names     B----
Bacon WmGloverWife1-
Baker JohnLabourerDo1 sone-
Baker JohnLabourerDo1-
Baker MattwLabourerDo1.2No S
Baker MosesLabourerDo1.
Baker Elizth--1-
Baker MaryWidow---
Bane RichardTaylorDo1. Settlement
Bane MaryWidow-1.2.3No S
Barber RobtLabourer---
Bartrum ThosShopkeeperDo-1
Batton JohnBricklayer---
Blogg WmLabourerDo1.2-
Blog DoDoDo1-
Bloom WmLabourerDo1.2-
Bloom DanlLabourerDo1-
Blyth JohnBakerDo--
Boulter ThosLabourerDo1.2.3-
[Page 4]
        Names     B
Brackenbury JohnCarpenterWife-L.Street
Breeze JohnLabourerDo1Up.Street
Burrell JohnMole CatcherDo1.2.3Do
Bunton JohnLabourerDo1.
Bunton RobertGlover-1-
Burton DanielCarpenterDo--
Burton JohnBricklayer---
Bond JonathanLabourerDo5-
[Page 5]
        Names     C
Carter EdwdBakerWife11 L.Street
Carter JohnShoemakerWife--
Church ThosBricklayer-1-
Church SarahSpinster-1.2-
Cockman JoshLabourerDo1-
Cockman SamlLabourerDo--
Copling Mary----
Clarke ThosGardenerDo1.2.31
Cross HannahSpinster---
Cubitt JosephMillerDo1. N.Walsham
Cubitt ThosLabourerDo1.
Cully JamesLabourerDo1.2.3-
Cushion JoshGardenerDo--
Carter MarySpinster---
[Page 6]
        Names     D
Darby JamesCollarmakerWife21. L.Street
Doughty ElizthWidow--Do
Doughty WmLabourerDo--
Doughty MaryWidow-1-
Duncan JamesLabourerDo1.2.3.4-
Dyball JamesLabourer---
Dicks ThosMarinerDo1.
Earle WilliamLabourerWife1.2.3.4-
Elden Mary---No S
Frostick ThosLabourerWife1.2.3-
Flaxman WilmLabourerDo1-
Farr EdwardSchoolmaster---
[Page 7]
        Names     G
GreenWidow-3N. Repps
Green RichardWheelwrightWife1-
Grey MathewLabourerDo1.2.3.4-
Grey ThomasButcherDo1-
Grey WilliamLabourerDo1.2-
Grey AnnSpinster-1.2-
Grey ThosCarpenterDo1.2.3.4No S
Grey Francis SenCarpenterDo1-
Grey Francis Junr----
[Page 8]
        Names     H
Harman MaryWidow-1-
Harman WmBricklayerWife1.2.3.4-
Harman FransLabourerDo1.
Harris WmGent?Do--
Hewitt JamesLabourerDo1.
Hewitt RobtLabourer---
Horner JohnLabourerDo1.2-
Hurry JohnLabourerDo1.
Hurry RobertTaylorDo1.2-
Howes John JamesLabourer---
Howes MarySpinster--removed to
Jarvis JosephCarrierWife1.
Jordan Thos SenrLabourerDo1-
Jordan Thos JunrLabourerDo1.2-
[Page 9]
        Names     L
Legood RobertBarberWife1.2.3 No SUp:Street
Lines RichardLabourerDo1.2.3.4-
Lines MargaretWidow---
Long DanielLabourerDo1.2.3-
Mason Wm (Decd?)BlacksmithWife1.2Up:Street
Mays John (Decd?)LandholderDo--
Mays CharlesLabourerDo1.2.3.4L.Street
Miller RobertLabourerDo1.
Morter MaryWidow - No S--L:Street
Morter HannahSpinster - No S--Do
Morter JohnLabourer - No SDo1.2.3Do
Mack (Decd)Widow--Do
[Page 10]
        Names     N
Neale JohnLabourerWife1.2 sone-
Neave JohnLabourerDo1.2.3.4-
Nichols WmLabourerDo1.2.3-
Norgate HenyLabourerDo--
Overton JohnShoemakerWife--
Overton SamlShoemakerDo1-
Overton's Mother
in law - Copeman
[Page 11]
        Names     P
Page RobertLabourerWife1-
Parnell SamlLabourerDo--
Payne JamesLabourerDo1.2.3.4-
Pearson ElizathWidow-1.2-
Price JohnServantDo1-
Pye JamesLabourer---
Pye DavidLabourerDo1.2-
Pye JohnLabourerDo1.2.3.4-
Pye JosephLabourerDo1.2.3-
Pye ElizabethWidow---
Pye MargtSpinster-1.2-
Pyke RobertGardenerDo1.
Payne Widow---Sydestrand
Pearson WmBricklayerDosone-
John PyeLabourerDo1.
[Page 12]
        Names     R
Rice HannahSpinster---
Rogers HenyLabourerWife1.2.3.4-
Seago RobertCarpenterWife1.2.3 sone-
Seago AnnSpinstersone--
Seago Christ:rLabourerDo
Widow Seago
Steward WmLabourerDo--
Summers RobtPublicanDo1.
Summers WmCarrierDo1-
Seago JohnCarpenterDo1.2-
[Page 13]
        Names     T
Temple WmLabourerWife1.
Thurston WmLabourerDo--
Townsend SarahSpinster---
Tompson JosLabourerDo--
        U & V----
Ulf WmBarber-1-
Waller WmLabourerWife1.2-
Waters WmLabourerDo1-
Waters MarthaSpinster---
Wigget EdwdGardenerDo1.2.3-
Worm WmLabourerDo1No S
Woods ChristrWeaverDo1.2-
Woodhouse WmLabourerDo--
Wright ElizathWidow---
W_n? Ticht?LabourerDo--
[Page 14]
Blank page----
[Page 15]
Parishioners who are
not Inhabitants
Amos JohnShoemakerWife1. Walsham
Berney BreretonLabourerDo-Overstrand
Brakenbury JCarpenterDo1.
Clarke JohnMalsterDo1Cromer
Copeman RobtCarpenterDo1.
Curson RobtLabourerDo1.
Elden ThosLabourerDo1North Repps
Harman WilsonBlacksmithDo1.2Elmerton
Harman ThosLabourerDo-Westwick
Long MathewLabourerDo1.2.3.4Bradfield
Payne JohnShoemaker--North Walsham
Seago JohnCarpenter--Gimmingham
Wagg EdwardLabourerDo1.2.3.4Trunch
Wagg RobertLabourerDo1.2Knapton
Harmer AmyWidow--Trunch
Bowman MarthaSpinster--Westwick
Doughty JonnMarinerDo1.
Bird ElizabhSpinster--North Walsham
[Page 16]
Dugdale, North ReppsLabourerWife-Swafield
Pearson Wm---Yarmouth
Parker WmShoemakerDo-N.Walsham

[End of Census Document]


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