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Norfolk: Saham Toney

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

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SAHAM-TONEY is a large but scattered village, 1 mile N.W. of Watton. Its parish has increased its population since 1801 from 650 to 1286 souls, and contains 4048 acres of land, chiefly belonging to the Gurney, Harvey, Mann, Castendieck, Mills, Grigson, Clark, and Taylor families. Thomas D. Calthorp, Esq., is lord of the manor of Saham-Toney, which was held by the famous Earl of Warwick, in the reigns of Henry VI. and Edward IV. The Rev. W. Grigson, M.A., is lord of the manors of Howards, Harveys, and Pages, and here is also a small rectorial manor.

A number of bronze rings and ornaments, and many pieces of Roman pottery, have been found here at various times. Near the centre of the village is a lake, or mere, of 12A., abounding in fish, especially eels of two species, one noted for their delicious, and the other for their nauseous flavour.

The Church (St. George) is a large and handsome structure, in the perpendicular style, comprising nave, aisles, south porch, chancel, vestry, and lofty tower with six bells. It was erected in 1480, but the chancel was rebuilt by the late rector about 40 years ago, and the rest of the building has been thoroughly restored by the present rector, at a cost of about £3000. Many of its windows are filled with beautiful stained glass, and the rood screen is handsomely carved, as are also many of the seats. It contains a good organ, several brasses and other monuments, and two piscinæ.

The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £21. 14s. 9d., and now at £1122, is in the patronage of New College, Oxford, and incumbency of the Rev. Wm. Hooper Parker, M.A.

The Wesleyans, Primitive Methodists, and Wesleyan Reformers have each a chapel here.

In 1626, the Rev. Wm. Terry, a late rector, left the Rectory House, well furnished, and 5A. of land, for the use of succeeding rectors. He also left a house and land for the parish clerk to ring the evening eight o'clock bell; and a farm of 23A. 2R., called Kirtling, for the use of the schoolmaster. The latter is now let for about £40.

In 1611, Edward Goaffe left a school-house for the masters' residence, and almshouses, for four poor widows; and endowed the latter with a yearly rent-charge of £5, and the former with a yearly rent-charge of £5, and 4 acres of land, now let for £4.

The Free School was rebuilt in 1837, and enlarged in 1844. It is a plain square building, attended by 80 children. For the endowment arising from the above-named sources, the master teaches, as free scholars, all the sons of parishioners who are sent to him, and the school is also free to six boys of Watton and two of Threxton.

The four almshouses were taken down in 1859, and rebuilt on a new site by the rector, who also built the Girls' and Infants' Schools, the latter in 1838, and the former in 1848. They are each attended by about 60 children.

The Agricultural and Commercial College School is a large and handsome Elizabethan structure, erected by the Rev. W.H. Hooper, M.A., in 1852, and having accommodation for more than forty boarders. It contains a lofty and well ventilated schoolroom, library, dining-room, &c., and attached to it are about three acres of playground, and a good residence for the head master.

The Fuel Allotments, awarded under the enclosure act of the 37th of George III., now comprise 86A. 1R. 39P., let for £185. 5s., which is distributed in coals. The dividends of £760, new 3 per Cents., left by Charles Hunt in 1811, are distributed in clothing among the poor parishioners. The rent of two allotments, comprising 3A. 1R. 12P., is applied in repairing the highways, but part of it is said to belong to the poor, by gift of Mary Duffield, in 1702.

The Rev. Humphrey Prideaux, author of the "Life of Mahomet," was rector here from 1686 to 1694. The singular Mr. Shuckforth, who died here in 1784, aged 91, was buried in a small enclosure on his own estate, but his remains were removed to the churchyard in 1854. Traces of a Roman Camp are still visible in this parish.

POST from Watton.

	  Allday      John                gentleman, Bromley hill
	  Ashton      John                tinner and brazier
	  Barker      Rt.                 gentleman, Saham Cottage
	  Castendieck John, Esquire
	  Fickling    Robert              victualler, Bull
	  French      Mrs Maria, and Wm.  baker
	  Greengrass  Caroline            Infant School
	  Grey        John                travelling tea dealer
	  Grigson     Mrs Mary            Page's place
	  Knopwood    Robert              farm bailiff
	  Lake        Machin              gentleman
	  Mace        Thomas              plumber and glazier
	  Mace        William             wheelwright
	  Marsh       John and Maria      school teachers
	  Parker      Rev. Robt. H., M.A. Rectory
	  Rodwell     Francis             blacksmith
	  Rose        John                collar and harness maker
	  Sample      Henry               vict. White Lion
	  Stacey      Zachariah           cooper
	  Walker      John                victualler, Bell
	  Whalebelly  Robert              flour seller
	  Wiffin      Mrs Margy.
	  Williams    Hy. D. Montagu      master College
	  Woodward    Rev. William        curate
	  Wright      Mr Thos. S.

	     BEERHOUSES.                     BUTCHERS.

	  Bensley     Isaac               Barnard     Charles
	  Bullen      Robert              Doubleday   James
	  Cater       John                Fickling    George
	  Knopwood    Wm.                 French      John
	  Tennant     James               Whalebelly  Robert

	     BRICKLAYERS.                    CARPENTERS.

	  French      Charles             Disdale     William
	  Lavender    James               Fickling    James
	  Watson      William             Griggs      Thomas
	                                  Jenness     Thomas
	                                  Tennant     Edward

	                        * are owners.

	  Back        William             Greengrass  George
	  Brasnett    Ts.  Park           Hunt        Robert
	  Bristow     John                Kiddle      William
	* Bristow     Robert              Kiddle      William B.
	  Carpenter   John                              Whaite Farm
	* Clark       Edward              Knopwood    Ann
	  Disdale     Thomas              Knopwood    Wm.
	  Durrant     Israel              Matthews    Eliz. (&
	  Fickling    John                              lime burner)
	  French      Charles             Newton      Wm. (& dlr.)
	  French      William             Payne       Joseph
	  Gathergood  John              * Taylor      Robert

	     MILLERS.                        SHOPKEEPERS.

	  Ashley      William             Bensley     Isaac
	  Burton      J. (& baker)        Crow        Michael
	                                  Fickling    Eliz.
	                                  Nickells    Mary
	                                  Payne       George

	     SHOEMAKERS.                     TAILORS.

	  Crow        Michael             Garwood     Thomas
	  Curstons    Lewis               Mower       Robert
	  Ellett      Jas. & Wm.
CARRIER. - G. Payne, to Norwich, Tu. Fri.; and Swaffham, Mon. Thurs.

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