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Norfolk: Runton

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

RUNTON parish, on the sea coast, from one to two miles W. of Cromer, comprises the small villages of East and West Runton, (the former a fishing station,) 424 inhabitants, and 1253A. of land, belonging to various owners, and lying in the manors of Runton-Hayes, (W.H. Windham, Esq.'s,) Runton-Stubbs, Beeston-Priory, East Beckham, Felbrigg, Aylmerton, and Gresham.

The Church (Trinity,) is a discharged rectory, valued in the King's Book at £10, and consolidated with that of Aylmerton. (See page 751 [which is the entry for Aylmerton].) The glebe here is 19A. 2R., and the tithes were commuted in 1838 for £245 per annum.

Sir E.N. Buxton, Bart., has a neat house and about 500 acres of land here.

The Poor's Land, given by unknown donors, comprises about 10 acres, with a double cottage, in Runton, and 20A. 2R. 27P., in Holt and Letheringsett. The rents, amounting to £32. 7s. a year, are distributed in money and coals, together with 20s. from 1A. 1R. 32P. of land, left by Robt. Feazer [sic], in 1713; and £1. 13s. from Hooke's charity, noticed with Beeston.

In the following Directory, those marked 2, are at West Runton, and the others at East Runton.

	   Abbs     Matthew          vict. Boat
	   Abbs     David            shoemaker
	   Bird     Jph.             blacksmith and beerhouse
	   Bunting  Joseph           baker
	   Craske   Mrs.             schoolmistress
	   Cremer   Rev. John B.
	   Holman   James            wheelwright
	   Johnson  Herbert Jarrett  solicitor, (office Cromer)
	2  Leake    James            blacksmith
	   Love     Mary             shopkeeper
	   Mann     Miss Sarah Ann
	   Riches   Wm.              bricklayer
	   Waterson George           corn miller
	   Wright   George           brickmaker

	                  (* are owners.)

	   Abbs     Francis          Ives     Robert
	   Abbs     John          2* Pank     Thomas
	2* Abbs     Joseph        2  Pank     Sus.
	2  Abbs     Thomas           Wright   Henry
	 * Covell   Jph. supt.

CARRIER, John Clarke, to North Walsham, Tuesday & Thursday

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