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Norwich: Mayors, Lord Mayors and Sheriffs, 1835-2010

This is based on a list for 1835 to 1990 from Marianne Philson, of Auckland, New Zealand (Feb 1993). It has been extended by the addition of forenames and extra dates (and with some minor corrections), and by the lord mayors and sheriffs for 1991 to 2010 which have been provided by Nick Williams.

The office of Mayor became Lord Mayor in 1910, and the year of office was from November to November until 1948, when it was changed to be from May to May.

The mayors and sheriffs are shown alphabetically by surname, and then by year of office.

See also: Palgrave-Moore, Patrick
The Mayors and Lord Mayors of Norwich, 1836-1974.
[Norwich, Elvery Dowers Publications, 1978]
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Mayors, Lord Mayors and Sheriffs, 1835-2010, alphabetically by surname

NAME                               OFFICE       YEAR

ALLEN Horace                       Lord Mayor   1954-55
ARTHUR Brenda                      Sheriff      2005-06
BACK Philip                        Sheriff      1879-80
BAGSHAW Robert George              Sheriff      1887-88
BAILEY Sidney Albert               Lord Mayor   1945-46
BAINES Alfred Ernest               Lord Mayor   1949-50
BANHAM Michael John                Lord Mayor   2005-06
BARNES James Henry                 Sheriff      1937-38
BARNES James Henry                 Lord Mayor   1941-42
BARWELL John                       Sheriff      1839-40
BARWELL John                       Sheriff      1893-94
BATEMAN Frederic, M.D.             Sheriff      1872-73
BATEMAN John                       Sheriff      1836-37
BEARE Samuel Shalders              Mayor        1837-38
BETTS John                         Sheriff      1844-45
BETTS John                         Mayor        1845-46
BIGNOLD Charles Edward             Mayor        1894-95(May)
BIGNOLD Charles Robert             Lord Mayor   1926-27
BIGNOLD Sir Samuel                 Mayor        1848-49
BIGNOLD Sir Samuel                 Mayor        1853-54
BIGNOLD Sir Samuel                 Mayor        1872-73
BIRKBECK Henry                     Sheriff      1853-54
BLAKE Robert Wiffen                Sheriff      1851-52
BLAKELY Edward                     Sheriff      1850-51
BLOWER Roy George                  Lord Mayor   2007-08
BLYTH Ernest E, LL.D.              Mayor        1909
BLYTH Ernest E, LL.D.              Lord Mayor   1910
BOARDMAN Edward Thomas             Mayor        1905-06
BODDY Percy James                  Sheriff      1946-47
BOLINGBROKE Augustus F C           Mayor        1869-70
BOLINGBROKE Horatio                Sheriff      1836
BORRETT Ron                        Lord Mayor   2000-01
BRADFORD David                     Lord Mayor   1988-89
BRAUND Richard Perceval            Sheriff      1950-51
BRIGHTWELL Thomas                  Mayor        1836-37
BROOKS Ronald G                    Sheriff      1974-75
BROOKSBANK John                    Sheriff      1942-43
BROWN Audrey                       Sheriff      1997-98
BROWN Frederick                    Sheriff      1863-64
BUCKINGHAM Lewis H                 Sheriff      1938-39
BULLARD Sir Harry                  Sheriff      1877-78
BULLARD Sir Harry                  Mayor        1878-79
BULLARD Sir Harry                  Mayor        1879-80
BULLARD Sir Harry                  Mayor        1886-87
BULMAN Michael                     Lord Mayor   1959-60
BURTON Rev. Jack                   Sheriff      1988-89
BUTCHER William                    Sheriff      1870-71
BUXTON Desmond Gurney              Sheriff      1936-37
BUXTON Edward Gurney               Mayor        1907-08
BUXTON Geoffrey Fowell             Sheriff      1890-91
BUXTON Geoffrey Fowell             Mayor        1903-04
BUXTON Samuel Gurney               Mayor        1873-74
CADGE William                      Sheriff      1876-77
CAMINA Margaret M                  Sheriff      1982-83
CARPENTER William H                Sheriff      1994-95
CARVER George John                 Sheriff      1955-56
CHAMBERLIN Alexander Robert        Sheriff      1873-74
CHAMBERLIN Alexander Robert        Mayor        1892-93
CHAMBERLIN Frederick G             Sheriff      1907-08
CHAMBERLIN Sir George Moore        Mayor        1891-92
CHAMBERLIN Sir George Moore        Lord Mayor   1916-17
CHAMBERLIN Sir George Moore        Lord Mayor   1918-19
CHAMBERLIN Robert                  Sheriff      1848-49
CHAMBERLIN Robert                  Mayor        1854-55
CHAMBERLIN Robert                  Mayor        1856-57
CHAMBERLIN Robert                  Mayor        1871-72
CHAMBERS William                   Sheriff      1835
CLABBURN James William             Mayor        1899-1900
CLABBURN William Copeman           Sheriff      1866-67
CLAPHAM Sidney W W                 Lord Mayor   1964-65
CLARE Arthur V                     Sheriff      1986-87
CLARE Arthur V                     Lord Mayor   1992-93
CLARK Henry Lewis                  Sheriff      1904-05
CLARK Rev. David                   Sheriff      1981-82
CLARKE Benjamin Hill               Sheriff      1944-45
CLARKSON Mabel M, C.B.E.           Sheriff      1928-29
CLARKSON Mabel M, C.B.E.           Lord Mayor   1930-31
CLEVELAND Arthur J                 Lord Mayor   1942-43
COAKS Richard                      Sheriff      1840-41
COAKS Richard                      Mayor        1852-53
COLEMAN George Lovick              Sheriff      1843-44
COLEMAN George Lovick              Mayor        1847-48
COLLER Charles Tarrant             Sheriff      1913-14
COLLER George Arthur               Sheriff      1895-96
COLLER Richard                     Mayor        1876-77
COLLISHAW Evelyn J                 Lord Mayor   2009-10
COLMAN Ethel M                     Lord Mayor   1923-24
COLMAN Jeremiah                    Sheriff      1845-46
COLMAN Jeremiah                    Mayor        1846-47
COLMAN Jeremiah James              Sheriff      1862-63
COLMAN Jeremiah James              Mayor        1867-68
COLMAN James                       Sheriff      1849-50
COLMAN Russell James               Sheriff      1892-93
COLMAN Russell James               Mayor        1901-02
COOPER Lila D                      Sheriff      1984-85
COOPER Lila D                      Lord Mayor   1995-96
COPEMAN Henry John                 Sheriff      1902-03
COPEMAN Henry John                 Lord Mayor   1911-12
COPEMAN William Oliver, C.B.E.     Lord Mayor   1946-47
COZENS-HARDY Basil                 Sheriff      1935-36
COZENS-HARDY Sydney                Sheriff      1900-01
CRAWSHAY Charles                   Sheriff      1857-58
CRESSWELL Arthur J                 Sheriff      1861-62
CUBITT William J                   Sheriff      1865-66
CURL Henley                        Sheriff      1896-97
CURL Percy Edward                  Lord Mayor   1938-39
CUTBUSH Walter Gibbard             Lord Mayor   1947(Nov)-1949(May)
CUTBUSH Walter Gibbard             Sheriff      1961-62
DAKIN John Howard                  Sheriff      1924-25
DAKIN William Howard               Sheriff      1884-85
DAKIN William Howard               Mayor        1889-90
DALRYMPLE Donald, M.D.             Sheriff      1860-61
de CARLE SMITH Joseph              Mayor        1877-78
DEACON Harry                       Sheriff      1945-46
DICKSON Ian Dunbar                 Lord Mayor   1955-56
DIVERS Joyce Climie                Lord Mayor   2004-05
DODSON John                        Sheriff      1906-07
DRAKE Graham H                     Sheriff      1973-74
DRAKE John                         Sheriff      2006-07
DRIVER Alan R                      Lord Mayor   1981-82
DUFF Lt-Col Granville John, M.C.   Lord Mayor   1920-21
DURRANT Roy                        Lord Mayor   1993-94
DYLAN Tom                          Lord Mayor   2010-11
EADE Sir Peter, M.D.               Sheriff      1880-81
EADE Sir Peter, M.D.               Mayor        1883-84
EADE Sir Peter, M.D.               Mayor        1893-94
EADE Sir Peter, M.D.               Mayor        1895(May-Nov)
EATON Thomas Christopher           Lord Mayor   1957-58
ENGLISH Dr J Peter                 Lord Mayor   1978-79
FERRIS-RAMPLEY Brenda              Sheriff      1992-93
FERRIS-RAMPLEY Brenda              Lord Mayor   1994-95
FIELD Edward                       Mayor        1857-58
FINCH Charles Hugh                 Sheriff      1919-20
FINCH William James                Sheriff      1940-41
FINCH William James                Lord Mayor   1943-44
FITCH Robert                       Sheriff      1867-68
FLOWERS Henry Zachariah Thompson   Mayor        1904-05
FOSTER Sir William, Bart           Mayor        1844-45
FRANCIS John                       Sheriff      1837-38
FRAZER Herbert                     Lord Mayor   1936-37
FRAZER Herbert                     Sheriff      1931-32
FRAZER Maud Maria                  Sheriff      1959-60
FREEMAN William                    Sheriff      1842-43
FREEMAN William                    Mayor        1843-44
FROSTICK Raymond C                 Lord Mayor   1976-77
FULLMAN David                      Lord Mayor   1989-90
GAMBLING Edward A                  Sheriff      1967-68
GAMBLING Edward A                  Lord Mayor   1968-69
GAYTON Ralph E                     Sheriff      1996-97
GILMAN Sir Charles Rackham         Mayor        1882-83
GILMAN Sir Charles Rackham         Mayor        1896-97
GILMAN Charles Storey              Sheriff      1911-12
GLOVER Thomas, C.B.E.              Lord Mayor   1925-26
GORDON-MUNN John Gordon, M.D.      Lord Mayor   1914-15
GOREHAM Geoffrey S                 Sheriff      1985-86
GOULD Harry Pearce                 Sheriff      1910-11
GOWEN Herbert Philip               Sheriff      1918-19
GOWEN Herbert Philip               Lord Mayor   1928-29
GREEN George                       Lord Mayor   1919-20
GRIFFITHS Jessie Ruby              Sheriff      1964-65
GRIFFITHS Jessie Ruby              Lord Mayor   1969-70
GRIMMER Frederick                  Sheriff      1871-72
GRIMMER Russell R                  Sheriff      1977-78
GRIMMER Samuel                     Mayor        1880-81
GUNN Bryan                         Sheriff      2002-03
GURNEY John                        Mayor        1885-86
GURNEY Richard Quintin             Lord Mayor   1961-62
GURNEY Sir Eustace                 Lord Mayor   1910-11
GUTTSMAN Valerie                   Lord Mayor   1979-80
HALDENSTEIN Alfred Isaac           Sheriff      1897-98
HANLY Bernard James                Sheriff      1932-33
HANLY Bernard James                Lord Mayor   1940-41
HARDY Ruth Elsie                   Lord Mayor   1950-51
HARE W Rowan, C.B.E., D.C.L.       Sheriff      1979-80
HARMER Frederick William           Mayor        1887-88
HARTLEY Eric                       Lord Mayor   1980-81
HARTLEY Felicity E                 Lord Mayor   2006-07
HARVEY Edward Kerrison             Mayor        1868-69
HARVEY Edward Kerrison             Mayor        1874-75
HARVEY Lt-Col John Robert, D.S.O.  Mayor        1902-03
HARVEY Robert John Harvey          Sheriff      1854-55
HAVERS Francis Curtis              Sheriff      1923-24
HEMSTED John R                     Sheriff      1980-81
HENDERSON James Frederick          Lord Mayor   1939-40
HILL Samuel Garerd [sic]           Sheriff      1894-95
HINDE Charles Fountain             Sheriff      1915-16
HINDE Eric John S                  Lord Mayor   1951-52
HIPWELL James S                    Sheriff      1966-67
HOLMES Sir Henry Nicholas          Lord Mayor   1921-22
HOLMES Sir Henry Nicholas          Lord Mayor   1932-33
HOOKE Jeremy Nigel                 Lord Mayor   2008-09
HORNER Francis                     Sheriff      1914-15
HOTBLACK John                      Mayor        1884-85
HOWES Leonard Arthur               Sheriff      1952-53
HOWES Leonard Arthur               Lord Mayor   1963-64
HOWLETT Arthur Godfrey             Sheriff      1908-09
HOWLETT William R C                Mayor        1906-07
HUBBARD William                    Sheriff      1922-23
HUNTER William                     Mayor        1881-82
JAMES Derek                        Sheriff      2010-11
JARROLD Herbert John, C.B.E.       Sheriff      1947(Nov)-1949(May)
JARROLD Herbert John, C.B.E.       Lord Mayor   1970-71
JARROLD Peter, D.L.                Sheriff      1999-2000
JARROLD William Thomas Fisher      Sheriff      1920-21
JECKS Charles                      Sheriff      1864-65
JEWSON Charles Boardman            Lord Mayor   1965-66
JEWSON Percy William               Lord Mayor   1934-35
JEWSON Richard                     Lord Mayor   1917-18
JEX Frederick C                    Lord Mayor   1933-34
JOHNSON John Goodwin               Mayor        1855-56
KEFFORD Sheila                     Sheriff      2001-02
KING Clifford W                    Sheriff      1958-59
KING Paul R, O.B.E., D.L.          Sheriff      2004-05
LAKE Norman J                      Sheriff      1983-84
LARKING R C (Roland Charles?)      Sheriff      1943-44
LAY Jennifer                       Sheriff      1998-99
LUMSDEN Carlos B                   Sheriff      1905-06
MARSHALL John                      Sheriff      1834-35
MARSHALL John                      Mayor        1838-39
MARSHALL John                      Mayor        1841-42
MIDDLETON George                   Mayor        1858-59
MILLER Jill B                      Lord Mayor   1986-87
MILLER Jill B                      Sheriff      1989-90
MILLER Jill B                      Sheriff      1991-92
MITCHELL Samuel                    Mayor        1842-43
MONEY Philip John                  Mayor        1839-40
MOORE John                         Mayor        1895-96
MOORE Philip                       Lord Mayor   1991-92
MOORE William                      Mayor        1835
MORGAN Benjamin Branford           Sheriff      1930-31
MORGAN Henry                       Sheriff      1869-70
MORGAN Joyce L                     Lord Mayor   1975-76
MORSE Sir George Henry             Mayor        1898-99
MORSE Sir George Henry             Lord Mayor   1922-23
MOTTRAM Ralph Hale                 Lord Mayor   1953-54
MOTUM Edward James                 Sheriff      1933-34
MOYES George R                     Sheriff      1969-70
NEWMAN Samuel                      Sheriff      1882-83
NICHOLS Alfred E                   Sheriff      1957-58
NICHOLS Alfred E                   Lord Mayor   1960-61
NICHOLS William Peter              Mayor        1865-66
ORAMS Edward                       Sheriff      1889-90
O'RIORDAN Tim                      Sheriff      2009-10
PATTESON Henry Staniforth          Sheriff      1858-59
PATTESON Henry Staniforth          Mayor        1862-63
PATTESON Henry Tyrwhitt Staniforth Sheriff      1901-02
PAUL Joseph John Dawson            Sheriff      1885-86
PAUL Joseph John Dawson            Mayor        1900-01
PERRY Harry                        Lord Mayor   1966-67
PERRY Harry                        Sheriff      1965-66
PETERSEN Stanley B                 Lord Mayor   1984-85
PLUMSTEAD John A                   Sheriff      1968-69
POPE George Stevens                Lord Mayor   1924-25
PORTER James Arthur                Lord Mayor   1913-14
PRATT Donald M                     Lord Mayor   1971-72
PRATT Donald M                     Sheriff      1978-79
PRIOR Leathes                      Sheriff      1903-04
PUMMELL Alfred Edward              Sheriff      1949-50
QUINN Rory E N                     Lord Mayor   1996-97
RANSON Joshua Farrar               Sheriff      1883-84
RANSON Joshua Farrar               Mayor        1888-89
RATCLIFFE Keith                    Lord Mayor   2001-02
READ Phil                          Sheriff      1993-94
READ Robert John                   Sheriff      1912-13
REEVE Harry                        Sheriff      1891-92
RICE Arthur Archibald, M.C.        Sheriff      1926-27
RICHARDS Leslie George             Sheriff      1971-72
RICHARDS Leslie George             Lord Mayor   1982-83
RILEY Walter Alfred                Lord Mayor   1935-36
ROBINSON Percy                     Sheriff      1925-26
ROBISON John                       Sheriff      1868-69
ROE Ralph W                        Lord Mayor   1977-78
ROE William James                  Sheriff      1963-64
ROWLEY Horace C                    Sheriff      1976-77
RYE Walter                         Mayor        1908-09
RYRIE Andrew                       Lord Mayor   1962-63
SAMUEL Arthur Michael              Lord Mayor   1912-13
SANDALL Roger, Q.P.M.              Sheriff      2000-01
SEABROOK Richard B                 Lord Mayor   1972-73
SEAMAN Robert                      Sheriff      1856-57
SKELTON Henry                      Sheriff      1898-99
SMITH Bernard N                    Lord Mayor   1990-91
SMITH Harry Harper                 Sheriff      1921-22
SMITH Harry Harper                 Lord Mayor   1929-30
SNELLING William Oldfield          Sheriff      1917-18
SOUTH Sir Arthur                   Sheriff      1953-54
SOUTH Sir Arthur                   Lord Mayor   1956-57
SOUTHALL Thomas Frederick          Sheriff      1927-28
SOUTHGATE Chris                    Lord Mayor   2003-04
SOUTHWELL Edwin Batterbee          Lord Mayor   1915-16
SPEAR William A J                  Sheriff      1962-63
SPEAR William A J                  Lord Mayor   1974-75
SPELMAN Clement Charles Rix        Mayor        1897-98
SPRINGFIELD Osborne                Mayor        1863-64
SPRINGFIELD Thomas Osborn          Mayor        1836
STEVENSON Barbara E E              Lord Mayor   1985-86
STEVENSON Harry                    Sheriff      1875-76
STEVENSON Leonard A                Lord Mayor   1983-84
STEVENSON Leonard A                Sheriff      1987-88
STEWARD Donald                     Sheriff      1878-79
STEWARD Timothy                    Sheriff      1855-56
STIRLING George                    Sheriff      1975-76
STOREY William                     Sheriff      1841-42
STRATFORD Claude                   Sheriff      1939-40
SUTTON Cecil Harry                 Sheriff      1956-57
SUTTON Cecil Harry                 Lord Mayor   1967-68
SYMONDS Robert J                   Sheriff      1972-73
SYMONDS Robert J                   Lord Mayor   1973-74
TAYLOR Frederick Oddin             Sheriff      1886-87
TAYLOR John Oddin                  Mayor        1861-62
TILLETT Jacob Henry                Mayor        1859-60
TILLETT Jacob Henry                Mayor        1875-76
TILLETT Norman Reeve               Sheriff      1951-52
TILLETT Norman Reeve               Lord Mayor   1958-59
TUCK Charles Edward                Mayor        1864-65
TUSTING Osborne Mason              Sheriff      1954-55
UNDERWOOD Douglas C                Sheriff      1995-96
UNDERWOOD Douglas C                Lord Mayor   1999-2000
UNDERWOOD Joseph                   Sheriff      1859-60
UTTEN-BROWNE William John          Mayor        1860-61
WAINWRIGHT Samuel                  Sheriff      1899-1900
WALKER William Ernest              Sheriff      1934-35
WALKER William Ernest              Lord Mayor   1952-53
WALLER Roy                         Sheriff      2008-09
WARMINGER Alfred H                 Sheriff      1960-61
WATKINS Brian                      Sheriff      1990-91
WATLING Charles Frederick          Sheriff      1929-30
WATLING Charles Frederick          Lord Mayor   1937-38
WATSON Frederick Elwin             Mayor        1866-67
WATSON Frederick Elwin             Mayor        1870-71
WATSON Harry W                     Lord Mayor   1997-98
WATSON James                       Sheriff      1847-48
WEEKS Geoffrey B                   Sheriff      1970-71
WHEATLEY Garry S                   Lord Mayor   1987-88
WHITE Clifford Copeland            Sheriff      1941-42
WHITE George                       Sheriff      1888-89
WHITE Sir George Ernest            Sheriff      1916-17
WHITE Sir George Ernest            Lord Mayor   1931-32
WILD Edward                        Mayor        1890-91
WILLETT Edward                     Mayor        1840-41
WILLIAMS Nick                      Sheriff      2007-08
WILLIAMSON Edward Frank            Lord Mayor   1944-45
WILSON Moya                        Sheriff      2003-04
WINTER Charles                     Sheriff      1846-47
WINTER Charles                     Mayor        1851-52
WINTER James John                  Sheriff      1881-82
WITARD Herbert Edward              Lord Mayor   1927-28
WOMACK George Jnr.                 Sheriff      1852-53
WOOD Derek F J                     Lord Mayor   1998-99
WOOD Derek F J                     Lord Mayor   2002-03
WOODCOCK Henry                     Sheriff      1838-39
WOODCOCK Henry                     Mayor        1849-50
WOODCOCK Henry                     Mayor        1850-51
YOUNG Arthur James                 Sheriff      1909-10
YOUNGS John                        Sheriff      1874-75

Mayors, Lord Mayors and Sheriffs, 1835-2010, by year of office

The office of Mayor became Lord Mayor in 1910, and the year of office was from November to November until 1948, when it was changed to be from May to May.

Year      Mayor                             Sheriff      

1834-35                                     MARSHALL John
1835      MOORE William                     CHAMBERS William
1836      SPRINGFIELD Thomas Osborn         BOLINGBROKE Horatio
1836-37   BRIGHTWELL Thomas                 BATEMAN John
1837-38   BEARE Samuel Shalders             FRANCIS John
1838-39   MARSHALL John                     WOODCOCK Henry
1839-40   MONEY Philip John                 BARWELL John
1840-41   WILLETT Edward                    COAKS Richard
1841-42   MARSHALL John                     STOREY William
1842-43   MITCHELL Samuel                   FREEMAN William
1843-44   FREEMAN William                   COLEMAN George Lovick
1844-45   FOSTER Sir William, Bart          BETTS John
1845-46   BETTS John                        COLMAN Jeremiah
1846-47   COLMAN Jeremiah                   WINTER Charles
1847-48   COLEMAN George Lovick             WATSON James
1848-49   BIGNOLD Sir Samuel                CHAMBERLIN Robert
1849-50   WOODCOCK Henry                    COLMAN James
1850-51   WOODCOCK Henry                    BLAKELY Edward
1851-52   WINTER Charles                    BLAKE Robert Wiffen
1852-53   COAKS Richard                     WOMACK George Jnr.
1853-54   BIGNOLD Sir Samuel                BIRKBECK Henry
1854-55   CHAMBERLIN Robert                 HARVEY Robert John Harvey
1855-56   JOHNSON John Goodwin              STEWARD Timothy
1856-57   CHAMBERLIN Robert                 SEAMAN Robert
1857-58   FIELD Edward                      CRAWSHAY Charles
1858-59   MIDDLETON George                  PATTESON Henry Staniforth
1859-60   TILLETT Jacob Henry               UNDERWOOD Joseph
1860-61   UTTEN-BROWNE William John         DALRYMPLE Donald, M.D.
1861-62   TAYLOR John Oddin                 CRESSWELL Arthur J
1862-63   PATTESON Henry Staniforth         COLMAN Jeremiah James
1863-64   SPRINGFIELD Osborne               BROWN Frederick
1864-65   TUCK Charles Edward               JECKS Charles
1865-66   NICHOLS William Peter             CUBITT William J
1866-67   WATSON Frederick Elwin            CLABBURN William Copeman
1867-68   COLMAN Jeremiah James             FITCH Robert
1868-69   HARVEY Edward Kerrison            ROBISON John
1869-70   BOLINGBROKE Augustus F C          MORGAN Henry
1870-71   WATSON Frederick Elwin            BUTCHER William
1871-72   CHAMBERLIN Robert                 GRIMMER Frederick
1872-73   BIGNOLD Sir Samuel                BATEMAN Frederic, M.D.
1873-74   BUXTON Samuel Gurney              CHAMBERLIN Alexander Robert
1874-75   HARVEY Edward Kerrison            YOUNGS John
1875-76   TILLETT Jacob Henry               STEVENSON Harry
1876-77   COLLER Richard                    CADGE William
1877-78   de CARLE SMITH Joseph             BULLARD Sir Harry
1878-79   BULLARD Sir Harry                 STEWARD Donald
1879-80   BULLARD Sir Harry                 BACK Philip
1880-81   GRIMMER Samuel                    EADE Sir Peter, M.D.
1881-82   HUNTER William                    WINTER James John
1882-83   GILMAN Sir Charles Rackham        NEWMAN Samuel
1883-84   EADE Sir Peter, M.D.              RANSON Joshua Farrar
1884-85   HOTBLACK John                     DAKIN William Howard
1885-86   GURNEY John                       PAUL Joseph John Dawson
1886-87   BULLARD Sir Harry                 TAYLOR Frederick Oddin
1887-88   HARMER Frederick William          BAGSHAW Robert George
1888-89   RANSON Joshua Farrar              WHITE George
1889-90   DAKIN William Howard              ORAMS Edward
1890-91   WILD Edward                       BUXTON Geoffrey Fowell
1891-92   CHAMBERLIN Sir George Moore       REEVE Harry
1892-93   CHAMBERLIN Alexander Robert       COLMAN Russell James
1893-94   EADE Sir Peter, M.D.              BARWELL John
1894-95   BIGNOLD Charles Edward (Nov-May)  HILL Samuel Garerd [sic]
1894-95   EADE Sir Peter, M.D.   (May-Nov)
1895-96   MOORE John                        COLLER George Arthur
1896-97   GILMAN Sir Charles Rackham        CURL Henley
1897-98   SPELMAN Clement Charles Rix       HALDENSTEIN Alfred Isaac
1898-99   MORSE Sir George Henry            SKELTON Henry
1899-1900 CLABBURN James William            WAINWRIGHT Samuel
1900-01   PAUL Joseph John Dawson           COZENS-HARDY Sydney
1901-02   COLMAN Russell James              PATTESON Henry Tyrwhitt Staniforth
1902-03   HARVEY Lt-Col John Robert, D.S.O. COPEMAN Henry John
1903-04   BUXTON Geoffrey Fowell            PRIOR Leathes
1904-05   FLOWERS Henry Zachariah Thompson  CLARK Henry Lewis
1905-06   BOARDMAN Edward Thomas            LUMSDEN Carlos B
1906-07   HOWLETT William R C               DODSON John
1907-08   BUXTON Edward Gurney              CHAMBERLIN Frederick G
1908-09   RYE Walter                        HOWLETT Arthur Godfrey
1909-10   BLYTH Ernest E, LL.D.             YOUNG Arthur James

Year      Lord Mayor                        Sheriff

1910-11   GURNEY Sir Eustace                GOULD Harry Pearce
1911-12   COPEMAN Henry John                GILMAN Charles Storey
1912-13   SAMUEL Arthur Michael             READ Robert John
1913-14   PORTER James Arthur               COLLER Charles Tarrant
1914-15   GORDON-MUNN John Gordon, M.D.     HORNER Francis
1915-16   SOUTHWELL Edwin Batterbee         HINDE Charles Fountain
1916-17   CHAMBERLIN Sir George Moore       WHITE Sir George Ernest
1917-18   JEWSON Richard                    SNELLING William Oldfield
1918-19   CHAMBERLIN Sir George Moore       GOWEN Herbert Philip
1919-20   GREEN George                      FINCH Charles Hugh
1920-21   DUFF Lt-Col Granville John, M.C.  JARROLD William Thomas Fisher
1921-22   HOLMES Sir Henry Nicholas         SMITH Harry Harper
1922-23   MORSE Sir George Henry            HUBBARD William
1923-24   COLMAN Ethel M                    HAVERS Francis Curtis
1924-25   POPE George Stevens               DAKIN John Howard
1925-26   GLOVER Thomas, C.B.E.             ROBINSON Percy
1926-27   BIGNOLD Charles Robert            RICE Arthur Archibald, M.C.
1927-28   WITARD Herbert Edward             SOUTHALL Thomas Frederick
1928-29   GOWEN Herbert Philip              CLARKSON Mabel M, C.B.E.
1929-30   SMITH Harry Harper                WATLING Charles Frederick
1930-31   CLARKSON Mabel M, C.B.E.          MORGAN Benjamin Branford
1931-32   WHITE Sir George Ernest           FRAZER Herbert
1932-33   HOLMES Sir Henry Nicholas         HANLY Bernard James
1933-34   JEX Frederick C                   MOTUM Edward James
1934-35   JEWSON Percy William              WALKER William Ernest
1935-36   RILEY Walter Alfred               COZENS-HARDY Basil
1936-37   FRAZER Herbert                    BUXTON Desmond Gurney
1937-38   WATLING Charles Frederick         BARNES James Henry
1938-39   CURL Percy Edward                 BUCKINGHAM Lewis H
1939-40   HENDERSON James Frederick         STRATFORD Claude
1940-41   HANLY Bernard James               FINCH William James
1941-42   BARNES James Henry                WHITE Clifford Copeland
1942-43   CLEVELAND Arthur J                BROOKSBANK John
1943-44   FINCH William James               LARKING R C (Roland Charles?)
1944-45   WILLIAMSON Edward Frank           CLARKE Benjamin Hill
1945-46   BAILEY Sidney Albert              DEACON Harry
1946-47   COPEMAN William Oliver, C.B.E.    BODDY Percy James
1947-49   CUTBUSH Walter Gibbard            JARROLD Herbert John, C.B.E.
1949-50   BAINES Alfred Ernest              PUMMELL Alfred Edward
1950-51   HARDY Ruth Elsie                  BRAUND Richard Perceval
1951-52   HINDE Eric John S                 TILLETT Norman Reeve
1952-53   WALKER William Ernest             HOWES Leonard Arthur
1953-54   MOTTRAM Ralph Hale                SOUTH Sir Arthur
1954-55   ALLEN Horace                      TUSTING Osborne Mason
1955-56   DICKSON Ian Dunbar                CARVER George John
1956-57   SOUTH Sir Arthur                  SUTTON Cecil Harry
1957-58   EATON Thomas Christopher          NICHOLS Alfred E
1958-59   TILLETT Norman Reeve              KING Clifford W
1959-60   BULMAN Michael                    FRAZER Maud Maria
1960-61   NICHOLS Alfred E                  WARMINGER Alfred H
1961-62   GURNEY Richard Quintin            CUTBUSH Walter Gibbard
1962-63   RYRIE Andrew                      SPEAR William A J
1963-64   HOWES Leonard Arthur              ROE William James
1964-65   CLAPHAM Sidney W W                GRIFFITHS Jessie Ruby
1965-66   JEWSON Charles Boardman           PERRY Harry
1966-67   PERRY Harry                       HIPWELL James S
1967-68   SUTTON Cecil Harry                GAMBLING Edward A
1968-69   GAMBLING Edward A                 PLUMSTEAD John A
1969-70   GRIFFITHS Jessie Ruby             MOYES George R
1970-71   JARROLD Herbert John, C.B.E.      WEEKS Geoffrey B
1971-72   PRATT Donald M                    RICHARDS Leslie George
1972-73   SEABROOK Richard B                SYMONDS Robert J
1973-74   SYMONDS Robert J                  DRAKE Graham H
1974-75   SPEAR William A J                 BROOKS Ronald G
1975-76   MORGAN Joyce L                    STIRLING George
1976-77   FROSTICK Raymond C                ROWLEY Horace C
1977-78   ROE Ralph W                       GRIMMER Russell R
1978-79   ENGLISH Dr J Peter                PRATT Donald M
1979-80   GUTTSMAN Valerie                  HARE W Rowan, C.B.E., D.C.L.
1980-81   HARTLEY Eric                      HEMSTED John R
1981-82   DRIVER Alan R                     CLARK Rev. David
1982-83   RICHARDS Leslie George            CAMINA Margaret M
1983-84   STEVENSON Leonard A               LAKE Norman J
1984-85   PETERSEN Stanley B                COOPER Lila D
1985-86   STEVENSON Barbara E E             GOREHAM Geoffrey S
1986-87   MILLER Jill B                     CLARE Arthur V
1987-88   WHEATLEY Garry S                  STEVENSON Leonard A
1988-89   BRADFORD David                    BURTON Rev. Jack
1989-90   FULLMAN David                     MILLER Jill B
1990-91   SMITH Bernard N                   WATKINS Brian
1991-92   MOORE Philip                      MILLER Jill B
1992-93   CLARE Arthur V                    FERRIS-RAMPLEY Brenda
1993-94   DURRANT Roy                       READ Phil
1994-95   FERRIS-RAMPLEY Brenda             CARPENTER William H
1995-96   COOPER Lila D                     UNDERWOOD Douglas C
1996-97   QUINN Rory E N                    GAYTON Ralph E
1997-98   WATSON Harry W                    BROWN Audrey
1998-99   WOOD Derek F J                    LAY Jennifer
1999-2000 UNDERWOOD Douglas C               JARROLD Peter, D.L.
2000-01   BORRETT Ron                       SANDALL Roger, Q.P.M.
2001-02   RATCLIFFE Keith                   KEFFORD Sheila
2002-03   WOOD Derek F J                    GUNN Bryan
2003-04   SOUTHGATE Chris                   WILSON Moya
2004-05   DIVERS Joyce Climie               KING Paul R, O.B.E., D.L.
2005-06   BANHAM Michael John               ARTHUR Brenda
2006-07   HARTLEY Felicity E                DRAKE John
2007-08   BLOWER Roy George                 WILLIAMS Nick
2008-09   HOOKE Jeremy Nigel                WALLER Roy
2009-10   COLLISHAW Evelyn J                O'RIORDAN Tim
2010-11   DYLAN Tom                         JAMES Derek