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Norfolk: Norwich: Church History and Church Records

These sections have been merged, as it is sometimes difficult to decide if a reference is about records or history, or both.

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August 1998


This includes references to general church history and records, and works about more than one denomination.

Colman, Helen Caroline
The religious life of Norwich: a glimpse into the past.
[Norwich?, Jarrold?, 1929]
Messent, Claude J.W.
The city churches of Norwich.
[Norwich, Hunt, 1932]
Norfolk and Norwich Genealogical Society (now NFHS)
Map of Norwich Parishes
From Index to Norwich Marriages 1813-1817, compiled by John F.Fone.
[NNGS, Norfolk Genealogy Vol 14, 1982]
This is a link to an archived copy.
Norwich City Council
Locations of Norwich Churches.
This is a link to an archived copy.
Spencer, Noel
The old churches of Norwich.
[Norwich, Jarrold, 2nd revision (Alec Court) 1991]
Tanner, Norman P.
The Church in late medieval Norwich, 1370-1532.
[Toronto, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1984]

Church of England

Church of England

Other Denominations


Gould, George
Open communion and the Baptists of Norwich: report of the proceedings in Attorney-General v. Gould.
[Norwich, Fletcher, 1860]
Wilkin, Martin Hood
Joseph Kinghorn of Norwich.
[Norwich, Fletcher and Alexander, 1855]


Peel, Albert
The Brownists in Norwich and Norfolk about 1580.
[Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1920]


(No author)
A great Gothic fane: the Catholic church of St. John the Baptist, Norwich: with historical retrospect of Catholicity in Norwich.
[Brighton, Pike, 1913]
Jessopp, A. (Editor)
Catholic Church: Visitations of the diocese of Norwich, 1492-1532.
[London, Camden Society New Series, Vol 43, 1888, Reprinted 1965]


Colman, Helen Caroline
Prince's Street Congregational Church, Norwich, 1819-1919.
[London, Jarrold, 1919]

Latter Day Saints

Raban, James Colin Priaulx
Religious conversion: the experience of Mormons in Norwich.
[Norwich, University of East Anglia Thesis, 1973]


See Latter Day Saints.


Eddington, Arthur John
The first fifty years of Quakerism in Norwich.
[London, Friends' Historical Society, 1932]

Society of Friends

See Quakers.


(No author)
The Octagon Chapel.
[Norwich, the Chapel, 1930]
Taylor, John and Taylor, Edward
History of the Octagon Chapel, Norwich.
[London, Green, 1848]


Moens, William John Charles
The Walloons and their church at Norwich: their history and registers, 1565-1832.
[Lymington, Huguenot Society of London (1), 1887]