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Norfolk: Northwold

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

This is the list of the tradespeople and the most prominent residents.

In the following Directory, those marked 1 are at WHITTINGTON.

POST OFFICE at Coote Upton's. Letters despatched, via Brandon, at 7 p.m. This is also a Money Order Office and Savings' Bank.

	  Abbot       Rev. Alexander
	                Douglas          curate
	  Armstrong   Thomas             saddler, &c.
	  Carter      Charles. Esq.
	  Clarke      Matthew            parish clerk
	  Chamberlain Robert             fishmonger, &c.
	  Coker       Miss Susan         Water Mills
	  Dent        Charles Garrod     brewer
	  Fuller      Thomas             poulterer
	  Harrison    Anthony            victualler, Crown
	  Hill        Mr James
	  Hopkin      Isaac              plumber, painter, &c.
	  Joy         Wm.                surgeon
	  Jolly       William            victualler, George IV.
	  Kirbell     Miss Eliz.
	  Langham     Miss Kate
	  Leeder      John               farrier
	  Norman      Rev. C.M.R., M.A.  Rectory
	1 Podmore     Wm.                clerk
	  Pooley      Miss My.
	1 Rickward    James              victualler, Bell
	  Rudland     Thomas             wheelwright
	  Thorpe      Robert             ironmonger & druggist
	  Thwaites    William            schoolmaster
	  Turner      Philip             basket maker
	  Tyssen      Captain Charles
	                Amherst Daniel   Northwold Lodge
	  Walpole     Jonas              solicitor
	  Wilkinson   My Hy.
	  Wright      Misses

	     BAKERS, &c.                   BUTCHERS.

	  Kemp        Mary               Bunkall     Elizabeth
	  Thompson    George             Pratt       Agnes

	     BEERHOUSES.                   CARPENTERS.

	  Bovill      John (and          Green       Abraham
	                coach builder)   Harper
	  Garrod      Charles              and Jolly
	  Harpley     William            Harpley     William
	1 White       James              Pitcher     John

	     BLACKSMITHS.                  CORN MILLERS.

	  Chandler    William            Bird        Jacob M.;
	  Garrod      Isaac                            h Downham mrkt.
	  King        William            Graves      George
	                                 Harrod      John

	  Germany     William
	  Morley      James

	                        * are owners.

	1 Brooks      James            1 Lock        James
	  Chinery     Thomas             Noble       William
	 *Cock        John               Nurse       William
	 *Dye         Robert            *Pooley      Thomas (&
	  Ellett      Robert                           land agent)
	  Fendick     William;         1*Prior       Ambrose,
	                h Didlington                   White house
	  Gathercole  Benj.              Reed        James
	  Graves      Esther,            Ruggles     George
	                Hall            *Scales      John
	1 Greenacre   George             Simons      William
	  Harrison    Anthony            Winfield    Frederick;
	  Jarred      Robert                           house Boughton


	  Denny       Geo. James
	  Snelling    Frederick (&
	                coal merchnt.)
	  Thorpe      Robert


	  Barham      James              (& surveyor)
	  Heslop &    Thos. &
	    Thompson    Mary             Free School
	  Mastin      Elizabeth          Infants'

	     SHOPKEEPERS.                   SHOEMAKERS.

	  Clarke      Matthew            Casburn     John
	1 Faux        Edward             Horn        James
	  Hardy       Henry              Pearmain    James
	  Morley      James (and         Pyle        Edward
	  Johnson     Maria                 TAILORS.
	1 Tingay      William
	  Thompson    John               Beales      James
	                                 Upton       Coote (and

CARRIER, J. Crisp, to Lynn, Tues. and Saturday; to Brandon, Mon-Wednesday, and Friday

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