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Payments for Marriages and Funerals

This has been found by the Norfolk transcribers for FreeREG, at the start of the Necton parish register of marriages 1837-1900.

Registers from
Aug.t 3. 1837.
Table of Fees
Marriagesby Licence. To the Clergyman,one pound     [1]
   to the Clerkten shillings.
 by Banns to the Clergymanfive shillings.
   to the Clerk,two shillings & sixpence.
   including 1/- when Banns are given in

Funerals. To the Clerk for ringing Bell at time of death & of funeral one shilling each time.
   [2] To Clergyman for putting up a plain (tomb- or) Head-stone seven shillings & sixpence - to the Clerk two shillings & sixpence.
  Funerals out of the Parish - fees are ten shillings to both the Clergyman & the Clerk.     [3]
  For graves Clerks's fees are at rate of 1/- per foot - No grave to be less than 5 feet deep.
NB. The above fees are lower than those sanctioned by the Bp of Norwich.

These notes have been added, at the places indicated above:

[1] NB. Old Table of Fees & Terrier apportion only 10/- to Clergyman & 5/- to Clerk for Licence Marriages
[2] NB. For brick grave or Monument extra fee of £4 to Clergyman (Old table of fees & Terrier)
[3] NB. Old Table of fees and Terrier state only 5/- to Clerk.

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