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Norfolk: Mattishall

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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MATTISHALL is a large and well built village, and parish, 5 miles E. by S. of East Dereham, and 11 miles W. of Norwich, comprising 1,155 inhabitants and 2,238 acres of land, of which about 900 were inclosed in 1801.

It is in several MANORS: Sir W.R. Clayton is lord of Whinburgh; Lord Wodehouse, of Thuxton-Hall and Barnham-Broom; Edward Lombe, Esq. of Thuxton-Waces; Lord Bayning, of East Tuddenham-Cockfields; T.T. Berney, Esq., of Hockering, and Mattishall-Tuddenham; T.B. Evans, Esq., of North Tuddenham-St. Clere and Bellhouse-hall; and G. Cooper, Esq., of Moutneys.

The CHURCH (All Saints,) stands on an eminence in the centre of the village, and is a large Gothic pile, with six bells and a lofty tower.

The living is a discharged vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £7.7s.3½d., and in 1831, at £469, in the patronage of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, to which the corn tithes belong. It is consolidated with the rectory of Pattesley, in the incumbency of the Rev. Thomas Paddon. The vicarage was augmented, in 1738, with £200 of Queen Anne's bounty, and £200 given by the Rev. Edward Brook. Pattesley rectory was augmented with £400 of Queen Anne's bounty, in 1741 and 1744, and £200 given by the Bishop, in 1742. Pattesley is rated to the poor, &c., of Oxwick, in Launditch Hundred, but pays a modus of £8.8s. in lieu of tithes, to the vicar of Mattishall. The £800 obtained as above stated for the augmentation of the joint vicarage and rectory, was laid out in the purchase of an estate of 110A., now let for £140 per annum. Here is also 30A. of glebe. In 1839, the tithes of Mattishall were commuted for the yearly payment of £488.7s. to Gonville and Caius College, and £296.6s. to the vicar.

The FUEL ALLOTMENT awarded at the enclosure, in 1803, contains 61A.1R.7P., let for about £70 a year, which is distributed in coals among the poor parishioners, who have also 17s. yearly, from Mowting's charity. In 1689, MARY THORNTON bequeathed for the poor of Mattishall and Mattishall-Burgh, a house and 8A. of land, now let for £45 a year, which is divided equally between the two parishes. In 1558, THOS. HARLESTONE bequeathed to the poor property, which, with that derived from allotments at the enclosure, now comprises five tenements and about 33 acres of land, let for about £90 a year; to which is added the annual rent charge of £2.5s. left by Robert Harlestone, in the 12th of Elizabeth. Out of this income £1.11s. is paid to the parish clerk; £1.8s.4d. to the poor of Mattishall-Burgh; and 10s. for a sermon; and the residue, after paying incidental expenses, is distributed among the poor of Mattishall.

Before the introduction of machinery, Mattishall was largely engaged in the worsted manufacture. A pleasure fair is held here on the Tuesday, in Rogation week, and a hiring for servants at Michaelmas.

The Post Office is at Mr. W. Harrison's, where letters arrive from East Dereham, at ½ past 10 morning.

	Baker      Mr George Walton
	Blomfield  Mrs Sarah
	Christmas  Mr Samuel
	Donne      Wm. B. Esq.      South Green
	Fisher     Wm.              horse breaker and letter
	Godfrey    Wm.              cooper
	Goldsmith  John             farmer and vict.,
	                              George and Dragon
	Hewett     Mr Chas.
	Horne      Wm.              tailor
	Hoy        Dunham John      watchmaker
	Jewell     James            veterinary surgeon
	Mendham    Wm.              parish clerk
	Moore      Henry            brewer
	Neve       Joseph           cooper
	Norton     Matthew          cabinet maker
	Paddon     Rev.Thomas, M.A. vicar
	Pointer    Geo.             plumber & vict., Swan
	Porter     Mr Wm.
	Rollison   John             earthenware dealer, &c.
	Randall    Robert           bricklayer, &c.
	Richmond   James            working maltster
	Sendall    Mr Rd.
	Vassar     Mr Geo.
	Webster    Wm.              brickmaker, builder, and maltster,
	                              South Green
	Willis     Wm.              police
	Wilson     Rev. Thos. Wm    (Indept.)
	Wyatt      Joseph & Esdaile maltsters and spirit merchants

	   Academies.                        FARMERS.
	                                 * at South Green
	Kittle     John, (bdg)
	Overton    Clement                Bultitude  James
	                                  Culyer     Edward
	   Bakers.                        Culyer     George
	                                  Culyer     John
	Hatton     Jonthn.               *Edwards    Chas.
	Leamon     John                  *Edwards    C. jun.
	Newman     Thos.                  Gathercole John
	                                  Goff       Wm.
	   Beer Houses.                  *Gowing     James
	                                  Green      Charles, Heath
	Carman     Thos.                  Harrison   Mattw.
	Newman     Thos.                  Keeler     John & Rt.
	Pond       Wm.                    King       Samuel
	Tice       John                   Pitcher    Robert
	                                  Sendall    Money
	   Blacksmiths.                   Tice       John
	                                  Tofts      James
	Dobbs      Wm                     Tooley     Charles
	Flegg      Henry                 *Webster    Wm.
	Howlett    Mary                   Wright     John
	                                  Yull       Matthew
	                                     Grocers & Drprs.
	Bultitude  Jas
	Philo      Wace                   Alcock     Samuel
	Parrett    Stephen                Hatton     Henry
	                                  Keeler     John & Rt.
	   Carpenters.                                 insurance agts
	                                  Pilch      Wm. (and tailor)
	Abon       Wm.                    Walpole    John Dd.
	Outlaw     Samuel
	Randall    Lnd.                      Plumbers, Painters
	Sharman    Edw.                      & Glaziers.

	   Corn Millers.                  Hubbard    John
	                                  Pointer    George
	Brassnett  Archibald
	Butter     Wm.                       Saddlers.
	Leamon     John.
	                                  Lark       Wm.
	                                  Thynne     Robert


	                                  Bilham     James
	                                  Bowles     John
	                                  Harmer     Wm.
	                                  Knights    Joseph
	                                  Lark       Samuel


	                                  Daveney    Horatio
	                                  Pitt       John Ballar


	                                  Dobbs      Wm.
	                                  Sharman    Edw.
COACH to Norwich, 8½ mg., & to Beetley, 6½ evening.

CARRIER to Norwich, Howes Raynes, Wed. and Saturday.

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