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Norfolk: Martham

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

MARTHAM is a large village, with several handsome houses, pleasantly seated on rising ground above the marshes, 9½ miles N.N.W. of Yarmouth. Its parish extends above a mile westward to the hamlet of Cess, on the river Thurne, and comprises 1032 inhabitants, and 2281 acres of enclosed land, mostly copyhold, and subject to arbitrary fines. Thomas Grove, Esq., is lord of the manor, for which he holds a court at Michaelmas; but Moregrove and Knightsley form a small manor, belonging to Mr. Garnham.

The Church, dedicated to St. Mary, is a large Gothic pile, with a fine specimen of stained glass, a lofty tower, and six bells. It is a discharged vicarage, valued in the King's Books at £6. 13s. 4d., and in 1831 at £253. It is now enjoyed by the Rev. Geo. Pearse. The Dean and Chapter of Norwich are patrons, and also appropriators of the rectory, now leased to Mrs. Ann Francis, and Wm. Rising, Esq. In 1160, Roger Gunton gave the church to the prior and convent of Norwich, "for the redemption of his soul." In 1843, the rectorial tithes were commuted for £628. 18s. 2d., and the vicarial for £363. 17s. 9d. per annum.

The Baptists, and the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists, have each a chapel here; the latter built in 1844.

A fair, chiefly for pleasure, is held here on the last Tuesday and Wednesday in July. About 40 years ago, a man was gibbetted here, for setting fire to part of the village.

The FREE SCHOOL was founded pursuant to the will of Christopher Amies, who, in 1622, left £110 for that purpose. This legacy, and several small donations, was laid out in purchasing the schoolhouse, and 5A. 1R. of land, which was exchanged at the enclosure, in 1812, for 7A. 3R. 7P., now let for £16. 15s. a year. For this income, and the use of the house and garden, the master teaches about 20 poor children.

In 1815, Sarah Bowman left £300 three per cent. consols, in trust, to dispose of the yearly dividends as follows:- £2 to be divided among the poor on St. Thomas's day; and £7 to be laid out in the education of six poor children. In 1834, Miss Diana Creasey left the dividends of £400 of the same stock, to be applied in clothing and schooling six poor children. These two charities are applied in educating and clothing poor girls.

In the school garden is a cork tree, 84 years old.

The Poor's Allotments, comprising 78A. 6P., were awarded in 1812. Upwards of 41A. is a pasture for the cows of the poor inhabitants, and the rest is let for about £40 a year, which, after paying the drainage rate, is distributed in coals among poor families. Of a yearly rent-charge of 13s. 4d., left by an unknown donor, only 3s. 4d. is now paid to the poor.

In the following Directory, those marked 1, are at CESS; 2, at DAMGATE; and the rest in MARTHAM.

	  Allcock   John             saddler
	  Bane      George           corn miller
	  Boutell   Rev Charles      incbt. of Repps
	  Braddock  James            thatcher
	  Braddock  George           watchmaker
	  Cooper    Wm.              surgeon
	  Corbould  Rev Thos. B.A.   curate
	  Crisp     Anthony          surgeon
	  Daniels   Robert           farrier
	  Dow       Samuel           watchmaker
	  Dunt      Nathl.           painter, glazier, &c.
	  Durrant   Robt.            painter, glazier, &c.
	  Francis   Mrs Ann          Westend Cottage
	  Forder    Richard          Free School
	  Garnham   Richard, sen.    gent
	  Gedge     John             butcher
	1 Goose     John             brickmaker
	  Hillasdon S.G.             gentleman
	  Hindes    Rev John         (Baptist min.)
	  Jeary     John             butcher
	  Lacey     Wm.              saddler
	  Linford   James            brickmaker
	  Manship   Thomas and
	              Michael        merchants and wherry owners
	  Manthorpe James            basket maker
	  Newby     John             tailor
	  Palmer    George W.D. Esq. Martham Hall
	  Piggins   Thomas           bricklayer
	  Proctor   Thomas           parish clerk
	  Rising    Thomas Sutfield  gent., chief constable
	  Rising    Wm. sen. Esq.
	  Rogers    Wm.              vict. King's Arms
	  Self      George           plumber, glazier, &c.
	  Shalders  Edward           horse breaker
	  Tyce      John             bricklayer
	  Tyce      John             tailor
	  Wells     Wm.              corn miller

	     Blacksmiths.               Boot & Shoe Mkrs.

	  Powell    George           Dawson    James
	  Ward      Robert           Greenacre Richd.
	                             Greenacre Richd. junior
	     COOPERS.                Greenacre John
	                             Jones     John
	  Braddock  Chas.            Trip      James
	  Gedge     Samuel

	                 (* are owners)

	 *Bane      James           *Johnson   Wm.
	 *Barber    George         2*Littleboy Rt.
	  Braddock  Wm.              Manship   Isaac
	  Brown     Thos.          1*Pollard   Wm.
	 *Brunson   Wm.            1 Proctor   Mary
	2 Dawson    John            *Rising    George
	  Derry     John            *Thompson  Ann
	  Garnham   Richd.         2*Thompson  Hammond
	  Gedge     Jonathan       1 Vincent   John
	2*Grimson   Wm.              Woods     Nicholas
	2 Harmer    Benj.

	     GROCERS, &c.               Joiners, Wheelwrights, &c.
	  (* Drapers also.)

	  Braddock  Chas.            Hill      Robert
	  Bushell   Thos.            Linford   George
	  Hodds     Benj.            Pestell   Robert
	 *Linford   Wm.              Rogers    Wm.
	 *Purdy     Chas.            Rust      James
	                             Woods     Nicholas

Post Office at Geo. Linford's. Letters daily to Hemsby, Winterton, &c.

COACH to Yarmouth & Stalham, Monday, Wed. and Sat.

CARRIERS: Sml. Brown and Rt. Ward, to Norwich; and J. Gedge, to Yarmouth, W. & S.

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