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Norfolk: Lyng

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

LYNG, a village on the south side of the river Wensum, 6 miles N.E. by E. of East Dereham, and 5 miles S.W. of Reepham, has in its parish a large corn and paper mill, 1899A. 2R. 22P. of fertile land, and 590 inhabitants, of whom about 80 are in EASTHAUGH, a small hamlet on an eminence, one mile S. of the village.

The Rev. H.E. Lombe is lord of the manor, in which the fines are arbitrary; but a great part of the soil belongs to Lieut.-Col. Custance, and Messrs. Wm. Cadywold and Edward Wright. In the 17th of Edward III., Sir John de Norwich had license to make a castle of the manor-house, some traces of which are still extant on the crown of an acclivity west of the village. A fair is held here on Nov. 20th, for stock and pleasure.

The Church (St. Michael) has a tower and six bells, and was thoroughly restored and reseated about four years ago. The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £11. 0s. 6d., and now at £528, has 58A. 3R. 5P. of glebe. The Rev. H.E. Lombe is patron, and the Rev. Wm. Millett, B.A., incumbent.

The Wesleyan Reformers and the Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here.

The Church Land, 2A. 28P., is let for £2. 6s. At the enclosure, in 1808, 16A. 1R. 9P. were awarded to the poor for fuel. In 1618, Solomon Leech left yearly rent-charges of £2. 12s. for the poor, 10s. for a sermon, and 1s. 4d. for repairing the bell ropes. The poor have also yearly doles of 20s., left by John Starling, in 1728; and 5s., left by the Rev. Thomas Roberts.

The National School is a neat red brick building erected in 1863, at a cost of £450, and attended by 80 children.

POST OFFICE at Robt. Thurston's. Letters despatched via Norwich, at 2.30 p.m.

Marked * are at Easthaugh.

	  Baker     Chas.              assist. overseer & registrar
	  Baker     Helen Maria        dressmaker
	  Clarke    John               victualler, Fox and Hounds
	  Filby     Geo.               beerhouse & mill manager
	  Harris    John               joiner and carpenter
	  Hudson    Robt.              par. clk. [see note below]
	  Hudson    William            tailor    [see note below]
	  Isbell    Charles            wheelwright
	  Millett   Rev. William, B.A. Rectory
	  Rayner    Benjamin           victualler, King's Head
	  Ringrose  Richard            rat catcher
	  Robberds                     corn millers
	   and Mooney                    and paper manufacturers
	  Thurston  Robert             baker

	     BLACKSMITHS.                BRICKMAKERS.

	  Eggett    James              Eggett   Paul
	  Mace      William            Murray   William


	  Amies     William
	  Barber    James
	* Blyth     James, jun.        (& beerhouse)
	* Comer     Isaac
	  English   Sarah
	  Frost and
	    Cobon                      Manor farm
	  Mace      Hannah
	  Matthews  William
	  Nicholson Robert             (and lime burner)
	* Wilkin    Samuel
	  Wright    Edw.               (ownr.) h Foxley


	* Blyth     James              (and painter, &c.)
	  Eggett    Paul
	  Filby     Miles
	  Grimmer   Philip
	  Natt      James


	  Howard    Brown Fdk.
	  Howard    Samuel
	  Reeve     Ephraim
	  Speakman  Austin

CARRIERS. Joseph Burton and Jas. Spooner to Norwich, Sat.

Note: in the original this is:
     Hudson Robt. par. clk. & William, tailor
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