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Norfolk: Loddon

Confirmations 1783

This has been found by the Norfolk transcribers for FreeREG, in the Loddon register of baptisms and burials 1778-1812.

At a Confirmation held at Loddon on the 16th of September
1783. by the Right Reverend Father in God Lewis Lord
Bishop of Norwich. The following Persons were Confirmed

Anne Donne.
Thomas Mott, Esqr. (1)
James Cole.
Arnold Fayerman.
Robert Fayerman.
Anne Hottson. *
Elizabeth Hottson
John Wigg.
Thos. Chamberlin.
Ruth Cato.
Elizabeth Fuller.
Frances Ward.
Robert Goldsmith.
Elizabeth Bond.
Mary Pigney.
Edward Barber.
Anne Garwood.
Catherine Fuller.
James Harby.
Sarah Witlock.
Sarah White.
Rose Greenacre.
William Waters.
William Libbis.
William Spurgeon.
Hannah Crisp.
Elizabeth Orsborne.
John Newstead.
John Larke.

Mary Larkman.
Mary Knapp.
Elizabeth Belward.
Drusilla Smith.
Hannah Blunderfield. *  
Elizabeth Denny.
Susannah Ward.
George Hottson. *
Anne Spence.
John Betts. *
Joseph Hawes.
Mary Dapling.
John Mite.
John Preston.
Anne Wells.
Mary Crickmore.
Frances Gardiner.
Mary Beloe.
Elizabeth Edmunds.
Elizabeth Harbord.
Noah Bottwright.
William Cooke.
John Newson.
William Ward.
Anne Murrell.
Mary Kitton.
Lidia King.
Mary Hawes.
Elizabeth Larke.

Elizabeth Knapp.
Elizabeth Forder.
Charlotte Smith.
Mary Matthews.
Margaret White.
Sarah Holl.
Elizabeth Mallett.
John Crisp.
Amis Spence.
Sarah Betts. *
William Lawes.
William Mayhew.
Edward Holl.
John Cunningham.
Mary Booty.
Martha Dent.
Mary Barnes.
Robert Crickmore.
Elizabeth Wigg.
Mary Roberts.
William Hollis.
Thomas White.
Mary Sallows.
John Heasell.
John Spence.
Susannah Orsborne.  
Martha Miller.
Joseph Hawes.
Mary Dorman.

29. In all 87.
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John Kerrison.
Mary Bensley.
Henry Faier.
Robert Newstead.

Boatwright? Kerrison.
Robert Field.
Sarah Baker.
Mary Thurston.

Elizabeth Ashby.
Lidia Field.
Lewis White.

3. .... 11
  Brought from the Other Side .. 87
  In All 98 Persons
Besides these, there was a great number
from other Parishes making alltogether very near
Five Hundred Persons.
  Castres Donne, Vicar
James Cole, Curate.


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