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Norfolk: Kirstead - 1734 - Tithes

This is one item from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 300/14] and is in the Tithe Account Book for 1730-1790.

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[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

An Agreement for Great & Small Tythes & Glebe for the year 1734.

[Occupiers] £ s d
1John Whall100000
2  More for Richd Bishops  80000
3Stephen Davy for Sursum's  40000
4R. Bishop  60000
5R Harvey  31500
6T Goreby  40000
7J Harman100000
8  More for Brook T. Land  30000
9Mr Symmons of Brook for Lightfoots  30000
10Jas Smith for Wards  01800
11W Mickleburgh  01400
12Xr Roy  00206
13W Reve  00500
14J Kerrison  002?00
15J Waller's Widow  41000
16Thos Keyberd  01400
17Wm Fisk  61800
18J Gunn  00400
19Mr Suckling  21000
20J Sandlin  10100
21J Reyner270000
22J Osborne  70006
23W Blake  10100
24Jn Elden at green Man  00206
25R Adams  00406
26Dr Fowle  01400
W Tibnam  00200


Price of Wheat at 15s to 14s 6d

Mem(orandum) This year Mr Arnam arbitrarily took away the Tythes of Six acres lying in Seething in Sevl pieces - And swore right or wrong He would have them __ I offer'd to produce living Evidences (besides Written Evidences) for upwards of 70 years to prove my right Wch I recovered again in 1740 : after leaving it to a Reference - Mr Lodge their Steward determined it in my Favour see 1740 vid? further Promise up__on? for Satisfaction.

[Occupiers] £ s d
Dedt for Repairs
To the Pumpman?  10700
To Mr Grigg's Tile  01800
To Lime  00700
To Lime  01400
To Nails  00600

Due from John Sandlin  10100
John Smith for Wards Farm  01800

Note about Mr Seamons and Tythes
- scramble acre, Brick kiln close

N.B. Diggins's age is 88
Muffet is 72
Mickleburgh 70
[Signed] Richard Digon
Fras Mallit? [Muffet?]
"M" Mark of Wm Mickleburgh

[End of Document]

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February 2010