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Norfolk: Kirstead - 1801-1802 - Land Tax

This tax was based on the value of property etc. and paid by the owner or (sometimes) occupier according to their agreement. It started in 1692 and valuations are based on those done at this date.

For more information on these records see the Land Tax Assessments page.

This Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference C/SCD 2/25/6 1801 and also on microform] is one of the Norfolk Quarter Sessions Land Tax Assessments which are arranged by divisions this one being in Loddon Hundred.

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From 1798 a printed form was supposed to be used but this did not happen here.

Norfolk Kirstead
Loddon Hundred

An Assessment made by Chas Kerrison and Jno Whall Assessors & Collectors of the Landtax for the year 1801 at 4s In the pound.

[Valuation] Occupiers Owners Yearly Quarterly
  [£.s]  [£.s]
  30The Revd Mr Lewis  his Own  6.0  1.10
  22Chas KerrisonBrook Town Land  4.8  1.2
  68Jno WhallRobt Whall13.12  3.8
  15Jno WhallMr Dashwood  3.0  0.15
  17Richd CookMr Suckling  5.8  1.7
  13Jno BallMr Holmes  2.12  0.13
    7Wm TibbRichd Beaumont  1.8  0.7
    5Jno Underwood  his Own  1.0  0.5
    2Charles KerrisonMr Windett  0.8  0.2
Out Setters
  21Last DringMr Suckling  4.4  1.1


Assessors Chas Kerrison
              & Jno Whall

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