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Norfolk: Kirstead - 1817 - Land Survey

In 1817 a Survey of the Land in the Parish of Kirstead including field names and acreages together with the Owners and Occupiers was carried out.

This information comes from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 300/26]. On the outside it says that the numbers in column 1 of the table below refer to a separate map of Kirstead.

Other accounts available

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- Land Survey -
Owners & Occupiers 1817

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

The book has the following for each Owner but only the first entry has been transcribed in full.

No Field Names Arable Pasture
Brooke Town (Owner)
140Ten Acres11.3.38
141Four Acres5.0.33
142The Grove12.1.2
143Six Acres7.0.35
144Seven Acres6.3.38
145Nine Acres7.1.22

Rowe Occupier41.2.2912.1.2
Elmer James (Owner)
163Little Houghtons
Charles Kerrison Occupier

From the full entries have been extracted just the following information in the table below.

No Owners Occupiers
Brooke TownRowe
163/6/195Elmer JamesCharles Kerrison
Folkard John and JamesWright and Redgarve
165/208Bethel (Hospital) Governors ofButcher
Clark JamesJames Clarke & others
  90pt/95Holmes WilliamWilliam Reeder
Kirstead TownJohn Underwood (Junr)
    1Kett George Samuel EsqrG.S.Kett Esqr
Kett George Samuel EsqrWilliam Newton
  15Kett ThomasMrs Johnson
  84 to 88Kett ThomasCharles Utting
  21aKett ThomasRobert Batchelder
Kirstead GlebeRobert Corby
  40Kirstead GlebeMrs Johnson
Kirstead GlebeRt B Whall
  82Kirstead GlebeCharles Utting
Kirstead GlebeCharles Kerrison
Kirstead GlebeWilliam Reeder
  65Charles KerrisonCharles Kerrison
Charles KerrisonSmith and Stimpson
Charles Kerrison---
194 Cottage ShopCharles KerrisonSeagon and Denny
Charles KerrisonRobert Blowfield
167Charles Matthias Esqr
Public House & Meadow
John Davey
Muffett BenjaminWilliam Clarke
Lovick JohnPayne and Smith
127Millard W.S and PThomas Harvey
Bence RevdBence
Millard Revd C. F.Thomas Harvey
120Drake Revd W. F.Thomas Harvey
  56Reeder MosesReeder Moses
111DaleJohn Dade
212Suckling William Maurice EsqrLast Dring
Smith JamesJames Smith
Chapman Richard C. J.Charles Kerrison
Tibbenham JohnJohn Tibbenham, Minns Riches and Gowing
Tibbenham JohnStackwood and Riches
Underwood JohnUnderwood John
36Whall Robert BoundRobert Corby
42Whall Robert BoundBerry and Tibbenham
231Garden - Whall Robert Bound(Underwood) Occupr
  43Whall Robert BoundR. B. Whall
220Surveyors of the Highways Allotment----

What now follows is most of the lands and premises being occupied but fields with names such as "Four Acres" or "Ten Acres" have not been transcribed. On the original are additional columns which say whether the fields are arable or pasture and these also have not been transcribed.

No Field/Premises Description Owners
163Little Houghtons & Great HoughtonsElmer
195Blacksmiths MeadowElmer
121 PtGrove CloseBence Revd
138Skooty Five AcresBence Revd
122Skooty CloseBence Revd
165Bethel HillBethel
208Nen CloseBethel
{ 90Finnigate PieceHolmes
{ 95BarnhamsHolmes
    1Part of Brooke ParkKett George Samuel
{ 15Phillips PightleKett George Samuel
{ 16Minutes YardsKett George Samuel
{ 17Bush YardsKett George Samuel
{ 20Clamp CloseKett George Samuel
{ 28Bullockshed CloseKett George Samuel
{ 29Lower StonehillsKett George Samuel
{ 84First Waters PightleThomas Kett
{ 86Little Brookes CroftThomas Kett
{ 87Great Brookes CroftThomas Kett
{ 88Langhall FieldThomas Kett
  21aNorthgate MeadowThomas Kett
  40CraneysKirstead Glebe
{ 82Further Waters's PightleKirstead Glebe
{ 83First Waters's PightleKirstead Glebe
{ 65Crabb's MarshCharles Kerrison
{ 103Overtons CloseCharles Kerrison
{ 108Hogs ColeCharles Kerrison
{ 109Buck StubbleCharles Kerrison
{ 137Great LittletonsCharles Kerrison
{ 138Small LittletonsCharles Kerrison
{ 146TerriersCharles Kerrison
{ 154GarlandsCharles Kerrison
{ 156MillarsCharles Kerrison
{ 157Cats EggsCharles Kerrison
{ 127Loak Six AcresMillard
{ 132HemplandMillard
{ 136Leaders YardsMillard
120Thurston's Two AcresDrake
111Upper BeckDale
{ 212Second MillhillSuckling
{ 213Great MillhillSuckling
{ 214Further MillhillSuckling
{ 71QuirksUnderwood
{ 79Darnicks MeadowUnderwood
{ 70DarnicksUnderwood
{ 43Kings CloseWhall
{ 172Alehouse CloseWhall
{ 174Whitethorn CloseWhall
{ 177Barnes's CloseWhall
{ 178Kirstead YardsWhall
{ 179JowlandsWhall
{ 181Stackyard CloseWhall
{ 182The SpurnWhall

The book then lists the following table
Page / Occupiers / Proprietors / Arable / Pasture / Total

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