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Norfolk: Kenninghall

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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KENNINGHALL, a small improving market town, on the eastern banks of a rivulet, 3 miles E. by S. of East Harling, and 4 miles S.W. of New Buckenham, has in its parish 1389 inhabitants, and 3524 acres of land, belonging to the Duke of Norfolk, the Earl of Albemarle, N. Cooke, the Calver family, and many smaller proprietors. The Duke is lord of the manor, which is an ancient demesne, and held by the office of King's (now Queen's) butler. The copyholds are on fine certain for the land, and arbitrary for the buildings, and descend to the youngest son.

Kenninghall had anciently a large weekly MARKET, held every Monday, and it was revived about twelve years ago, for the sale of stock, &c., now exposed for sale (toll free) in the large yard at the Crown Inn. Here are also two annual FAIRS for cattle, on July 18th, and sheep, on Sept 30th.

Mr. T.J. Humphrey has an extensive brick and tile yard here, and near the town is Guiltcross Union Workhouse, already noticed at page 421 [which is the entry for Guiltcross Hundred].

In this manor was a seat of the East Anglian kings, from which it derived the name of King's Hall, afterwards corrupted to Kenninghall. The site of the Royal Castle, in which the valiant British Queen Boadicea held her court, is an area of nearly four acres, encompassed with a large foss, and having at each corner an artificial mount. The Conqueror conferred the manor on William de Albini, to be held by the service of chief butler to the kings of England at their coronation. From them, through the Montalts and Mowbrays, it descended to the Howards, Dukes of Norfolk, and possessed free warren, view of frank-pledge, waif, market, fair, assize of bread and ale, a pillory, ducking-stool, and gallows.

On the site of the castle, a mansion, called East Hall, continued to be the residence of the lords of the manor, till it was taken down by Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, who erected, about a furlong to the north-east, a larger and more stately mansion, which, after his attainder, was called Kenninghall Palace, being conferred by Henry VIII. on his daughter, the Princess Mary. This lady often resided here, and Queen Elizabeth also made it one of her summer seats.

It was subsequently restored to the Howard family, and continued to be their chief residence in this county till about the middle of the 17th century, when it was pulled down, and the materials sold. Its site and park are now in two farms, called Kenninghall Place, and still belong to the Duke of Norfolk.

The Church (St. Mary,) has a nave, chancel, north aisle, south porch, and a large square tower at the west end, containing eight bells, and having the crest of Norfolk upon the buttresses. The vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £5. 17s. 1d., and in 1831, at £250, is enjoyed by the Rev. Wm. Killett, B.A., with 10A. 3R. 26P. of glebe, and a small portion of the rectorial tithes, most of which are in the appropriation of the patron, the Bishop of Ely, but leased to Mrs. and Miss Pope and Charles Wright, Esq. The Church Land is 7A., let for £17 a year.

Here is a Particular Baptist Chapel, erected in 1807, and a Wesleyan Chapel, built in 1835. The former was built by Mr. T.J. Humphrey, who settled it in trust for the use of the congregation, which was formed in 1799, under the ministry of the Rev. Thos. Smith, of Shelfanger. The Rev. Henry Howell is its present pastor.

The town has a good fire-engine, purchased in 1843.

The poor have £2. 10s. yearly from Bowle's Charity, as noticed with Banham, and a yearly rent-charge of 20s., left by Dorothy Gawdy, in 1616. The Fuel Allotments, awarded at the enclosure in 1799, consist of 24A. 35P. of fen, and 26A. 3R. 34P. of heath, on which a barn was built in 1802, at the cost of £120. The poor cut fuel on the fen, but the herbage is let with the heath land, at rents amounting to about £50 a year, which is distributed in coals.

The POST OFFICE is at Mr. Samuel Wells'. Letters are received from East Harling, at 9 morning, and despatched at 4 afternoon.

	Barham     Eliz. and Dinah  milliners
	Bond       Wm.              poulterer
	Briggs     John             gardener
	Calver     Danl.            (Executors of) solicitor
	Carter     Wm.              gent
	Cook       Mrs Hanh
	Clarke     Saml.            turner & patten mkr
	Davy       Robert           watchmaker
	Dent       Peter            surgeon
	Dixon      Zach.            brazier & ironmonger
	Hewel      Rev Henry        (Baptist min.)
	Humphrey   John             gentleman
	Humphrey   Theophilus John  brick and tile manufacturer,
	                              and agent for Suffolk Amicable
	                              Ins. office
	Kent       Geo.             regr. & relieving officer
	Killett    Rev Wm., B.A.    Vicarage
	Linstead   George           saddler, &c
	Morley     James            parish clerk
	Rackham    Thos.            master of Guiltcross Union Workhouse,
	                              and registrar of marriages
	Sayer      George           cabinet maker
	Reeve      Mrs Ann
	Turner     Mr Charles
	Turner     Thos.            superintendent registr
	Wade       John             whitesmith
	Wells      Samuel           brewer and maltster


	Collings   James            Crown
	Wilde      Matthew          George (& painter, plumber, and glazier)
	Crook      Robert           Red Lion
	Mills      Robert           White Horse


	Bailey     Hy. Fdk.
	Ellis      Thirsa
	Harvey     Robt.            (& bookbinder)
	Horne      Miss

	   Bakers.                     Beer Houses.

	Long       Zachariah        Jackson  Robert 
	Mason      John             Mallett  Henry
	                            Wells    Samuel

	   Blacksmiths.                Boot & Shoe Mkrs.

	Barker     Thomas           Horne    John 
	Collings   James            Horne    J. jun. (& currier)
	Wade       Nathaniel        Moyse    George
	                            Smith    Robert
	                            Smith    Thomas 

	   Bricklayers.                Butchers.

	Barham     Robert           Beales   John
	Osborne    George           Huggins  Wm.

	   Carpenters.                 Coopers.

	Avis       E.               Daines   Robert
	Bailey     Charles          Davy     Robert

	   Corn Millers.

	Crook      Robert
	Garrod     Wm.
	Long       Henry
	Reeve      James
	Wells      Wm.


	Avis       Ann              Humphrey T.J.
	Bilham     Stephen          Reeve    Samuel
	Burlingham Jas.             Ruffle   Fdk. John, (agent to
	Cooke      Natl. Esq.                  Farmers' Fire Office)
	             Grange         Spurling Daniel
	Coulson    John             Wells    John
	Cracknell  Wm.              West     Wm.
	Fincham and                 Weston   John
	  Everett                   Wretham  John
	Green      John             Youels   James
	Harvey     George           Youels   Robert
	Holmes     Richard

	   Grocers & Dprs.

	Betts      Charles          (& wine merchant)
	Bryant     Richd.           (& merchant)
	Rivett     Robert           (& brush maker)
	Wells      Samuel

	   Tailors.                    Wheelwrights.

	Buxton     James            Clarke   Thos. sen. and junior
	Coe        Robert           Garrett  Benj.
	Cooke      Thomas           Lawrence Steph.
	Thurlow    John             Napthen  Robert
	Turner     James
COACH to Norwich, from the Crown, Sat. 7½ mg. & Carriers to Norwich, Bury, &c. Tue. and Friday

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