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Norfolk: Kelling

Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1933

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

KELLING is a parish about 3 miles north from Holt station on the Eastern section of the Midland and Great Northern joint railway and 9 west from Cromer, in the Northern division of the county, Holt hundred, petty sessional division and county court district, Erpingham rural district, rural deanery of Holt, archdeaconry of Lynn, diocese of Norwich.

The church of St. Mary is a building of flint with stone dressings in the Later Perpendicular style, and consists of chancel, nave, north transept, north porch and an embattled western tower containing one bell: the roof of the nave and north transept were restored in 1907 and the bell rehung: the south transept is in ruins: in 1888 the church was reseated and an oak pulpit erected, at a cost of £100, and it now affords 150 sittings. The register dates from the year 1558.

The living is a rectory, with that of Salthouse annexed, joint net yearly value £307, with 15 acres of glebe and residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Liverpool, and held since 1930 by the Rev. Charles Swainson, of Worcester College, Oxford.

There is a Methodist chapel, seating about 50.

A sanatorium, intended for persons suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, unable to pay the high fees charged in private institutions, was opened here in 1903, and has now 115 beds; the buildings consist of an administrative block with annexes, containing long dormitories of one storey, and in the grounds are a chapel and nurses' home. This establishment occupies an estate of about 32 acres on the Holt and Cromer road, and about a mile east from Holt, protected on the north, east and west by woods, and not far from the sea: the situation is dry and bracing and favourable to the open-air treatment, and in the gardens are numerous double shelters: in connection with the institution various undertakings are carried on under the name of Kelling Sanatorium Industries, instruction being given to all who are fit by ex-patients, who are employed on the staff for this purpose.

The City of Leicester Convalescent Home was opened in 1930 for tubercular patients from the City of Leicester Sanatorium, Groby road, Leicester.

Ronald Deterding esq. is lord of the manor and chief landowner. The soil is light heath; subsoil, gravel and sand. The chief crops are wheat, turnips, barley and grass. The area is 2,323 acres of land, formerly including 800 of heath (500 of which are now under cultivation), and 4 of water; the population in 1921 was 538 in the civil and 766 in the ecclesiastical parish.

Letters through Holt. Weybourne is the nearest M.O. & T. office.

HIGH KELLING is a hamlet about 1½ miles from Holt.

Post & Tel. Call Office, High Kelling (telegrams despatched by telephone but not delivered). Holt nearest M.O. & T. office.

(For T N's see general list of Private Residents at end of book.)
[These telephone numbers have not been transcribed].
	Clark      Lawrence William     Lynton, High Kelling
	Craske     Bernard Ivan         Briarwood, High Kelling
	Dack       George William J.P.  Tyneville, High Kelling
	Darling    Rev. Sydney          (Methodist), Brackendale,
	                                  High Kelling
	Deterding  Ronald               Kelling hall
	Durham     Harold Herbert       Pine Heath, High Kelling
	Durham     Herbert Edwin        Pine Heath, High Kelling
	Garnett    Ronald M.            Pudding Lane cottage
	Jolliffe   William Edwin        Kelling sanatorium
	Lee        Raymond B.           Silver Birches, High Kelling
	Lloyd      Miss                 Bramblewood, High Kelling
	Morris     John Ignatius Worgan Kelling sanatorium
	Moulton    Herbert W.           Tree Tops, High Kelling
	Newall     Miss                 Muckleborough
	Oslar      Miss                 Heathside, High Kelling
	Packard    Mrs.                 Birkfield, High Kelling
	Peterson   Rev. Edward
	             Gerald B.A.        Applehill
	Picton     Edwin                The Bungalow, High Kelling
	Reeves     Mrs. Annie E.        High Kelling
	Robinson   Thomas               Roseacre, High Kelling
	Sudeil     Walter James         Homeleigh, High Kelling
	Swainson   Rev. Charles         (rector), The Rectory
	Wire       Leopold Charles      Vale road, High Kelling
	Beeton     Jn. Wm.              insur. agt. Clethedene,
	                                  High Kelling
	Champion   Vincent Thos.        gardener to Mrs. Robertson,
	Davidson   Arth.                bldr. High Kelling
	Digby      Harry                tea rms. Beach cott
	Duffield   Chas.                farmer
	Fletcher   Wltr.                farmer, Warren farm
	Hopper     Sadie E. (Mrs.)      shopkpr. Post office,
	                                  High Kelling. T N Holt 85
	Jones      Arth. J.             gardener to R. Deterding esq
	Mann       Jn.                  head gamekeeper to
	                                  R. Deterding esq
	Mattocks   Stanley              poultry farmer, Warren la
	Morris     Jn. Ignatius Worgan
	             M.R.C.S.Eng.,      resident medical supt.
	             L.R.C.P.Lond.        Kelling sanatorium
	Newall     Frank Alex.          farm bailiff to R. Deterding
	                                  esq. T N Holt 16
	Packard    Louisa M. (Mrs.)     fruit farmer, Birkfield,
	                                  High Kelling
	Walpole    Walter Henry         head gardener to the Kelling
	Wordingham Esther (Mrs.)        shopkpr
	Wright     Eliz. (Mrs.)         Kelling Arms P.H.
Bramblewood Sanatorium for Women
(Alfd. Stirling Hendrie M.B., Ch.B.Edin. medical officer; Rev. A.H. Upcher, chaplain; Miss F.M. Lloyd, proprietress), Bramblewood, High Kelling. T N Holt 79
City of Leicester Convalescent Home
(Jn. Ignatius Worgan Morris M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. hon medical officer; Miss R. Fry, matron), High Kelling, T N Holt 77
Durham Brothers,
builders & undertakers, Pine Heath works, High Kelling
Kelling Open Air Sanatorium for Pulmonary Tuberculosis
(F.W. Burton-Fanning M.D., M.R.C.S.Eng., F.R.C.P.Lond. hon. consulting physcn.; Jn. Ignatius Worgan Morris M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. resident medical supt.; Wm. Edwin Jolliffe L.R.C.S. & L.R.C.P.I. & L.M. assistant medical officer; Miss A.M.Elliot, matron; Ernest de C. Tillett, sec.; Rev. Herbt. A. King M.A. chaplain)
Kelling Pines Boarding School for Boys,
The Pines, T N Holt 70
Kelling Sanatorium Industries
(Ernest de Caux Tillett, sec)
Sanatorium Stores,
genl. shop

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