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Norfolk: Ingworth

Census: 1841

The National Archives (was PRO) reference is HO/107/762/5

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Census available for Ingworth

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Folio and then Page number (1 or 2) in that Folio which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Allison (f6p1)
Barber (f5p1)
Barham (f5p2)
Bastard (f6p2)
Burrell (f4p1,f6p1,f7p1)
Cawston (f4p2,f6p2,f7p1)
Clipperton (f5p1,f5p2)
Coe (f5p1,f6p2)
Crowe (f5p2)
Cully (f4p2,f5p2)
Felshead (f7p1)
Frankes (f4p1)
Furrow (f4p1)
Goats (f6p1)
Goulder (f6p2)
Grimes (f7p1)
Hall (f4p2,f5p1,f6p2)
Harmer (f5p1)
Hasling (f5p2)
Jones (f5p1)
Knott (f5p2)
Mann (f4p1)
Newstead (f6p1)
Poll (f4p1)
Randall (f5p2)
Rudd (f7p1)
Rump (f4p1,f5p1,f7p1)
Searles (f6p1)
Slaughter (f4p2)
Spearing (f6p2)
Spink (f6p1)
Tice (f4p2)
Turner (f6p2,f7p1)
Watson (f5p2)
Wilson (f5p1)
Wright (f4p1,f4p2,f5p1,f5p2)

The Census

F(olio) 4 - Page 1
PLACE Un In Names Age/
Ingworth1John Furrow53Rat KillerYes
Mary do65Yes
Elizabeth do28Yes
1George Wright40Ag LabourerYes
Charity do39Yes
Hannah do12Yes
Ellen do10Yes
Sarah do  8Yes
James do  4Yes
Emma do  8mYes
1Edmund Poll23Ag LabourerYes
Charlotte do32Yes
Edmund do  2Yes
1Samuel W Burrell25MillerYes
Mary do20Yes
1U1Samuel Mann50Ag LabourerYes
Ann do45School MistressYes
1Samuel Rump40Ag LabourerYes
Deborah do40Yes
Christopher do10Ag LabourerYes
John do  8Yes
Stephen do  3Yes
Elizabeth Frankes45Char WomanYes
Total in Page1U61112
F(olio) 4 - Page 2
Ingworth1William Cully55Ag LabourerYes
Sarah do55Yes
James do20Ag LabourerYes
Judith do16Yes
Thomas do14Yes
Stephen do11Yes
1Robert Hall15Ag LabourerYes
William do10Yes
Mary do  7Yes
Charlotte do  5Yes
George do  5Yes
1Samuel Slaughter65Ag LabourerYes
Williby do60Yes
1James Slaughter41Ag LabourerYes
Sarah Ann do41Yes
Elizabeth do20Yes
Benjamin do  6Yes
Mary Ann do  8mYes
1Hannah Tice35Char WomanYes
James do20CordwainerYes
William do  7Yes
1Robert Cawston55IndependentYes
Anne do45Yes
Mary Wright15F ServantYes
Total in Page61311
F(olio) 5 - Page 1
Ingworth1John Wilson48Shoe MakerYes
Mary Ann do47Yes
John do Junr20JourneymanYes
Maria do18Yes
Elizabeth do15Yes
Anna do12Yes
William do  9Yes
George do  6Yes
1William Harmer50BricklayerYes
Sarah do45Yes
Samuel do20BricklayerYes
Harriet do16Yes
Caroline do15Yes
Sendall do12Yes
Sarah do  7Yes
Ann Hall37Char WomanYes
1James Barber70MillerYes
Sarah Jones30HousekeeperYes
Martha Clipperton20F. ServantYes
1John Coe77Labourer AgYes
Susan Coe73Yes
William Rump25Ag LabourerYes
1Thomas Wright65Ag LabourerYes
Total in Page51112
F(olio) 5 - Page 2
Ingworth1James Watson50Basket MakerYes
Sarah do50Yes
Sarah Ann do20Yes
Joseph do16JourneymanYes
Susannah do10Yes
1William Randall70FarmerYes
Ann do70Yes
Ann Knott18[Granddaughter(crossed out)]Yes
1William Hasling65Ag LabourerYes
Elizabeth do70Yes
1Ann Cully60Char WomanYes
1Sarah Barham40Char WomanYes
William do  7Yes
1John Wright60FarmerYes
Susanna do52Yes
Susanna do25Yes
Emma do18Yes
Louisa do13Yes
1Mary Crowe78IndependentYes
George Wright28FarmerYes
Jane do30Yes
Frederick do  2mYes
1Joseph Clipperton28Ag LabourerYes
Ann do28Yes
Mary Ann do  6Yes
Total in Page8  916
F(olio) 6 - Page 1
Ingworth1George Goats35Ag LabourerYes
Susanna do35Yes
Ann do  9Yes
Elizabeth do  6Yes
John do  3Yes
Phillis do  3mYes
Martha do75Char WomanYes
1Joseph Burrell43FarmerYes
Elizabeth do43Yes
John do23Yes
Mary Esther do16Yes
Rebecca do14Yes
Ann do11Yes
Joseph do10Yes
William do  7Yes
Phillis do  5Yes
Sarah Allison75Yes
1Elizabeth Allison51Char WomanYes
Sarah Searles55Yes
Benjamin Newstead25Shoe MakerYes
Christiana do30Yes
Peter Spink  8mYes
Total in Page3  814
F(olio) 6 - Page 2
Ingworth1Robert Goulder54FarmerYes
Elizabeth Goulder52Yes
Christopher Goulder23Yes
John Hall11M. ServantYes
1Mary Bastard37Char WomanYes
Mary Ann do19Yes
Elizabeth do11Yes
Charlotte do  2Yes
William do  7Yes
1Elizabeth Coe91IndependentYes
Ann Coe48Char WomanYes
1John Spearing Junr28CarpenterYes
John do Senr64Yes
Clementine do50Yes
Samuel do23JoinerYes
Stephen do16Yes
Elizabeth do11Yes
1U1Robert Turner45FarmerYes
1UVirtue do42Yes
1UVirtue do  9Yes
1UAlice do  7Yes
Robert do  4Yes
William do  1Yes
Edmund Cawston20M. ServantYes
Total in Page4U51212
F(olio) 7 - Page 1
IngworthRobert Rudd13M. Servant to
Robert Turner over
Jane Grimes15F. Servant to
Robert Turner over
1Robert Cawston46Ag LabourerYes
Ann do12Yes
1John Felshead ?78Yes
Elizabeth do75Yes
1Daniel Burrell32Ag LabourerYes
Rachael do34Yes
Charlotte do  6Yes
Sophia do15mYes
1John Rump68GardenerYes
Total in Page4  5  6

[End of Census Document]


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