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Norfolk: Illington

Census: 1841

The National Archives (was PRO) reference is HO/107/781/11

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Census available for Illington

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page number (31, 32, 33 or 34) in Folios 3 and 4 [the census is contained entirely in two Folios] which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Baker (p31)
Balam (p33)
Bly (p33)
Chilvers (p33)
Crook (p31, p32)
Dixon (p32, p34)
Doe (p32, p34)
Edwards (p33)
Gates (p33, p34)
Hart (p33)
Hunt (p33)
Key (p32)
Lock (p34)
Ludkin (p32)
Mason (p32)
Musk (p33)
Muskett (p34)
Mapes (p34)
Mallows (p31)
Pamment (p33)
Rudd (p31, p32)
Shingfield (p33)
Spurrell (p31, p33)
Ward (p34)
Webster (p32)

The Census

F(olio) 3 - Page 31

PLACE Un In Names Age/
Illington1John Baker69ShepherdY
Frances Do63Y
Thomas Do25Y
1John Rudd30Ag LabY
Elizabeth Do24N
William Do  2Y
John Do  1Y
George Spurrell22Ag LabY
1William Crook61Ag LabN?
Martha Do60(Notes)
1James Mallows30Ag LabY
Anne Do30Y
Susan Do11Y
Christopher Do10Y
Rebecca Do  5Y
Thomas Do  2Y
Mary Do  5
1Joseph Rudd50Ag LabY
Charity Do50Y
Susan Do20Y
Maria Do20Y
Rebecca Do15Y
Richard Do13Y
Sophia Do11Y
John Do  3
Total in
Page 31
F(olio) 3 - Page 32
IllingtonSarah Rudd  2
Mary Crook66IndY
Zachariah Rudd25Ag LabY
Elizabeth Do30Y
Anna Do  1Y
John Webster11Y
1John Ludkin75Ag LabY
Mary Do80Y
Elizabeth Doe20Ind Y
1William Do30Ag LabY
Sarah Do25Y
Susan Do  7Y
John Do  2Y
1William Rudd30Ag LabY
Mary Do30Y
Henry Do  5Y
Mary Do  1Y
1George Mason30Ag LabY
Sarah Do30Y
Eliza Do11Y
Susan Do  7Y
Charlotte Do  5Y
Mary Do  3Y
Thomas Dixon20Ag LabY
Thomas Key20Ag LabY
Total in
Page 32
F(olio) 4 - Page 33
Illington1William Spurrell49Ag LabY
Frances Spurrell50N
Caroline Do20Y
John Do13Y
Charlotte Do10Y
Mary Pamment13Y
Christopher Edwards17Ag LabY
Samuel Do22Bricklayer Y
George Shingfield18Ag LabY
1Thomas Hunt70Ag LabY
Elizabeth Do60Y
John Do35Shepherd Y
Richard Do19Ag LabY
Sampson Do  8Y
John Bly35Ag LabY
Caroline Balam15Y
William Musk20Ag LabY
1Francis Gates35Farmer Y
Charlotte Do35Y
Susannah Do13(sic)[see notes]Y
John Do  5Y
Fanny Do  3Y
George Do  1Y
Sarah Chilvers20F. S.Y
Jane Hart15F. S. Y
Total in
Page 33
F(olio) 4 - Page 34
IllingtonSarah Mapes15F. S. Y
1John Gates30Y
Thomas Muskett50Y
Elizabeth Do45Y
Anne Lock19Y
1Robert Doe36Y
Eliza Do30Y
Louisa Do10Y
Susan Do  8Y
Mary Do  6Y
Emily Do  1Y
Eliza Do  3Y
1Thomas Ward62Y
Rebecca Do50N
John Do19Y
Anne Do11Y
1Daniel Dixon56Y
Elizabeth Do60Y
Total in
Page 34
  4  612

[End of Census Document]

Page No No of Households Males Females
Total on P31    5  13  12
Total on P32    4  10  15
Total on P33    3  15 [14]  10 [11]
Total on P34    4    6  12

Totals  16  44 [43]  49 [50]


Note that Susannah Gates appears to be classed as "Male". If this is a mistake then the correct population figures are as given in the "[]". Grand total is 93 persons.


See also the Illington parish page and the main Census page.

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